Because Purple goes between Blue and Red.


Information on VileX

What is VileX?

It's the one and only clique that supports Vile being paired with Rockman X.

What are the rules?

You must support VileX. No anti-VileX, anti-Rockman, or anti-yaoi sites may carry the banner. You must place place a banner from this site on either your webpage or your online journal/diary/blog. You must have this banner inplace before I visit your site after recieving your "join"email (best to do this before you even send me the email).

How do I join?

Send me an email with the following information:

        Email Address
        Site Name
        Site URL
        Comments (optional)

Can I submit a banner?

Yes, but it must fit one of the two provided sizes or be smaller than those sizes. Also, it has to have "DR" and "GitM" in it somewhere (and together), which indicates VileX's point of origin.




None at this time.