Updated and revamped Winamp Skins. The color scheme may be changed on it later.

Updated Shinra Inc and White June.
Putting off updating Winamp Skins until I can revamp it. That's coming up soon, however.

Essay tests at school, my wrist is down for the count ...
But revamped Submitting .... anyway ... ouch ...

O.o Moved the whole page. Took me a total of 20 hours, 9 of which was spent on Saturday. falls over Got a new counter and guestbook.
Excuse me while I rest from my labors and not update till Tuesday.

Updated links today: Anime Fanfiction Links, Slayers, and then on the Link Page itself.
Updated Shinra Inc.
And this page won an award! ^__^

One new author and new fics by Ashvolt and Lina Inverse the Dramata in Fanfiction.

Two new authors and new fics by Elizabeth Smith in Fanfiction.

New fics by Anji, Bevin, and Silver Angel in Fanfiction.
This page has reached it's 1000th fic!! Always One Last Thing to Lose by Silver Angel.

New fics by Anji, Laila, and Mari-chan in Fanfiction.

One new author and new fics by Silent Steel, Harukami, Racheengel, and Xella in Fanfiction.

New fics by Silent Steel and Dira in Fanfiction. Fanfiction.
Revamped the Fanfiction pages.

One new author and new fics by Ashe, Alyson, ashes2ashes, and Amaya in Fanfiction. Fanfiction.
I did all the 'A's in my box ... can't you tell? ^^**

One new author and new fics by Mizel in Fanfiction.
Updated Shinra Inc.

New fics by Nightfall, Rei, Neko-Chan, Elizabeth McDaniel, and Hawk in Fanfiction.
O.o I intended to do more ... an urge gripped me to pull out all the Microsoft Word submissions and fix-it/rewrites and get those done, but alas ... my wrist decided to give out on me ... blast it all ...


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