White June updated with a fanfic by Seraph.

I will be leaving the country for my annual Germany trip today. I will be back on June 17.

^^; I apologize that this page has to go through nearly three months of server hassles only to have me leave for five weeks ... but I really need this vacation, especially after these server hassles. I've begun to dislike messing with the internet after this little episode and a little time without the worry will fix that little problem.

I can promise that the week that I come back I intend to finally post the link revamp that I've been working on. All links all over the site will have been updated, added too, and generally fixed. After that, it's back to working on the piles of fanfiction still sitting in my mailbox.

So ... I'll see you all in five weeks!


There would have been an update to White June, but thanks to Outlook Express (which I had to temporarily switch to because this new web host isn't working with Netscape 3.0's mail for some stupid reason that hasn't been explained) crashing every damn minute all EVENING, I've decided that my patience is a thin line and that no, I'm just going to stop trying to post what was sent to me (for the time being) because I just might end up hurting someone. ::wants to scream::

If ANYONE knows of a web host that provides 500 MB of space, a POP3 email account compatible with Netscape 3.0 (the only mail system that will work on my poor old compy), for under $20 ... email me at! Or leave me a comment on my livejournal.


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