Gah. Been out an entire week thanks to a kidney stone. Gyah! But it's over now and I'm back with an update to White June. New fics!


Updated White June with new fanart. @.o 'Twas my B-day today, so I pretty much lazed around. ::shrugs:: Eh, what can I say.


^^; Was gonna update something else, but then I got this Rockman doujinshi in the mail and updated On Silk Screens instead.


New fics by Neko-Chan in Slayers fanfics.


New doujinshi in On Silk Screens, page F(1). ^^; I now have five F pages ... so ... yeah ... um ... moving along.

I realized I haven't updated. Why? Because I have sat in front of the computer and descended into ditz-ville. ^^; I tried to start on the shrines and post them this week, but it turns out that I don't exactly have anything to put on them. All fics and fanart usually put there is posted in the fic and fanart archives ... so, like, I'm considering making a "pertinant facts" and list of theories and fan history on the characters featured in the shrine instead with an option for viewers to add their own opinions. ^_^

In other news, and I'd like some commentary if anyone out there is interested in these ideas:

  1. Since Ruaki's been prodding about it, I've been considering adding a message board. Would any of you actually want to talk on it???
  2. ^^; Well, I'm deleting the ML. I don't use it, keep forgetting about it, and figure I shouldn't clutter up people's lives with things that aren't being used. So, like, it's going, especially if the message board gets put up.
  3. Er .... that's all I can think of. o.o I thought I had more than that ... heh, guess I'll think of them later if I do. ^_^

'Till Monday! =D Next week's Spring Break and I'm gonna do my best to update every day.


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