New fanfiction by Yume, Raya, Shell Presto, and runesimbriant in Slayers.

Ran a litle bit later than I wanted on time of update, but in exchange, the revamp of Slayers Fanfiction Page 6 is now complete! I am finally done revamping and updating all existing authors in the Slayers fanfiction! ^_^ It's not time to move on to new authors!

Unfortunately, that will have to wait until after my finals are completed. As of today, Darkness Rising will go on a three week hiatus. I do hope to still sneak some updates in despite my studying, but don't be surprised if I end up being too busy to deal with it.


Special double update this weekend! ^_^ I've finished the revamp of Slayers Fanfiction Page 5. Now on to Page 6!

New fanfiction by Natalie Wall in Slayers.


New fanfiction by Rocky, Stacy Parker, and Froot Cake aka Chu in Slayers.


New fanfiction by Ravenrei, Archess Shi Ryuu, Kate Hunt, and in Slayers.


New fanfiction by Renfield in Slayers.


Special announcement for the Match Point RP!

[I'd like to specially request a bad-ass, computer/mechanical genius Touji to play off against my Sengoku ... and all those nice adjectives before his name is the BS the Yamabuki players have been spouting (mainly me) when we talk about our non-existant Touji.]

[The following has been taken whole from Ruaki's Livejournal, for it is she who has made our flyers. I'm just helping to put them in the public eye.]

Like Tennis no Oujisama, and like to role-play?

Then Match Point RP might be for you!

Maybe you like the pimp behind the ray-bans, the smooth brother with the smart mouth?

Muromachi is for you!

Or maybe you like the introverted, stern-faced shy boy who has somehow managed to incorporate martial arts into a really powerful tennis style, but still gets his ass beat by the hero anyway?

Hiyoshi is for you!

The Rokkaku and Rikkaidai schools are also highly available, for interested parties.


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