Midsummer Night's Dream


Schuldich leaned against the doorframe, folded his arms, and watched his American leader silently tap away at the computer. Damn, this was so boring. Crawford was busy, Nagi was busy, and Farferello was already locked in his room for the night what the hell was Schuldich supposed to do for entertainment tonight?

"Brad..." Schuldich groaned. "I'm BORED..."

Crawford didn't even pause in his typing. "So go find somebody to screw, maim, and kill."

Schuldich let out a long-suffering sigh. "I did that YESTERDAY."

Crawford shrugged, still not turning. "Well, perhaps you could try getting some actual work done, in that case."

Schuldich frowned, thinking, then brightened when something occurred to him. "I've got a better idea," he announced, walking up to Crawford's chair and spinning it around to face him. He plopped down on Crawford's lap, straddling his legs. "How's about you and I make a great XXX-rated love scene, huh?"

Crawford shot him a bland glare, and with a swift movement, shoved Schuldich off of him. Schuldich's ass made hard contact with the ground a second later.

"Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I'm busy," Crawford replied, returning his attention to the computer.

From the doorway came Nagi's voice, tinged with amusement. "Or maybe it's been so long since Schuldich did any actual work, he's forgotten what it looks like."

Schuldich glared at the younger boy over his shoulder, standing fluidly and rubbing his sore rear end. "Don't you ever knock, bishounen?"

Nagi shrugged. "Door was open." He raised his voice to address Crawford. "I need a new modem hookup cable."

Crawford gestured vaguely to a box of computer parts leaning against the wall. "Help yourself."

Schuldich glared at the both of them. "Great. So NOW what am I supposed to do?"

"It's three in the morning, Schuldich. How about you try going to bed?" Nagi suggested.

Schuldich glowered, turned and strode out the door, muttering curses in Japanese, German, and English as he headed for his room. 'Go to bed' the bishounen says. How could Schuldich bear to fall asleep when he knew what waited for him in his dreams?

He glowered at his bed with utter loathing. The sheets were clean, the pillow was perfectly fluffed, and the whole setup was so neat and tidy it would impress even Crawford. Schuldich hated it. It looked so innocent. Schuldich knew better.

Schuldich kicked the door closed, plunging his room into darkness as its light source was cut off. He was tired. Because of the dreams that seemed to haunt him with greater frequency of late, he had avoided sleeping as much as he could, and it was definitely taking its toll. The others would start noticing soon. He really should get some sleep.

Tugging off his clothes and throwing them in a haphazard heap across the room, he slid in between the sheets and closed his eyes. The fabric was cool and soothing against his skin, almost peaceful. He wouldn't let the dreams get him tonight. Tonight he was prepared. Was he not master of his own mind, as well as the minds of others? He could control the nightmares, he reminded himself with a light chuckle. Nothing to fear.

Nothing to fear... nothing to fear... the words echoed through his mind as he slowly fell into sleep.

Schuldich knew without opening his eyes that he was dreaming. Opening one eye, then the other, he sat up and took a look at his surroundings. He was surrounded by sky, perfectly blue and punctuated by clouds here and there. He was sitting on something solid, but when he looked down, all he saw was more sky, endlessly in all directions.

He was naked, but that didn't bother him all that much. And he had white-feathered wings arching out gracefully from his shoulder blades. Schuldich smiled at these, fingering the soft feathers. They were quite beautiful wings, though better suited to an angelic entity. Certainly didn't suit him very well. But the irony was amusing, so he let them stay.

And as long as he had them...

Schuldich stretched his newfound wings and took to the sky, enjoying the feeling of being caught by the wind, of soaring gracefully among the cotton-ball clouds. See? Nothing here to hurt him. He flew higher, delighting in that feeling.

As that last thought finished forming, three figures came into sight up ahead. They too appeared to have wings. Two larger figures, and a smaller one. Schuldich smiled. Crawford, Farferello, and Nagi. He pumped his wings, eager to catch up to them.

But as he approached, he realized the three were not his companions. Schuldich halted, nearly falling out of the sky. They were not his teammates, but he recognized them nonetheless. Weiß.

Yohji, Ken, and Omi flew toward him, all grinning wickedly. Their wings stretched out were leathery and black, like dragon wings. Schuldich swallowed as he watched their approach. Or demon wings.

This was his dream, Schuldich reminded himself. They couldn't hurt him if he didn't let them. He could control it...

He nearly panicked at the feel of chains wrapping themselves around his forearms. His arms were forcefully yanked behind his back by some unseen strength, and tied together. Thick silver chains encircled his legs and the feathery wings, pulling him to the ground and effectively shackling him there. The Weiß demons landed around him, all gloating over their catch.

Schuldich was scared now. Why was this happening? He was supposed to be able to control it, to wake from this nightmare. Why wasn't it WORKING?

Ken leered at him, folding his own wings by his sides. "Cross your heart," Ken sing-songed, using a clawed finger to gouge an X into Schuldich's skin above his heart. Blood trickled over Schuldich's chest, and Ken wiped up some with his finger and slurped it up as if it was whipped cream.

"Hope to die," Yohji continued, purring these words into Schuldich's ear before moving to his chest, lapping up the blood with minute flicks of his tongue.

Omi giggled, producing a needle that had to be at least seven inches long and holding it above Schuldich's face, business end down. "Stick a needle in your eye!" he finished cheerfully.

Schuldich shut his eyes tight, waiting for the agony of the pierce. None came, however, and he was suddenly awash in fresh air. Cautiously, he opened his eyes again. The three Weiß demons were standing by his feet now, surrounding a fourth person. Crawford.

Yohji, Ken and Omi cuddled up against the Shwartz leader, running their hands over his body, snuggling against him and purring like kittens. Crawford smirked down at Schuldich, apparently not minding the current situation.

Like everyone in this dream seemed to be, Crawford was nude. Schuldich felt his mouth go dry as he looked over his American leader. His groin heated, tightening painfully and very visibly, much to Schuldich's embarrassment.

Crawford raised an eyebrow as he watched Schuldich's arousal. He nodded to the straining erection. "Is that perchance for me?"

Oh God, God please let me wake up... Schuldich begged silently. The dream didn't vanish, so Schuldich took a deep breath, flushed lightly, and nodded once.

Crawford smiled, pleased, and turned his attention to the three Weiß demons that were cuddling against him. Schuldich watched the scene by his feet, watched as Crawford caught Yohji's chin and kissed the blonde playboy with a passion. Schuldich saw the adoring looks the members of Weiß gave the American. Something... something seemed wrong about this whole scenario...

Crawford laughed at Schuldich's confusion, removing his glasses and shaking his head. Ebony black hair changed to blood red, lengthening. Amethyst eyes blinked lazily at him, filled with amusement and lust and power. Not Crawford at all. Aya.

The other three Weiß boys cooed happily, backing off when their leader made a small gesture. Yohji, Ken and Omi flew into the air, circling Schuldich like vultures before flying away, vanishing into the calm blue sky. Leaving Schuldich alone with Aya.

"So," Aya murmured, stretching out atop Schuldich and making it a point to make contact with as much of his body as possible. "Here we are again. Funny we should keep meeting like this."

"Fuck off," Schuldich hissed back, though his words lacked any conviction due to the breathless quality in his voice, caused by the intense pleasure derived from Aya's manhood in contact with his own.

"Ooh..." Aya purred, raising himself up a little so he could leer down at Schuldich. "Such naughty words, from such beautiful lips..." He leaned down and kissed Schuldich sweetly, giving the telepath a brief taste of sweet honey that left him longing for more.

"Come now, lovely, do you really wish for me to leave?" Aya entreated, trailing gentle kisses down Schuldich's neck and collar.

"Yes," Schuldich whispered, his eyes fluttering closed. Not again, not again, why was his mind doing this to him? Why was he trapped in this nightmare again?

"You're lying, lovely..." Aya purred, continuing his slow decent downward, licking lightly at the bleeding X gashed in his skin. Aya chuckled at this. "Cross your heart..." he murmured, raining kisses over the injury.

"Stop it," Schuldich hissed as the pain of the wound mixed with a tender pleasure. "Stop..."

Aya didn't stop, letting his tongue drift over the bleeding lines. Pain ebbed away, leaving only the pleasure of Aya's lips on his body. Schuldich opened his eyes to see the wound close, the blood cleaned away, leaving only scarred flesh to attest to the wound ever being there. Aya flashed Schuldich a maverick smirk before beginning the kissing trek down.

"Why are you doing this?" Schuldich demanded.

Aya chuckled. "Because you want me to."

"I don't!" Schuldich denied. "Leave me alone."

"Liar, liar," Aya laughed. "Pants on fire, if you were wearing any. But since you're not..." He took Schuldich's manhood in his hands and trailed his fingers along the length. Schuldich's breath caught as ecstasy streaked upward from those gentle caresses.

"What do you want?" Aya murmured. "Tell me."

"Go away!" Schuldich snarled. "Stop doing this to me, and never come back!"

"Wrong," Aya chided, lowering his head and taking Schuldich's member into his mouth as far as he could and sucking on it.

Schuldich would have thrashed had the chains confining him allowed it. As it was, all he could do was gasp and whimper, his eyes tears forming in his eyes from the intensity of pleasure. Still, he could hear Aya's voice whispering through his mind.

"What is thy desire, lovely? Tell me what you want."

"No..." was all Schuldich could make out as the pleasure heightened. "No... no..."

White light burned behind Schuldich's tightly closed eyelids. Aya's sweet mouth on his cock was gone seconds before Schuldich came, helplessly climaxing and writhing against the chains.

When he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by darkness. The chains holding him released their grip, allowing Schuldich to shake them off and sit up. Where was he now? And where was Aya?

"Such a good little liar you are," Aya's voice said from the darkness. "You even lie to yourself. And what's more, you believe your own lies."

"I have not been lying to myself," Schuldich muttered, searching the darkness for Aya's figure.

"You see, you just did it again." Aya chuckled. "Such a sad sight, really. Tangled in a web of your own deception. That's what's holding you here, you know. The chains that bind you are of your own forging."

"Shut up!" Schuldich snapped. "Leave me alone until I can wake from this nightmare!"

"I am afraid I can't do that..." Aya stepped from the shadows, smirking a little, with arms folded. "What is it you want, lovely? Or rather, who?"

Schuldich sighed and closed his eyes, picturing Crawford, cold, impassive, and utterly beautiful. "Brad," he finally answered. "I want Brad." He felt arousal grip at his insides again, the molten desire filling him.

Aya grabbed Schuldich and yanked him to his feet, pressing their bodies close together. "So you want Brad, do you? You think you know your own mind? So tell me then; why is it always I and not he in your dreams every night? Why is it my touch that brings you to fulfillment each night, and not his?"

"I don't know," Schuldich gasped out. "I don't know!"

Aya shoved Schuldich back against a wall, pinning him there. This time, Aya's kiss was demanding, hard and ravaging. But the taste of honey was so intoxicating, Schuldich clung to him, drinking in the flavor as much as he could.

Aya broke the kiss, his hands roving over Schuldich's body, arousing him further. "Tell me the truth now, lovely. Tell me what you really want."

Schuldich groaned, not answering. He wouldn't give Aya the satisfaction.

Aya held Schuldich against the wall, lifting the telepath's legs so they wrapped around the Weiß leader's waist. "Tell me," Aya purred, pressing his own manhood to Schuldich's opening. "Tell me."

"No..." Schuldich yelped in pain as Aya pushed forcefully into him, withdrawing most of the way to shove in again. It felt as if Schuldich was going to break in half.

"Aya!" Schuldich panted. "You're hurting me!"

Aya shrugged. "Then stop me, Schuldich. It's your dream. If you don't want this, don't let me do it." He began more careful strokes, though, rubbing against that spot within Schuldich that blotted out all the pain and replaced it with agonizing pleasure. He wrapped his arms around Aya, clinging to him as Aya continued to pleasure him.

"Tell me what you want," Aya whispered in his ear. "Look past your lies, and tell me exactly what you want."

Schuldich cried out as the ecstasy pumped through him. "You..." he choked out, hardly hearing his own voice. "I want you."

Schuldich climaxed, caught up in a whirlwind of feeling that left him spent and breathless. Aya came afterward, filling Schuldich with a pure liquid heat. Panting, Aya lay Schuldich on the ground, smoothing the rumpled white wings, kissing Schuldich's slack lips.

"You see?" Aya whispered. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Schuldich raised an eyebrow, still trying to catch his breath.

Aya chuckled. "You finally figured yourself out, Schuldich. I'm proud of you." The darkness swirled up, cloaking Aya from view. "Sweet dreams, lovely."

Schuldich woke up with a start, sitting up so fast it made him dizzy. The twisted sheets were hot and sticky with sweat and semen. Schuldich felt over his chest for the scarred X, then over his shoulder blades for the feathered wings. He found neither, and let his breath out in a slow exhale.

He glared at his sheets and kicked them off the bed, letting them fall in a messy heap over the side. Schuldich rubbed his face, sighing deeply. Now what? He knew that hadn't really been Aya; just a figment of his mind. But still, it was... confusing. He'd just admitted that he wanted Aya and not Brad after all. No, that couldn't be. It was a dream. A stupid dream, nothing more.

Still, the urge to be certain clawed at him. Since it didn't look like he'd be getting any more sleep that night, he slipped out of bed to clean himself off and pull on some clean clothes. Then he opened his mind, searching for a particular Weiß boy...

He found his quarry still asleep, and followed the mind link all the way to Aya's house. Aya was curled up in bed, his mind peaceful, unmarred by any dreams. Schuldich easily broke the latch on the window, climbing into the bedroom.

It wasn't fair. Aya slept soundly, yet the Weiß redhead tormented Schuldich's dreams. Schuldich scowled for a moment, then let his mind intrude into Aya's, making sure he didn't disturb his sleep while he did so.

Aya's mind was dark, reminiscent of the dream Schuldich had just woken from. Schuldich looked around.

"Aya..." Schuldich called softly through the redhead's mind. "Aya, lovely, where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

Aya, or rather, Aya's dream image of himself, stepped out of the darkness. Schuldich was amused to see he was not dressed for battle, wasn't carrying his sword, didn't even look scared. Aya blinked at him curiously.

"What are you doing here?" Aya asked, his voice seeming to echo through the quiet darkness of the dream.

"I dreamed of you..." Schuldich murmured, completely at ease here. He may not have been in control of his own dreams, but here, at least, he was master.

"Did you?" Aya questioned, seemingly unperturbed.

Schuldich smirked. Aya may or may not realize this was a dream. But either way, his calm attitude was a little off-putting. Aya was not scared of him, though he should be. It was... charming. Intriguing. Pleasant.

"So you came here because you dreamed of me." Not stated as a question.

"I did. Because in my dream, you told me something. I came to find out if it was true." Schuldich approached Aya slowly, expecting the Weiß leader to flinch or back away. Aya simply watched him, waiting.

"Really? And what did I tell you?" Aya murmured.

Schuldich drew Aya close and kissed him, tasting again that sweet flavor of honey that he loved so. Aya didn't fight, didn't resist, and responded very subtly, barely noticeable. It was so sweet, so perfect, Schuldich was lost in it.

When the kiss ended, Aya watched him. Calmly, but not coldly as Brad would.

"You were right," Schuldich murmured, fighting to keep the breathless quality out of his voice. "I do want you."

It was a small satisfaction to watch Aya's eyes widen. Schuldich would have stayed longer, but he knew he should be getting home soon. Flashing Aya a grin, Schuldich took his leave of the dream, coming back to himself and exiting Aya's room as silently as he had come in. Outside, he checked on the state of Aya's mind. A slightly jumbled mixture of confusion and wonder. Schuldich wondered if he would remember his 'dream' in the morning. He rather hoped he would.

Schuldich returned home, dumped his soiled sheets into the dirty clothes bin and found some fresh sheets for his bed. He slid back into his bed with a great since of relief, certain the nightmares wouldn't return to plague him this time. He slept soundly for the first time that month.