Making an early update this weeks since I'll be working all of Friday and Saturday and don't feel like doing diddly on Sunday except maybe costume making.

Fused the first page of Slayers Fanfiction with their Synopsis. So, basically, 1/6 of the revamp is complete. Also, we have some new fics in that section by Elizabeth, Manami, and Slash Girl.

Additional changes:
1. I removed the Adventure, All, and Slayers World categories from Slayers Fanfiction Cross-Reference. Why? I assume that a reader, when looking for fics, will assume that the Slayers fic story takes place in it's own world, is an adventure of some kind, and has all characters present. When one looks for something, I assume they are looking for something other than that; like romance or elseworlds or crossovers or fics centered Valgarv or something. If someone wants these categories back, email me within the week and I'll bring 'em back, otherwise, forever hold your peace.
2. I've taken all my own fics down and provided a direct link to my personal page instead.
3. Synopsis has been taken down now that I'm transitting the Slayers Fanfiction and Synopsis into one section.

And last, but not least, it'll be a while before I can do another page. ::whimper:: My hands hurt. Alot.


@.o Finally. An update. Sorta.

Colors of the Win has a new Weiss Kreuz skin.

On Silk Screens has two new Final Fantasy VII doujinshi.

Star Well got Favorite Links updated.

And a new page is halfway up! My Personal Page: i exist. It's pretty blah looking right now, but all my fanfiction is up (including everything I've been meaning to post and haven't gotten around to posting). A livejournal is also in i exist since I've been having fun with it lately. Snippets, rants, random thought, whatever all get stuck there. Wheee. I think I may put a link to that on the main Darkness Rising page as well.

I can finally get to revamping Slayers Fanfiction. Finally.


White June update. Sonya's fics taken down by her request. We'll miss her mad skillz.


White June updated with all the fanart submissions I got recently. @.o No fanfic submissions, however. Drat.


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