Thanks to homework and work, not to mention the fact that my hands are hurting a whole lot lately ... it becomes obvious that I won't be able to update as often as I want (ie, every day). However. I will be switching back to what I call "school" mode, a weekly update system where I update every Saturday. If I suddenly find myself with some time or get something easy, then I'll post before ... but for now, it will be Saturdays. The one thing this does give me is a whole week to make a substantial update. ^_^

Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm trying to add pages and revamp some of the existing ones. Not in regards to style, but in regards to convenience (for me and you). For instance, I plan to add a personal site, merge Slayers Fiction and Synopsis, and add a Rockman page. I intend to do this is the coming weeks.

After those change, I'm going back to Slayers fiction to get all those waiting fics posted! They tormemt me in my mailbox! I must finish! Must!

Today's update: Changed all those ugly counters to something more attractive.

09-27-01 ADDITION

--; Stupid new banners had pop-ups. Jerks. I continue my quest for free and simple counter. Stay tuned.


^^; Yes, I have been remiss in my updating. However, this time I have something to show for it! A whole new page has been added to the site On Silk Screens.

Oh yes, I'm going to redo the Slayers fanfiction section so I can get rid of the second page system under Synopsis. I plan to make the synopsis part of the actual fanfiction pages, like they are in White June and Smoking Mirror. If anyone has any objections, speak within the week or forever hold your peace.


Smoking Mirror got updated. Yep, figured it was time.


Basically, I cleared out all the fics and fanart submissions for White June, so it's now been updated pretty thoroughly. ^_^


Got a submission, glanced over it, decided it was short, sweet, and to the point ... so we have an update! Yah! New/revamped fic by Catriana in Slayers Fanfiction.

Since no one said anything to the contrary ... I deleted the 2st, 2nd, 3rd, Mix POVs from Slayers Fanfiction Reference. I figured POV was not something overly looked for when it came to fics, so it's now no longer a referencing option. Dead, gone, never to come back. Yah.


I wrote this a week ago (on 08-26-01) to explain my absense the week before:

Well, let's put it like this: First, when I tried to upload it, the server didn't work. I was cool with that, I could take that. I would just do the next morning.

Not only did I not have time the next morning, I had no time for the rest of the frickin' week. I woke up, went to school, went to work, came home, went to bed. Nothing else. I had no time at all. No time for homework, no time for webpage, no time for chatting. I think I chatted once that week ... and only 'cause if I didn't do something relaxing with no real worries I would have strangled something. ^^;; So needless to say ... I was real busy this week. And I might be this week too.

I really want to update ... but I have to catch up with my homework first. Please bear with me. o.O


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