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    O.o Yes, 'tis Ruaki's most incredible website. Just go there. Even though it now has nothing to do with Rockman.

Bob and George
    ROFLMAO!!!!! Someone took the cast of Rockman, put them on crack, and made a comic strip!! Bwahahahahahaha!!

    An interesting Rockman X comic resides here ... lovely art and seems to be pretty true to the series.

The Mega Man Homepage
    Facts, facts, and more facts.

    Some random fanfiction

The Lunatic Cafe
    =D Noble Knight's blog. Home of robot masters. Watch for yaoi.

To the Moon and Back
    The journalized continuation to Electric Communication. ^_^ Much fun.

Remix (The former Jazz Lounge)
    Virgo's webage, blog, journal, and just about everything! It rules! *-* ::cooes over the lovely art and the lovely fics::

The Crystal Palace
    Noble Knight's website! Wheeeeeeeeeee~! Rockman yaoi!

Life of Wily
    It's no Bob and George, but I still find it amusing. ^_^

The Protoman Fanclub
    Nothing even remotely yaoi, but the intense brother vibes are enough to make any yaoi-freak have convulsions. =D My first exploration into the Rockman fanfiction world.

Megaman Outpost
    More facts, facts, and more facts. ^_^

    Pink-chan's homepage. ^_^ I'd just like to take a moment to say that her art rulez. Be warned of falling yaoi and strong opinions. =D But I like the place anyway. ::glompu!::

Rockman Porno Museum
    o.O Uh ... yeah. Formerly known as "Rockman Yaoi and Yuri", the first and formerly only Rockman yaoi (or yuri) page on the web.

Rockman Yaoi ML
    A ML made by yours truly when I realized just how scattered and lonely the fandom was. =D If you build it, they will come.

Lex's Page
    Probably the best Rockman X writer ever. Only Ruaki and Theria have ever come close to challenging her greatness. *-* Her art is awesome too. And I've never read about such original story ideas with such depth. Now she just needs to update more.

Rockman X Light's Journal
    Rockman X's journal. Run by Pink-chan.

Vava Barahana's Journal
    Vile's journal. Run by Pink-chan.

Zero's Journal
    Zero Omega's journl. Run by Pink-chan.

Brandnew Way
    The first ever shrine to Rock and Forte as a couple! ^_^

Rockman Yaoi Webring
    Got a site with some robot pr0n? Join the ring. ^_^

Rockworks Webring
    Webring dedicated to the literary and visual fanworks of Rockman/X.

Souzousei Station
    Home of Michael's fic MegaMab X: Poles Apart.


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