SPECIAL NOTE: I won't be updating until Wednesday, April 4, 2001. Why? I have a Calculus II test this Thursday and a Linear Algebra test the following Tuesday. So, in short, I gonna be real busy studying. Sorry everyone.

New author in Slayers fanfiction.

Smoking Mirror updated.

White June updated.

New author and fic in Anime Fanfiction. Realy squicky DBZ one, so beware.


New author in Slayers fanfiction.

^^* Okay, so I couldn't concetrate on anything except Valkyrie Story for the last two days, it will probably become a recurring theme for this week until I beat the game.


New author in Slayers fanfiction.

Smoking Mirror updated.

No White June update because my hands gave out after Smoking Mirror. ^^*


New author in Slayers fanfiction.

No update yesterday ... just didn't feel like it. ^^* That's such a bad reason, but it's the truth.


New author in Slayers fanfiction.


New author in Slayers fanfiction.


Okay, I didn't update yesterday 'cause my hands were really hurting after a day of taking notes at school. Sometimes, that's just the way it is.

For today: My birthday! Wah! ^___^

Update wise: New slayers fics, new Weiss fanart, and new favorite links. ^_^

Recent type plans?: I want to put up some Vagrant Story fics and hopefully a page for the game ... a page all it's own. ^_^


Nice big fic in Slayers fics. ^_^ For all those Xellos/Firia fans.


White June updated because I didn't feel like messing with the contortions of the Slayers fics after a really long day at school. @.o


New Slayers author and fixed the Update Logs. ^_^ Also, I'm thinking about adding a Vagrant Story section.


Smoking Mirror got updated.

Two 'Mighty Duck: The Animated Series' fics in Non-Anime Fics. ^_^ They are excellent fics and should be read. As the series itself, gotta love it. Never seen it? You must!

Three new authors in Slayers Fanfiction.


White June: More doujinshi scans and fanfiction. And since it's a new month, all the updates got cleared out to Suboshi's Page of No Where.


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