SchuSchu x Farfie


"But Braaaaaaaaaaad..." Schuldich whined as he glomped an unwilling Crawford.

"No...I TOLD you...I'm mad." Crawford removed his glasses and began playing with them, trying to ignore Schuldich's roaming hands.

"WARUUUUUM?!!!" Schuldich whined again.


"DOSHITEEEEE?!!" Schuldich repeated his "why?" in another, more convenient language.

"Because," Crawford explained, "you told Nagi I would come play pachinko [1] with him and predict whether or not he would win...even though you knew perfectly well that I lose my powers during 'that time of the month!' [2]"

Schuldich blinked. "That time of the..."

Crawford's eyes welled up with tears. "I don't want to talk about it!"

Schuldich narrowed his eyes at his beloved Craw-chan. "FINE! If you're gonna be mad, then I'M gonna be mad! So there!" And, with that he blew a rasberry at Crawford and stormed out of the room. Seconds later, he stormed back in and said, "this is MY room! YOU get out!"

Crawford walked out...then stuck his head back in and blew a rasberry at Schuldich. Schuldich, in return, slammed the door on Crawford's head.

Schuldich flopped down on his bed and sulked for about ten good minutes when there was a knock on his door.

"If you're not Brad, come in. If you ARE Brad...go to hell."

The door opened and Farfarello came in. Schuldich looked at him. "Are you really Farfarello, or just Brad in disguise?"

Farfarello thought about that for a second and finally decided. "I may be Brad in disguise. I'll check and be back in a second."

He left and finally came back in. "Here's my passport. I'm Farfarello." He handed the passport to Schuldich.

"OK...sit down."

Farfarello sat and asked, "what's wrong with Nagi? He's been sitting in the corner and whimpering "I float stuff [3]" ever since he came home from pachinko."

Schuldich sighed, "he's mad because Braddy Brad Brad [4] didn't show up for his game, and Brad's mad at ME because I was the one who told Nagi he'd be there. I feel so lonely now."

Farfarello blinked at him. "You're lonely when I'm here?"

Schuldich sighed..."Farfie...may I call you Farfie? Farfie...make up a pet name for me. Please?"

Farfarello thought about it a moment. "Uh...Herr Slickmeister? [5]"

Schuldich made a face.


"No...that's what Craw-chan calls me..."


Schuldich threw his arms up in defeat. "Screw it! Just kiss me!"

So the two men began to kiss because it's getting late and I have things to do besides write a really cheesy yaoi fanfic that isn't going anywhere.

~The End


1: ...pachinko is a game that Seki Tomokazu likes to play. It's gambling. Go fig.

2: Bad 'Slayers' reference

3: Inside joke. Go to and read Nagi's "history."

4: Something Adrienne made up. Blame her.

5: This is what me and Adrienne's Business professor called Bill Clinton today...we thought it was funny. I thought it applied to Schuldich.