Removed one link from Inside Access in Ghost in the Machine.

A piddling and insignificant update, yes, but this week has been the Homework and Test Week from Hell. I've felt guilty going anywhere near my computer to do anything that isn't checking homework solutions.


Links have been checked/added to.

My contact information has been upgraded.


Webpage is up, but email does not work. Do not email me anything!


Well! It has been a miserable two months!

^^; This is what happened:

On February 16 (might have been 17, can't quite remember which) my servers with FeaturePrice shut down. I let this go on for a day or two in the hopes that it would go back up. When it didn't, I sent an email to their customer service people and was told that they were switching their servers over to a new system.

Please note, they did not bother to inform their customers of this. They also didn't bother to tell me that I needed to renew my subscription with them now that this change had occurred. I had to ask to find out what the hell was going on.

So, off I go to renew. A week passes and I get charged four times on three different credit cards, not to mention that it takes another week to pry the information out of them that would even let me upload anything to this new server (all the old information had been destroyed). I begin the long and tedious upload process -- only to be stopped dead about a third of the way when their servers develope new and unusual problems. --; Yay. THIS new issue does not get resolved. It is STILL not resolved. I finally got fed up of being patient and got up and LEFT.

This new host is a little spotty, but at least it works most of the time. If anyone has ANY problems, send me an email or post a comment on my livejournal. In fact, if there is ever any trouble, the livejournal will have me ranting and raving about it. It has been my only lifeline to anyone.

Also, if you have sent any emails to me during this time, please, Please, PLEASE resend!


New author! And what a doozy it is! ^_^ Very extensive and very well thought out fic. I'm impressed. *-* Also links was updated with a link to the author's website, where this fic is originally posted.


New fanartist, with some Forte fanart.


New fics by Virgo. ^_^


New fic by me.


Added a clique for Vile/X in Execution Denied. Also added two new links on the link page. I wanted to get some fics updated, but making banners and detailing with the detail work took longer than I thought it would.


Updated one link and I have new fics up by me. Off to Germany, so nothing will be posted for the next five weeks.


New links!


New author in fanfiction. Links have been checked and one new one added.


New fanfiction.


Added some journal links that I forgot yesterday. ^_^


Finally! It's up!

@.o There was a lot of last minute confusion on my part as I realized that my vague ideas for the look of several of these pages didn't work the way I wanted. Mainly, it's because most of the content for this site comes from the yaoi fandom, yet it's going to be an "all fandom" page. So, I ended up saying, "screw it", I'll revise as I go. ^^; Even though you'd think the Slayers page would have taught me something about not providing for the far-reaching future before the far-reaching future gets here and then shows you that redoing 1000+ fics is a pain in the arse. ^^; Ah well.

So! For those of you who knew that this page was going up: I know that I

  1. have only put up four authors and two fanartists. I know there's lots more of you out there but I decided I was taking to long and this way I can update for a long time till I actually run out of things to update with. ^_^
  2. Winamp skins and other such random goodies (like doujinshi scans) aren't up. Same time lag problem that will be dealt with in the coming updates. I know you're waiting, they're coming.
  3. My front image is crap. I know. I drew it myself. I'm hoping Ruaki, Virgo, or Pink-chan will take pity on me and draw me something all around swanky and kick-ass to put up! =D ::hinthint::

Yeah. Enjoy the page!