runs around flailing GAH!! TRIP!! A-KON!! GAH!!! BUSY!!

^^;; coughs Busy week/weekend. I'm heading off to Project A-kon at the crack of dawn on Thursday and will be off-line from Wednesday night to Monday night. shrugs =D And for all of you who are going to A-kon and are dressing as Slayers, Weiss, Final Fantasy 7, or Rockman characters ... PREPARE TO BE GLOMPED!!!!! Bwahahahahahahaah!!!!! ^^; And to all Slayers fans: Yes, that girl in a suit who is psychotically asking you questions about who you are and what you happen to write, that will be me. ^^;; I know I musta scared the bejeebers outta ya'll last year.

On the updating side: Vagrant Story ficcy in Anime Fanfiction. It's the first section of a must bigger fic, but it's all I had time to HTML this weekend. What can I say? Busy!


Revamped Bernardine and Meishinkan Rab. No actual new content. Just getting back into the revamping. However, Zach will have something new and he's next. ^_^


Smoking Mirror Updated with new fanart.


White June updated. Yes, I will be changing index images soon.


^_^ New winamp skin. A Violinist of Hameln one. =9


FINALLY!!!!!!! IT'S FINISHED!!!!! ^_______^ Anime Fanfiction Links is now completely checked for broken links. I'm pretty sure that everything dead and old is now gone and only working, new stuff remain! ^_^ We have a bunch of new stuff, though the count has dropped from 1500+ to 900+, but it's a small price to pay for accuracy.

I am out of school ... finally ... and I will start updating on the weekdays again. ^_^ So stayed tuned.


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