Ghost in the Machine

This is my way of actually creating a Rockman fansite. There doesn't seem to be that many out there. The fact that it has strong yaoi leanings is just me. ^_^

Basically, this site is to relieve my obsession for Rockman, the first series in which I favor nearly every couple on a rotating status, though my favorite character remains the same after the initial rotating confusion.

^^* I blame Ruaki [again]. It's all her fault I'm such an addict. whistles and looks up at the sky


Darkness Rising

For all intents and purposes, this is Ghost in the Machine's parent site (sister site may be more accurate, but all my archiving styles were perfected in DR, and this site is now a product of that style) and my first webpage.



Just so the world knows: When I say "yaoi" I'm using it as a general term for the entire range of male x male interaction. This includes shonen-ai, pre-shonen-ai, yaoi, and all types of slash.


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