Chapter 1

Christina Ortega


Well, I hope you enjoy the first part of this fic, and I promise to get into the yaoi stuff soon! Just a question...would anyone like to see this turn into Yohji/Omi? I know some people like that couple and some don't...I'm not really good at writing Yohji's character (or any of the characters for that matter since I'm so new to the show). Please let me know!!

Anyway, Weiss Kreuz and its characters aren't mine. I'm just borrowing and torturing them (though not in this chapter ^_^). All credit goes to Koyasu Takehito and Project Weiss.

(About a week prior to the teaser)

"Good morning, Weiss." Ken yawned as he focused his bleary eyes on Persia's shadowy form. Another day, another assignment. He led such an exciting life. Eat, sleep, kill. It was an interesting combination. Shit, now he was getting sarcastic. Ken knew that when he was sardonic in the morning it meant he was going to have a very bad day. Hopefully, it would be no worse than usual.

"What's so good about it?" Yohji muttered as he stretched his arms, choosing to ignore the glare that Max sent him. He hadn't slept a wink last night. Yohji smiled mentally. The restlessness had been worth it, though.

Persia's voice droned on as he explained their newest mission. "A gang that has come to call themselves Red Domain has been committing murders during the last month. Our studies show that at least twenty people have been killed in only the last two weeks. Red Domain is an unstable group, however. It is only held together by twins that share leadership...Akuno Chisuki and Kuame."

A picture of the siblings appeared on the screen, and Omi squinted at the two with a shake of the head. They looked like normal people...Asian, black hair, almost identical round faces. It was amazing to him that ordinary people like these two were capable of such devious acts. "When Chisuki and Kuame are taken care of, Red Domain will fall apart. White hunters in the dark, hunt the tomorrow of the dark beasts." With these words, the communication ended.

Max waited for silence to take hold of the group before beginning to hand out the standard manila folders holding additional case information that the Weiss members would need as they tracked Red Domain. "Sources have confirmed that the Akuno twins will be in town for the next two weeks. Don't wait until the last minute, however. It would be nice to have this case done by the end of the week. Well, are we all in?" Her eyes immediately fell on Yohji.

Smirking as he felt her gaze hit him, Yohji turned towards the red head and waved his hand in a careless gesture. "I'm not going to be very busy this week. Count me in."

"Well, I'm glad the mission isn't going to interfere with your personal matters," Max retorted with just as much sarcasm dripping from her voice. Yohji chuckled and wisely chose not to continue the playful argument. Turning her attention to Aomi, Max handed him an envelope wordlessly. After all, Omi never refused a case. For his young age, he was quite dedicated to his duty. She moved onto the next Weiss member. "What about you?"

"I'm in," Ken mumbled as he grabbed his envelope and dropped it into his lap. "We can't let innocent people continue to be murdered." Omi nodded his agreement as he flipped through the papers that he had been given.

Max soon found herself standing in front of Aya, and she stopped herself from grinning as the solemn man snatched his folder from her hands and began going through its contents. Despite his silence and cold front, Aya was like Omi. He wasn't one to pass on a mission. "Well, I suppose that takes care of everything. You know how to contact me if you need assistance." With this terse farewell, Max left the four alone.

Yohji watched her leave with a small smile lighting his face before slowly pulling the notes from within his envelope and beginning to scan them. After reading for only a minute he rolled his eyes towards the others. "It's just another boring day," He muttered wryly. The looks he received his three fellow Weiss members confirmed that they were thinking the exact same thing.


"Ken-kun wa kawaii!!"

"Wouldn't you just love to go on a date with Aya-kun? Wai! He's so dreamy!!"

"Ara...there's no Yohji today..." The large group of self-proclaimed 'Yohji fans' glanced around the flower shop. Sure enough, Yohji was not present. Today only Omi, Ken, Aya, and the old woman who owned the store were working. One of the girls sighed sadly as she put a hand through her long black hair. "That's too bad. It rained yesterday. There's nothing better after a rainy day than seeing all four of them working."

Hearing her, Omi shook his head disapprovingly. "Mattaku..." He muttered under his breath. "We aren't a weather forecast..." Omi carefully placed the potted fern he had been carrying on a shelf at the back end of the shop before turning around and eyeing the others.

The old woman was sitting in her rocking chair and petting her usual. Omi found himself sweatdropping. After all, he had never seen her do any actual work in the store. He was pretty sure she had hired them so that she could spend more time with her cat and less with the plants.

Aya was busy lecturing a bunch of girls, telling them that if they weren't going to buy anything that they were loitering and had to leave. The females, however, seemed to be ignoring his words and concentrate on his looks instead. Ken, on the other hand, was biting his lip in concentration as he put together an intricate flower arrangement on the counter.

Seeing him, Omi couldn't help but smile. While he tried his best at this job, Omi knew he wasn't a flower man by any means. Aya was more interested in the money they would make, and Yohji hardly showed up...when he did, it was usually to eye girls which was one of his favorite pastimes. Ken was different, however. He actually seemed to enjoy working at the flower shop. God knew he was the only one out of the four of them that could actually make a presentable flower arrangement. Well, that wasn't true. Aya could, also, though the others were aware of the fact that he preferred receiving money for the arrangements to actually making them.

"Oi, Omi, could you bring me six yellow roses?"

Omi nodded at the request. "Hai. Chotto matte kure." He moved towards the location of the roses and, careful not to prick himself on the thorns, Omi grabbed six of them, bringing the pastel yellow flowers to Ken and placing them on the counter. "Here you go."

"Domo," was Ken's short reply as he licked his lips and continued on the arrangement. Omi watched him for a few minutes, fascinated by the amount of thought he was putting into placing a few flowers into a vase (or, at least, that's how Omi saw it), before returning to the back room to move the rest of the newly arrived ferns to the front of the store so that they could be showcased.

Aya glanced at Omi as he exited the room and was about to follow when a sharp voice caught his attention. Turning around, he found himself staring at a certain blue wavy haired girl who was holding three potted plants in her arms, soft pink eyes sparkling. "I'd like to buy these flowers and present them as a gift to Omi." Aya's eyes widened as he took Sakaki Ooka's money and opened the cash register to retrieve her change. Even Ken had looked up and was sweatdropping along with the rest of the customers in the shop. This really WAS going to be a normal day after all.

Oblivious to what was going on in the main section of the store, Omi was about to pick up another potted fern and bring it out when he heard a small beep emitting from the laptop set on an old wooden desk on the other side of the room. Omi glanced at the message that flashed across the plain blue screen and grinned before returning to his earlier task.

"I've entered the facility with no problems," the note had read. "Once I get a chance to look around, I'll get their schedule for the week and bring it to you at the rendezvous point tonight. Have fun with the pansies today, Boys. Yohji."

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