Prologue: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These


You say you're lonely, you say you're blue
You lost your lover, let me console you
If you surrender, you'll feel no pain
cause I'm the master at this game.
Let me kiss it, and make it better
After tonight, you will forget her
Control your soul, let me control it
Come with me to the other side
Come with me beneath the tide

Total Control - Traci Lords

Darkness everywhere, threatening to swallow him whole. He was walking blindly in this empty hole, not knowing exactly where he was going. But still, he walked on.

Laughter. It could have been his imagination, but it sounded quite familiar, that laughter. A rich velvety laugh that teased and provoked him. He knew that laugh, had heard it somewhere.

He stopped walking, and looked around. A vast piece of black nothingness greeted his sight. It's dark. He couldn't make out a single thing. It was like he had been sucked into a black hole or something. So where could this laughter be coming from?

In the midst of his wondering, a pair of strong hands grabbed on to him from behind, restraining him. Instant reflexes kicked in and he struggled, trying to break free from the strong hold but in vain. The person holding him was too strong and after a while his thrashing ceased, due to weariness.

The captor noticed that he had grown weak and a hand slowly trailed downwards, from his well-built torso to his sex. He drew in a sharp intake of breath as the hand at his groin grabbed hold of him, then slowly applied a bit of pressure and rubbed on the rough material of his jeans. He definitely hadn't been expecting something like this to happen and it caught him completely off guard. His breath grew shallow and his heart beat was like a drum beating against his ribcage. He was fast growing hard.

Seeing that he was clearly enjoying the ministrations, the captor went a step further and slipped his hand into the front of the constricting jeans that separated him from giving his victim the complete pleasure of a handjob.

A gasp, the hand brushed past soft downy hair, moving on to the throbbing sex that awaited. He closed his eyes as the intruder feather-lightly stroked his length, from base to tip, then back again. His knees felt weak from the tender assault and gave way. The strong arm that held him in captive, balanced and steadied him.

And his captor continued, teasing him and nothing beyond that. It was driving him crazy, he wanted more contact, craved for it. Without thinking, he reached down and entwined his hand with the other, and guided it. Their hands gently wrapped on his shaft and started pumping at a leisurely pace.

He felt soft lips trail kisses on shoulder, moving up to his neck, leaving goosebumps along the way. He moaned as the other hand went under his shirt and accidentally brushed on one of his nipples. His captor rubbed his open palm over the flesh in a circular movement, occasionally pinching it. That, caused him to guide the hand that held onto his hard cock to move to a faster rhythm.

With one hand on his nipple and the other two moving in between his legs, it didn't take him long to be over the edge. One more stroke, a strangled cry and he came, so hard that it was almost painful. His captor still continued pumping, then finally stopped his assault and left more kisses on his neck and shoulder.

Weak from the orgiastic act, he could only feel sleep take over his body and nothing more, not the kisses, nor the hickey that was left in the process.

A soft chuckle. He could feel his captor's hot breath on his neck, lips so close to his ears, and an ever familiar voice whispering ever so sensually. "I will have you."

Youji bolted up from his bed. A thin film of sweat covered his whole body and the lingering feeling in between his legs. It was so real, and that person, who was it? The familiarity of that person. somehow scared him, but he had no idea who it was. Then, he felt something, something wet and sticky. He yanked the blanket off him and looked in disbelief. He had come, on his bed, over a wet dream. A soft blush tinged his cheeks as he got up and changed.

Somewhere on the other side of Tokyo, a young man slept with content and a smile on his face, murmuring the words, "I will have you , Youji Kudo."

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