Nagi's brow furrowed in concentration as he typed furiously on his laptop. He was leaning forward, hunched over in the near darkness of an office. The only light came from Nagi's computer screen and the tiny torch of his partner's cigarette. A rivulet of sweat trailed down Nagi's face, unnoticed as he stared intently at his computer screen.

"Almost done, bishounen?" Schuldich's voice broke the near silence of the office.

"Don't call me that." Nagi replied tensely. "I'm almost in the computer system. Give me some more time."

"Anything for you, bishounen." Nagi could practically hear the smirk in the German man's voice.

"I told you not to call me that." Nagi ran his school uniform's sleeve over his face irritably, wiping away the droplet of sweat which had been crawling down his face.

Why? Hit a little too close to home? Schuldich's voice rang mocking through his head.

"No. I just don't like being called that. I have a name." Nagi frowned slightly at the screen and then flicked his blue eyes towards where his partner smoked.

You're no fun. Schuldich whined.

"I'm working. You shouldn't smoke in here. Imatoya doesn't smoke in his office. He might notice." Nagi said tersely to Schuldich.

"Hn. I'll open a window." Schuldich's form detached itself from the shadows and went towards the wide windows of the office.

Schuldich slunk over to one of the windows overlooking the sleeping city and sighed as he saw that they didn't open. With another loud sigh, Schuldich carefully put out his cigarette against the bottom of an empty trash can in the room and pocketed the stub.

"There. Happy?"

"Never." Nagi replied with a roll of his eyes. Schuldich was always horrible to be paired up with if there was nothing for him to do. This meant that Schuldich was bored. Boredom for Schuldich, Nagi had long since found out, meant that Schuldich resorted to tormenting who ever was around him at the time.

Teenagers. Schuldich laughed mentally in Nagi's head, his slightly nasal voice echoing.

"Stop it, Schuldich. Crawford will have your ass if we don't get these files by tomorrow." With another frown, Nagi glared up at his partner, who was now lounging indolently on Imatoya's desk. "He wants to move on Imatoya as soon as we have the information he's been leaking to police about Mr. Takatori's business."

Brad can have more then my ass, if he likes. Schuldich replied to Nagi's irritable responses to his teasing.

"More then I wanted to know, Schuldich."

Schuldich sighed expansively again, obviously for Nagi's benefit, and began to poke around the office. He studiously examined the objects on top of Imatoya's desk for a moment, before his eyes lighted up.

Oh, look here! Schuldich's hands dived down onto the desk and shoved a picture frame into Nagi's face. A happy family moment!

With a detached expression on his face, Nagi stared into a picture of their target, his arms around two small boys in soccer uniforms. One of the boys had his foot on a soccer ball, in the other boy's hand was a trophy which was almost as big as his entire arm. The trophy gleamed in the afternoon sun of the picture. All of them were grinning, caught up in some joke, frozen in a moment of happiness and triumph..

A tinge of emotion crossed Nagi's face momentarily as he thought of what would happen to Imatoya when they got the information they needed from his computer. Those two boys would lose their father for certain, if they weren't to be killed as well. Mr. Takatori wasn't a forgiving employer to those who betrayed him. The two boys would be lucky if they lost only their father.

It brought a tightness to Nagi's chest that he rejected with savageness. There was nothing he could do about Imatoya's betrayal. The man had chosen his own destiny when he leaked information to the police about some of Mr. Takatori's underhanded dealings with his company. He had to have known the results of such a betrayal. Nagi had no room in his heart for pity, especially for fools. Imatoya would pay with his life for his betrayal.

Nagi missed Schuldich's predatory smirk as he roughly shoved the picture frame away from his face.

"Schuldich. I'm going to radio Crawford unless you stop interrupting me." Nagi's voice was dry and calm.

Fine, fine. Hide behind Brad! Schuldich put the picture back onto the desk back.

Despite Nagi's best efforts to shove his doubts aside, some of them lingered as he thought of the two little boy's smiles in the picture and the look of joy in Imatoya's eyes as he held them. Schuldich felt that doubt and savored it.

The roils of doubt which came from Nagi's mind were delicious, Schuldich thought. Emotion from the boy were rare, he was usually calm and nonplused by Schuldich's taunting. When he could get him to react emotionally to his teasing, Schuldich was immensely pleased with himself.

It was as if there was a dam in Nagi's mind, one which he kept his emotions locked behind. The lake of emotions held behind his carefully built up defenses were torrid waters indeed. Although Nagi's mind was usually as featureless as glass, when his defenses cracked the emotions which boiled out were intense and vivid to Schuldich.

The bishounen keeps all of his feelings locked up. Schuldich thought to himself. All marinating, waiting to erupt with the proper coaxing. Schuldich had witnessed many times before when Nagi's emotions flared.

When Nagi loosed his emotions it resulted in spectacular mayhem. Nagi was most likely to unleash his true feelings when he used his telekinetic powers. Nagi kept his anger hidden in the secret recesses of his mind, when it exploded it amplified his telekinetic abilities. Schuldich had no doubt that the slender body which housed his powers could take down entire buildings if his anger was unleashed.

That's not good for the boy to keep such things locked away. Schuldich mused to himself. But then again, when have I ever really been concerned with what's good for other people. His thoughts are like the colored glass of a church, all lit up and transparent, their vividness overcoming anything which dares stand in its path. So all encompassing, his passions and his angers. I've never felt such despair and self hatred before. So, so delicious. I wonder what sex would be like with him, if he really got into it.

Schuldich had played around with Nagi before, but for all the emotion that Nagi let out it might have well as been masturbating as far as Schuldich was concerned. The emotional high of someone else's orgasm was a very addicting drug. Schuldich had found no purer emotion. Few people ever reached the total encompassing feeling which Schuldich craved outside of sex..

For some people, it was like a gentle wave of ecstacy crashing down against the sands of their mind. Others were like lightening, thunderous and majestic but lasting only a brief, nearly painful moment of release. Some came with the suddenness of a car accident, the sudden thudding of a heartbeat and the crunching of bodies against metal, their flesh tightening and then finally yielding to the inevitable call of lust. All were tremendously satisfying to Schuldich's need for the high that pure, unadulterated emotions gave to him.

Yet, sex with Nagi had been as fulfilling and mechanical as humping a dress shop manikin. True, Nagi a beautiful boy, with his wide, dark blue eyes and slender adolescent limbs. Even when Schuldich had applied his full knowledge of all things carnal and pleasurable to Nagi's body, his expressionless wall of defense never wavered. When Nagi had came, the only proof that Schuldich ever had that Nagi felt a thing was his spilt seed staining his sheets. It wasn't as if he hadn't responded physically, Schuldich remembered Nagi's long legs wrapped around his waist, urging him to press deeper into Nagi's body.

He remember Nagi's small gasps of pleasure when Schuldich had wrapped his talented mouth around his blooming erection; his pants and whimpers as Schuldich had stroked his hidden places. Still, his walls were firmly in place, even during sex.

It was as satisfying as fucking a hole in a wall.

It left Schuldich frustrated. This was why he took every opportunity he could to try to taunt Nagi out from behind his calm walls of protection.

The object of his musing brushed a lock of hair behind his ear. His hands were slender and pale in the light of his computer screen. Nagi's nails were perfectly kept, all short on his tapered fingers so he could type easier. Schuldich watched as his wrists balanced on the edge of the desk and returned back to their furious pace.

Several minutes went by as Schuldich examined Nagi with all the intensity that a starving man would stare at a feast which was denied to him.

"Done." Nagi finally proclaimed softly as he sat back into his chair. "I've cracked the system and found the files. It will take about fifteen minutes to finish downloading them onto my computer."

With a small flourish, Nagi hit a key on his keyboard and put his hands behind neck as he leaned further back into the chair.

"Radio it in." Schuldich raised himself off the desk suddenly.

Nagi flipped a switch on the side of the thin headset he wore. "Oracle, this is Prodigy. Package has been received. Delivery will commence in fifteen minutes. Copy."

"Copied, Prodigy. ETA on schedule?" Crawford's voice came through in Nagi's ear.

"Yes. Estimated time for final withdrawal of package twenty minutes. Copy."

"Copied. All exits are cleared and ready to go. Twenty minutes and counting. Over and out."

Nagi yawned and stretched languidly. Schuldich's green eyes glimmered in the darkness as he took in the sight in.

"So, we've got fifteen minutes until the file downloads ..." Schuldich's voice purred, he leaned over the desk and put his head on top of the laptop screen, a wide smirk across his face.

"I suppose you've got a suggestion about how we should pass the time." Nagi answered his unasked question and examined his nails, looking patently bored.

"Of course. I always have something in mind with you, bishounen." Schuldich licked his lips slowly.

Nagi raised an eyebrow. "Is getting down my pants all you think about?"

"No. But I like to think about it. Come on, Nagi. You know you want me." Schuldich purred again.

He brought up hand to his mouth and slowly slid his middle finger into his mouth, before closing his teeth around the finger and grinning at Nagi.

"Mm-hm." Nagi rolled his eyes. "Despite popular opinion, you are not god's gift to men, Schuldich."

"Hah. If you didn't want me then why do you keep letting me fuck you?" Schuldich slid his finger out of his mouth and winked at Nagi.

"Because sometimes it's the only way to shut you up."

"Oh, so you do it out of annoyance, then?" Schuldich slide his body around to desk and walked behind Nagi's chair. He settled his chin down on it, just close enough to smell Nagi's hair. It smelt clean, like the shampoo he used. "Or is it so hard to actually say you want me?"


"Maybe to what question?" Schuldich grinned at the slight hint of annoyance in Nagi's voice.

"As if I would tell you."

"I could take it out of your little mind, precious boy." Schuldich snaked his arm around and caressed Nagi's hair.

Nagi let him, Schuldich's fingers wound themselves around a chunk of his hair. Fingers firmly wrapped around the wild mop of hair, he tugged sharply, wrenching Nagi's head around to force him to look up. Nagi's eyes gazed into Schuldich's, pools of dark water which betrayed nothing of his depths. Not a sound had escaped his lips, although Schuldich had made sure to yank him very hard.

"You can try." Nagi blinked calmly at him. Maddeningly calm. "But you can't."

"Are you so sure?" Schuldich let go of his hair with disgust thick in his voice.

"Yes." Nagi smoothed his hair out as much as he could. He dropped his hands down on his lap abruptly and craned his neck up to look at Schuldich.

"Heh. You're gutsy, bishounen." Schuldich grinned again, bringing his hand around to grasp Nagi's chin gently. "But not invulnerable."

"I never said I was."

"Oh, but you act it. Safe behind your telekinetic shields, behind your carefully crafted apathy. There are still things which can get through those precious walls of yours."

Is that so? Nagi sent a focused thought Schuldich's way. Though Nagi was in no way telepathic, anyone who thought hard enough could send something Schuldich could pick up. Nagi's sending weren't of images, or even feelings. Just neat words, almost as if they had been typed out in his head.

Yes ... Schuldich hissed as he brought his face down close to Nagi's upturned head.

Nagi's eyes still stared into Schuldich's. With complete awareness that Nagi knew what he was going to do, he slowly lowered his lips and slid his tongue into Nagi's mouth. A faint moan rose out of Nagi's throat as they both leaned into the kiss, Schuldich's tongue deep inside Nagi's mouth. With a small smile, Schuldich teased Nagi's tongue into his own mouth.

Bishounen. You taste like cheap candy, all sugary rot. Shall I check your teeth?

Schuldich pushed his tongue back into Nagi's mouth, and ran his tongue over Nagi's teeth.

Funny. You taste like cheap cigarettes. Nagi returned to trying to push into Schuldich's mouth.

Schuldich's hand stroked Nagi's chin, and slide down further onto Nagi's slender neck. With vicious intent, he tightened his grip around Nagi's throat. Nagi's head fell back, eyes half slit with pleasure as he whimpered quietly. Nagi did not pull away, or try to tear out of Schuldich's grasp, he pressed harder into Schuldich's hand.

"Ah!" Nagi half choked as Schuldich tightened his hand even further.

Like that, do you? Schuldich hissed into his mind.

Guilty, Schuldich? Nagi's thought contained no sign of his body's obvious panic for air as he began to wheeze, pained whimpers still continuing in the back of his throat even as he sent the thought.

"Hn." Schuldich loosened his grip slowly and walked around to the front of the chair. "Shall we do it high school style, since you're still in school, Nagi?"

"What do you mean?" Nagi's voice was slightly hoarse, his body totally relaxed as he eyed Schuldich's movements.

"You know, do it with our clothes still on." Schuldich pulled Nagi to his feet and sneaked a hand under Nagi's school uniform.

"Whatever." Nagi leaned into Schuldich's hand, his own hands sneaking down to undo Schuldich's pants.

Well, well, aren't we a little impatient. I get you all hot and bothered? Schuldich let his hand drop to the crotch of Nagi's pants and wasn't surprised when he felt an erection.

Nagi whined his throat as Schuldich rubbed the junction between his legs.

Shall we? Schuldich's other hand crept to the top of Nagi's pants and undid them with practiced ease.

Nagi's only response was to draw Schuldich's mouth to his in a desperate kiss. He broke the kiss suddenly and pushed the chair away from the desk, pulling down his pants quickly as he knelt down on the floor. Nagi remained on his knees as he leaned his hands forward, pointing his ass straight in the air at Schuldich.

Schuldich sent his amusement to Nagi as he joined him on the floor. Dexterously, he reached into his jacket pocket and brought out the lubricant he always carried on him, for times just like these. He unscrewed the cap and squeezed a portion on his hands.

Goose bumps had risen on the pale, soft skin of Nagi's ass from the cool air that was pumped into the office. Schuldich carefully slide his index finger into Nagi's tight opening and was pleased as the bishounen gasped and pressed deeper into his hand.

"Schuldich!" Nagi uttered.

Am I teasing too much? Schuldich's smirk was audible in his mental voice.

You flatter yourself. Still the same, monotonous typed thoughts, even though Nagi's body screamed of his arousal.

Schuldich just grinned and inserted another finger into the heat of Nagi's ass. Nagi groaned and ground his hips in a swivel like motion, Schuldich could feel his body coursing with tension. With just a hint of the force that Schuldich was physically capable of, he shoved in another finger. Nagi sighed and moaned lowly before biting his lips. He flung his head forward so his hair covered any expression that Schuldich might of gleamed off of those perfect features.

Relax, bishounen. You know it's always easier that way.

How can I? You've got three fingers in me. Nagi's thoughts still came with the same precision that they always did.

You know what I want. Schuldich's voice caressed Nagi's shields, just as his fingers caressed the boy's hot insides. I want in.

My ass? You're already there. Nagi's mental voice didn't change in tone at all.

Your head, idiot. Let me feel you come. I want to feel you come. Schuldich felt his mind splayed up against Nagi's barriers, he twisted his fingers around in his ass and was rewarded with a small jolt of electricity as he almost felt Nagi's enjoyment.

"No." Nagi's voice held his unequivocal answer.

What, afraid? Afraid of what I'll see of your precious secrets? They're not so unique or precious, little one. Schuldich intentionally let his sarcasm leak into his mental voice, hoping Nagi would take the bait and play with him.

"Oh? And what you're doing to me is out of more then simple lust, Schuldich?" Nagi's voice contained a hint of irritation. "You feel nothing for me."

That's not true, dear one. Sweet, delectable Nagi. Schuldich slowly withdrew his fingers.

Without further taunting Schuldich guided himself into Nagi's narrow opening. He slid in easily, hips moving forward.

So sweet. Schuldich whispered, broadcasting loudly, in the hopes that would Nagi feel his pleasure at being hilt deep in him.

"Ah!" Nagi's hands clenched and unclenched, he cautiously began moving under Schuldich. You are such a bastard.

Mm. Schuldich moved along with Nagi's slow pace, letting him dictate how quickly they moved together.

Schuldich's voice interrupted the soft sounds of Nagi's gasps of pleasure, "It really bothers you, doesn't it?"

Nothing bothers me. Nagi's mental voice never wavered.

"That we're condemning this man to death."

No. He made his decision. Why should something that a complete stranger does bother me? He knew the consequences of his actions.

"Ah, but not his children ..." Schuldich peppered his words with overtones of children's laughter turning into screams, images of a happy father with his children being broken into a thousand shattered pieces.

Nagi paused slightly in his rhythm against Schuldich's bony hips.

No. It doesn't bother me.

"Remind you of somebody?" Schuldich probed into Nagi's shields deftly, with practice borne of his years of training as a telepath.

"What game," Nagi gasped out, his voice coming in short pants as he pushed back harder onto Schuldich, beginning a newer, more furious pace. "Do you think you play?"

The only game I like, bishounen. Schuldich's mental voice rang out in harsh laughs, ringing in both of their heads. Let me in and then we can really play.

You want in? Nagi felt Schuldich's cold mental fingers scratching in the peripherals of his mind. Fine.

flashes of a birthday party, birthday cake soaked with blood, mother laying with her face down on the table, her blood dripping slowly like the streamers which move quietly in the breeze of the fan. I sit down and cut myself a piece of cake and eat the ice cream before it melts. The chocolate cake reads "Happy Birthday, Mother!". I feel nothing, nothing. The memory feels almost like a video recording, it was so bereft of emotion.

Nagi ground his hips back and forth furiously, Schuldich gasped at the blood soaked memory.

The sound her cheek makes as father slaps her. Her cries and her denials. The feel of father's rage, black as his gun, fills the air with an ugly smell. "That thing you gave birth to couldn't have been mine! Whore! Who's is it?" The sound her head makes as he shakes her against the wall, the fear trembling in my limbs as I hide myself smaller in the closet. "Where is he? Where is he?" "I don't know!" "Liar!" He hits her again. The memory is tinged with fear and rage, knowledge that this isn't the first nor will it be the last.

"Is it enough?" Nagi demanded loudly, his voice ragged.

"Nagi ..."

Snakes. Snakes all around me, snakes of power. The power courses through my veins, I cannot keep it down. The rage builds and builds, the fear sickens me. I didn't mean to ...

Schuldich's eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he let himself slip further into Nagi's head.

Visions of Schuldich from my eyes. That disgusting smirk that passes for a smile, his long skinny legs encased in tight leather, lust lust lust, the way his eyes widened in pain before he went into shock when he was shot, his hands looked like he was wearing sticky red gloves of blood on his hand as he tried to stem the bleeding of the wound. The sound of the impact of Takatori's golf club on his body, knowing I could lessen the force of the blows but I don't because I hate him. Delight at how his body shudders at the blow, knowing it hurts him and liking it because I want him and wanting him hurts me. When he hurts, I hurt, our pain will magnify until it devours him and then I shall eat him and become whole. Schuldich can feel the waves of disgust aimed at both himself and Nagi, the sheer animal lust which Nagi projects into his head is almost too much to bear. The knife thin blade of hatred clashes and melds with the lust, Schuldich can feel that Nagi is close.

"Schuldich ..."

Hate. Lust. You are guilty, not me. Guilty, guilty lust courses through my flesh, enshrouding me with my hatred. You mock me! I will destroy you, I will consume you ... I am the snake in your heart and you were foolish to invite me in ...

In a final, last blast of pure emotion, strong and pure, comes from Nagi as Schuldich joined him screaming into their release.

For a moment which seems to last an eternity to both of them, Schuldich feels his identity melting away by the sheer force of Nagi's emotions. With desperation he tries to hold onto any scrap of self under the weight of Nagi's hatred/lust/disgust.

Then, it is over. Schuldich feels his mouth close, the screaming stops as he does. The only sound is Nagi's panting and his own ragged breathing.

I hope you got what you wanted. I know I did. Nagi pushed himself away from Schuldich, and zipped up his pants.

You ... Schuldich's voice seemed oddly shaken, but he quickly composed himself. What do you mean?

"Schuldich. Do you really think I would share everything with you? If I had, who knows what would have happened. Maybe Crawford would have to find a replacement." Nagi said simply, pulling a handkerchief from his school uniform jacket to deal with the stain his release had left on the carpet.

Leave the stain. It's the only sign that you did this. Schuldich gathers himself up into a tightly woven mental shield, not wanting to touch anyone. He was still shaking from his near total loss of his inner self. Never before had he felt such powerful emotions, so powerful that they had nearly caused him to forget his own identity.

"I did this? Don't you mean we?" Nagi stared at him from behind impassive eyes. "I don't see how it matters. He's not going to be killed here anyway."

"Leave it." Schuldich snapped as he struggled to his feet. He clumsily did his pants back up and wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.

"The file has finished downloading." Nagi walked over to his laptop. "Let's go."

"Let's." Schuldich turned towards to door.

"Don't tempt me again Schuldich. Next time I might not be inclined to let you go. Sweet morsel." Nagi's voice mocked Schuldich's usual tones of voice. He laughed shortly as Schuldich hurried towards the door.

Nagi carefully arranged the office back the way they found it, except for the stain on the floor. They left as quietly as they had came and met up with the rest of their team.

Later that morning, Imatoya came into his office as he usually did. When he pulled out his chair to sit down, he noticed that the cleaning people had been lax again. He made a quick memo to himself to remind them to clean the carpets properly.

There was something not quite right in the room, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It smelled familiar somehow ...

He shook his head off that train of thought and went on with his work.

At lunch, Schuldich shot him through the head.

Of Imatoya's least worries, the stain on the carpet was one of them.


This is my first fanfic. Be nice, yes?

*"Hey, why did the stupid file take so long to download?" Nagi asked Annegwish.

"Teehee, so you two could screw, duh!" Annegwish poked Nagi with a stick.

"Stop it! Honestly, what kind of file takes that long to download???" Nagi batted at the stick, "Or is my computer a piece of ancient crap???"

"It was Imatoya's doujinshi collection!"

"WHAT???" Nagi gaped.

"His doujinshi collection, silly boy!"

"How does that have anything to do with Mr. Takatori's security concerns?"

"Well, they involved Takatori in many different compromising situations ..." Annegwish replied with a wink.

Nagi fell over onto his head from the weight of the sweatdrop that appeared on the side of it.

"I didn't want to know that, did I?"

"Nope." Annegwish pokes Nagi some more with her stick.*


*Nagi and Schuldich look up from the bed, both are covered in buckets of come. Obviously they've been interrupted post coitus, as Nagi is still begging Schuldich to go faster and Schuldich's hand is on Nagi's nether regions.

"Hey," said Nagi, "What are they doing here?"

"Aaaaah! Insane otaku! Run!"

"Schuldich!" Nagi shouts in frustration.

"We're not gay!!! We're not gay!!!" Schuldich screams as he runs, buck naked through the door, leaving behind a man sized hole in it.

"Uhm." Nagi looks around in askance and finally settles for hiding under the blankets.

Though Schuldich was long gone, his voice can still be heard faintly, screaming, "We're not gay!!! We are SO not gay!!!"*