Year 7 (August 04 - July 05)


Holy mother of chocolate. This page is nearly one third my age. o.o How can another year have just swooped past?



New winamp skin in Colors of the Win. ^^; Had a bit of trouble this weekend with CuteFTP and the update got delayed until now.


New author in Anime@Fan.Fic.


New doujinshi in G-O and P1-P5 in On Silk Screens. I know, I know, I was late on my updates ... busy, Otakon, and then just lazy. ^^;;;


New fanfiction in Anime@Fan.Fic and a new author in Original@Fan.Fic.


New doujinshi in On Silk Screens, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, and P6.


New fanfiction in Anime@Fan.Fic.


New fanfiction in Smoking Mirror.


New doujinshi in On Silk Screens: P7 and P8.


New doujinshi in On Silk Screens: P1, P3, P4, P5, P6, and P7.


New fanfic in Anime@Fan.Fic

Only two weeks until finals is over and I can finally get back to posting normally. @.o


New author in Anime@Fan.Fic

Sorry about the occasional weeks of non-posting. School has been very busy this year.


New fics in Anime@Fan.Fic and lots of new information and updating in Match Point.


New doujinshi in F6, F7, G1, and G2 in On Silk Screens. I've finally finished scanning and posting all the doujinshi I have stacked up. This'll probably also be the last update for this week and I plan to resume normal posting times of Friday/Saturday starting next week.


New doujinshi in P3, P8, and P9 in On Silk Screens. Still working my way through the pile. Next up should be an update for Gensuikoden and one for Fullmetal Alchemist.


New doujinshi in A-E, F1, F6, and P8 in On Silk Screens. The holidays are finally over and I've managed to accumulate a very large pile of doujinshi that needs to be posted before I can finally get them off my desk. So this is the first of a couple doujinshi updates.


New author in Fanfiction Page 8 for Slayers Fanfiction.

@.o Damn, but this semester has been crazy. Though what could I expect? I am graduating at the end of it.


New doujinshi on F6, P4, P9 at On Silk Screens.

I'll be leaving for Germany shortly and will be back in July.


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