Priestess Minerva


Name: Minerva, Anime no miko....but peeps call me MJ or Bean a lot ^_^

Email:, fitting ne? So come on, mail me darn ya!!

Fav animes: Slayers (well duh), Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, Gundam Wing (even though I can't get the D*** videos around here), Dragon Ball Z, Night other stuff....I actually liked Galaxy Express 999

Favorite characters:

out of breath is that enough?

Biases of romantic Slayers pairs: your kidding right? Ok...uh... deep breath Lina/Zel, Gourry/Sylphiel, Xel/Val, Xel/Filia...woah woo! threesome baby! gets whacked with Filia's mace

Filia: Hentai!!. Val/Garv...Zangulus/Martina, Vrumagun/Rosy (char a made up) hmm...did I miss anyone? Ok...nope. So who wants ta hear about my other Anime couples?


Ok fine...never mind :P

Webpages: Hey I have those!!!! The Temple of Anime and The Jackel's Lair.

The last one is my Beast Wars page..if ya like BW that is. And my friend's Kidcat and Mousetrap have their kick-a$$ fanfics there

Screen Names: Bean Chan7 on AIM. MadJackel on IRC (dalnet usually).

So what else ya wanna know, ya nosy people? I'm a legal adult and female thank ya very much. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I have bad allergies and me eye site kinda sucks. That explains the glasses. I like to pretend I'm a human/jackal demon/succubus chimera. I read too many comic books including Sonic the Hedgehog and Shanda the Panda. I'm really short. I love Chinese food. I'm a hentai at heart and proud of it! I actually know people that love Amelia. My best friend think's she's Sailor Pluto! I adore Weird Al. My goal in life it to be a computer animator or a Garv no Miko. I would kill to get my hands on a Xelloss plushy. I never leave the house without a necklace. Are you still reading this thing? I can draw pretty well. My real name is gets drowned out by sounds of Slayers fighting in the background. Harukami is one one my favorite Slayers author ^_^ I once dreamt about making out with Xel in my kitchen. My favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have written lemons...let me know if ya wanna read them. Is that enough...what do you people want from me?! I work and I slave so you bakas can have something to do...and what do I get outta it?! Well...actually I enjoy it so there! Now stop reading this so I can get back to work!

walks out humming the Slayers Next opening theme


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