Two new authors and new fics by Crystal Dawn Phoenix and Aurous in Slayers Fanfiction.


Two new authors and new fics by fireball4u in Slayers Fanfiction.

Would have been three new authors, but I found another of fireball4u's submissions which had been misplaced.


New skins in Colors of the Win.


Well, I went out and bought myself a printer/scanner/copier despite the fact I don't really have the money for it. Sadly, I need it for school, so my credit card will have to cope. This means I ended up doing doujinshi this week instead of doing fics.

New doujinshi in F(2), F(5), and G-P in On Silk Screens.

New art by Carol in Of Paper Skies.

And a gift for White June (as well as some updated links)!

To Joyce who was interested in my sCRYed doujinshi: If you're still interested, I would be more than happy to sell it for twenty dollars. Please email again since your old email isn't working.


Back! I admit, I'm two weeks late ... but I blame it on getting a brand new computer and having to move everything to the new machine and then the unhappy business of finding out that the scanner and printer can't work with the new machine. Which sucks and means no doujinshi update, which is what I had been hoping to finish for this weekend ... but lucky for everyone, we had submissions for Smoking Mirror!

New fanfiction and fanart in Smoking Mirror, some by a new artist and some stuff from an old one.

Next week if a scanner ends up in my future, there will be a doujinshi update. Otherwise, look out for new fics in Slayers.


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