Part One

Angue and Van

Youji had been in the washroom for hours as he always was just before he went out on a date with another one of the girls who drooled all over him at the flower shop. God only knows why he would need three hours to prep for a simple date, but he insisted he needed the time, and he was not to be bothered during.

Ken and Omi were out, so the line-up that was usually at the door by the end of Youji's 'bathroom time' was alot shorter that day. It consisted of only Aya, and a very annoyed Aya at that.

"Youji!" He yelled while banging on the door for the seventh time in the last hour. "Get out of there! You've had enough time already!" Aya heard a growl from within the washroom, and Youjis normally gentle voice snarling out in anger. "Oh, fuck off Aya. I'm not done in here yet."

"Like hell you're not! You're done because I said you are!" Aya spat back and twisted the doorknob and threw open the door, not even blinking when it slammed against the wall.

Inside was a shocked looking Youji, only dressed with a towel loosly wrapped around his hips, brush in mid stroke through his hair. He stood there gawking at Aya, too shocked that the redhead would burst in on him like that to say anything. Aya returned the shocked look with a scowl. "Get. Out. Now."

It took a moment for the surprised look to wear off on Youji's face, but soon it was replaced by rage. He slowly put the brush down on the counter, then turned to face Aya fully, taking a step forward, so he could look down on him, as if his mere height would be an intimidation.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do on my off-time." He hissed at Aya through clenched teeth, his top lip pulled back in a snarl.

Aya stayed right where he was, not in the least bit afraid of an angry Youji. "Get. Out."

He repeated calmly, the scowl on his face unchanging, a hand and extended finger pointing to the exit, as if for emphasis.

The skowl was unchanging, until Youji suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him upwards, almost lifting him until he was standing on his tip toes. His eyes widened, having not been expecting something like that, and a tiny gasp escaped his throat.

"I am so fucking sick and tired of you telling us what to do all the time Aya." Youji snarled, his free hand closing to a trembling fist, the thought of punching the constant frown from Aya's face running through his mind.

Aya quickly regained his scowling expression and grabbed hold of Youji's hand, attempting to loosen the grip from his shirt. "Someone has to tell you three asses what to do otherwise you'd fuck-up every assissignment and spend your off-time preening like a little girl."

That last remark snapped any patience Youji had left and his fist went to smash against Aya's cheek, throwing his head to the side. A startled yelp came from Aya just before the low growl, followed by a punch aimed for Youjis exposed stomach.

But Youji was too fast and caught the fist before it hit, then using it and his grip on Aya's shirt to hurl Aya away from him, sending him crashing against the hallway wall. Aya only staggered for a moment before he was up and aiming more punches at Youji, but again, Youji was too fast for him and he was thrown once more, this time against the door to his room which crashed open when he hit, leaving him sprawling on the floor.

Youji appeared in the doorway, looming over Aya, a frightening look which didn't belong on his face there. Somehow he had managed to keep the towel still wrapped around his hips and heleaned against the doorway, his arms crossed.

"Had enough?" He asked, his voice hinting with triumph over his 'leader'. Aya glared up at him through narrowed eyes from his place on the floor, a slight flush of shame at being beaten rising on his cheeks. "Bastard." He hissed and Youji shook his head, his arms uncrossing as he stepped forward to grab Aya by the front of his shirt once again, hauling him up.

"I wouldn't be calling the man who just beat the shit out of you, 'bastard' if I were you." He said, his fist clenched, ready to 'correct' any name calling Aya might give.

But this time Aya was too fast and his knee came up, straight into Youji's stomach, which sent him stumbling back, doubled over and coughing, only to recieve a sharp blow to the middle of his back by Ayas elbow. That one sent him to the floor, but not before he swung around to rap Aya over the back of his knees, causing Aya to fall to the floor as well. Aya gave a yelp as he went down, tripping over Youji's legs and somehow managing to fall down right on top of him, on of his legs on either side of the older man.

It was the pure shock that kept Aya there for the next few moments, staring blankly into Youji's face, a mirror image of his own surprise to be found there, the shock masking the prior pain for both. He was laying over Youji in such a way that he was pressing against all the places that might feel good if Youji were a girl. And the towel, Aya noticed, was now halfway across the room having come off sometime during the fight, leaving a very naked Youji on the floor beneath him. He realized they were both already breathing heavy from the exertions of the fight, but he swallowed hard against another feeling rising in his chest.

Aya's face turned as red as his hair when he noticed his body didn't care if Youji was a girl or not, as it was starting to respond to the close contact, and he blushed even more when the shocked look on Youji's face turned to a smirk. Aya knew Youji could feel his arousal pressed between his thighs.

"Um ..." Aya muttered something that Youji couldn't understand, the fight forgotten, and he pushed himself up so he could roll off before Youji decided to say anything. The fight had gone too far now, and this was getting serious. But when Youji's hands gripped his arms to pull him back down he found that he couldn't resist. He blinked, looking quickly back to Youji, the shock on his face still present. Youji too looked shocked, as if the fact he'd just pinned Aya was startling to him as well. Youji swallowed tightly, his heart slamming in his chest, but his mind controling his feelings. Aya's young face, for once in an expression other than a scowl, and the way there bodies were already touching to arouse each other made Youji push from his mind what he was thinking and act instead on the impulse of what he wanted. Consequently, Aya couldn't resist when Youji pulled him down further, Youji's eyes fluttering closed as their lips brushed, Aya's back going stiff and tense. Youji pressed the brush of their lips into a full-blown kiss, against Aya's tenseness, and his arms moved up, to hold Aya in place, not caring what the conequences for this would be afterwards. Aya made some small sound of protest in the back of his throat as he felt Youji's tongue darting out to lick over his bottom lip, a way of asking to be let in, and he subconciously parted his lips, sighing quietly as Youji's kiss deepened. He actually found himself begin kissing back, his own tongue meeting Youji's in passions dance, his hands going from their place on the floor to twine through Youji's wavy hair, and his eyes finally closed, enveloped in the moments pleasure. Aya closed his eyes, to block the fact that he was passionately kissing ...

Then suddenly, Aya pulled back and sat up, shocked that he would let himself do this.

With Youji. With another man. When he hadn't even done much with girls ... Youji was panting from the effects of the kiss, his bright green eyes full of question when Aya pulled away. He'd rather been enjoying that kiss and the other man's hands in his hair, the thought of his own hands going to to cup Aya's ass, the feel of Aya laying over him. He'd almost like to know what it would feel like to have Aya laying 'under' him. Almost? No ...

He would like to know, and he wasn't about to let a little bit of shyness keep him from knowing.

"Aya ..." Youji said softly, his hands going to hold Aya in place as he sat up, leaving Aya sitting in his lap, creating an interesting sensation. It made him wish Aya's black jeans were on the other side of the planet at that moment. Aya's face was a mixture of embarassment and shame as he looked up into Youji's eyes, not moving to get away, but not sure if Youji's lap was where he wanted to stay. For once, he couldn't think of anything to say, his mind a rollar coaster of thoughts and feelings, all jumbled together so he couldn't figure most of them out. He'd never done this before ... Men aren't supposed to do this ... He should tell Youji to keep his hands on girls, and off of him. They should close the door in case Ken and Omi came home ...

But all his thoughts were pushed away when Youji took Aya's moment of hesistation and kissed him again, and nothing but the thought of how good Youji's lips on his felt took over. He let himself kiss back although he was nervous, and let his hands wander to Youji's hair again, fingers running through the long strands. He let Youji's fingers flick open the buttons to his shirt, then push it open and down from his shoulders ...

But when he felt himself being leaned back so he was laying flat on his back with Youji laying over him, kissing and licking down his neck, he put his hands on Youji's chest and pushed to get him to stop.

Youji ceased, though he didn't want to. He watched Aya's face for a moment, his head tilted. "What's wrong?" he questioned, his voice extremely quiet, as if he was afraid someone might hear, although they both knew there was no one else in the house. Perhaps Youji was as nervous about this as Aya.

"I've never done this before ..." Aya said through a swallow, the light flush on his cheeks darkening. He'd wanted Youji to believe he'd never done this sort of thing with a man before, but he knew by Youji's expression that the older man knew Aya hadn't been with any women either. Admitting this to the man who'd probably bedded at least a hundred women wasn't something he had meant, nor wanted to do.

Expecting Youji to laugh at him, Aya turned his face away so he wouldn't have to look, but no laughter came. Only the gentle feeling of his hair being brushed back from his eyes and Youji's soft voice warming his cheeks even further. "I'll be gentle."

Aya looked back up at Youji then, a smile meeting his gaze, and he relaxed and welcomed the next kiss. With no hesitation his mouth fell open and he searched out Youji's tongue with his own, nearly melting when they met and played.

Aya's back arched as Youji finally laid him down on the floor, and the coldness of the wood beneath him affected him in addition to the kiss. Youji merely murmured a sweet sound against Aya's reaction to the cold floor, and moved on top of him, Aya pressing back to the cold wood. Aya relaxed against the floor, warming the boards with his body heat, sighing when Youji's lips left his mouth to traval down his neck again, licking at the soft skin, then down further to kiss and nip at his chest. He tensed in surprise, giving out a little gasp when he felt lips at his nipple, then falling into a shuddering groan as Youji moved his mouth over it, licking and sucking until it was pebble hard between his lips.

Youji's hand moved to tease the other nipple at the same time, pinching and rubbing his thumb over the hard flesh until Aya was shivering beneath him. Youji moved up again, to claim Aya's lips with his own, as his hand moved down low to undo the zipper to Aya's jeans, loosening them enough so he could slip his hand inside ...

Aya gasped again and his body gave a little jerk when he felt Youji's fingers brush over that area, his hand closing over it and stroking gently at first, then more firmly as moans began escaping from Aya's throat. He pressed up into Youji's hand, his hips rocking with the motion, his head falling back from the kiss and his eyes clenching shut. He'd never been touched by someone else down there, except by himself when he would lay awake at night, and this felt so much better.

So nice, that he wanted to return the favour. Ayas hand slipped down to grasp Youji, bringing out a low moan from the others throat as he ran his thumb over the tip, where he knew it was most sesitive. Youji buried his face in the crook of Aya's shoulder, licking and kissing as they lay there stroking and touching each other, just enjoying the sounds of each others moaning. All too soon, Aya stopped and took his hand away, getting whimpering sounds of protest from Youji, but they didn't last long as Aya had something better in mind. He placed both his hands on Youjis chest and pushed him over, so that he was laying on his back. Youji gave him a questioning look, and Aya only smiled at him, then moved down.

Youji gave a loud surprised gasp when Aya's mouth closed over him and sucked softly.

Immediatly his hands went down to graps Aya's hair, his hips thrusting up so Aya would take him in further.

Aya choked a bit, having taking in too much too soon. Youji noticed this and loosened his grip, giving Aya an apologetic grin. Aya smirked at him and returned to sucking, slowly taking in more and more, swallowing to bypass his gag reflex until he felt the tip touching the back of his throat.

Carefully Youji tried thrusting into Aya's mouth, slowly at first, then with more force as he saw Aya starting to enjoy it as much as he was. He propped himself up on on elbow so he could watch Aya doing this to him, the sight only making him moan loudly. It was a very good thing no one else was home ...

Soon though, Youji felt himself coming too close to the edge, and he didn't want this to end just yet. He sat up and pulled Aya up at the same time, covering his mouth in a wet kiss as his hands moved to push the black jeans away from Aya's slender hips.

He began stroking Aya again, smiling at the little sounds of pleasure coming from the redhead. Then, slowly his free hand pushed against the inside of one of Aya's legs, a silent request for him to spread them a little wider. When Aya did so, Youjis hand stroked lower, then slipped between and touched against the sensitive opening to Aya's body.

Aya gave a startled yelp and he tried to move away, trembling hard, but Youji's arm circled around his waist, holding him there. The look in Youji's eyes told him to relax.

Youji pressed his finger in further, withdrawing, then pushing in again. He added a second finger when he felt the trembling cease and heard Aya's moans start again. He watched as Aya began moving with the fingers, his face caught up in a look of pure pleasure, and Youji knew he was ready.

He pulled Aya closer and down, guiding him back into his lap where he pressed his tip, still moist from Aya's attentions, against Aya's opening. With an arm still tight around Aya's waist, Youji pushed him down carefully while rocking his hips up. Aya drew in a sharp breath at the pain of it and his arms went to cling around Youji's shoulders, nails digging into his back as he sank down farther until Youji was fully inside.

Youji went still so Aya could get used to the feeling, his mouth searching for another kiss to distract from the pain, one hand returning to stroke Aya where it felt the best. Soon, Aya was relaxing from the kissing and stroking, and Youji gave a careful thrust upwards with his hips, watching Aya's face. When he saw no look of pain, he thrust again, this time harder, starting his love-making with loud moans and shivering.

Aya's moans were coming just as loudly, and he tried to catch Youji's rhythm so he could move with him. He pressed tightly against Youji's body so there would still be contact when Youji moved the hand that was stroking him to Aya's hip, thrusting up into him as hard as he could.

The pressure was building inside Youji, and he knew he couldn't last any longer. One last powerful thrust up into Aya sent him reeling over the edge and he cried out, his whole body tensing as he came hard.

The sound of Youji's cries and the feeling of the heat pouring into him as Youji came sent Aya over the edge seconds after and he bit into Youji's shoulder, shuddering with release. Youji fell back to the floor, taking Aya down with him, his arms wrapping around him tightly to prevent any ideas Aya had of moving for the next while. Youji's gaze was unfocused and wandering, a faint smile on his lips, wondering absently what his current date would think of him when he didn't show up. Aya curled up there, happy for the moment just to let Youji be possesive over him. He leaned up to place a soft kiss on Youji's chin, then settled down to rest his head on Youji's chest, drifting to a satisfied sleep with prayers that Ken and Omi weren't going to be home for a long long time. And Youji, noticing Aya asleep against him, held the younger boy protectively, and found, for once, he didn't care about the girls, and soon he too had drifted off into a gentle sleep.

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