Part Three


Yohji opened the door, hair unbound and without a shirt. He graced him with a huge grin. Aya was not impressed. "You're late," he stated by way of a greeting. "Manx and Omi are downstairs waiting."

"Calm down Aya man," the older boy soothed, holding the door open for him. "Why don't you come in and have a drink? I need to get ready."

"No thanks," he replied curtly. "I have to find Ken."

Yohji's grin grew. "He's in here with me. Just come in for a couple seconds."

Aya sighed and entered Yohji's apartment. He looked around and was shocked to see a dark haired figure kneeling in the kitchen cleaning the floor with a soapy rag. He blinked as he walked towards the kitchen. "Ken?"

Ken, for yes indeed it was Ken scrubbing the floor a la Cinderella style, looked up and his face bloomed into a huge blush. Behind him, Yohji snickered loudly.

"What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious? He's scrubbing my floor," Yohji answered. "Make sure you scrub nice and hard Kenken. And don't forget to do behind the fridge, okay?"

The soccer player glared up at Yohji, murder and decapitation and pure wrath shining in his eyes. But he said nothing and continued to scrub, red faced and embarrassed.

"Make sure you offer our guest something to drink Kenken," Yohji called as he headed off to his room to change. "Anything you want Aya, just ask him." His laughter trailed behind him.

Aya watched all this melodrama unfold with a mere blink of the eye. "Why are you cleaning Yohji's floor?"

Ken's voice was sullen. "I noticed they were dirty."

"He'll do your floors too!" Yohji called from his room.

"You noticed that Yohji's floor was dirty and you decided to clean it?"

A nod from the shame faced boy who was currently twisting the rag something fierce, probably imagining that it was Yohji's face.

"So you came here to clean the floors and then you decided to wear that pink apron with lacy white trim?" Aya rehashed, blandly.

"Kenken loves pink and lace," Yohji stated, coming out of his room. "Don't you Kenken?"

"Oh shut up!" Ken finally stood up, enraged. He threw down his rag to show just how enraged he was. "I've had enough of this!"

The older boy was unfazed. He merely raised an eyebrow and peered down his shades. "Have you now Kenken?"

Aya watched the two of them stare at each other. Ken looked as though he was trying to restrain himself from attacking the older boy. Yohji, for his part was smirking.

"What the hell is going on between you?" he demanded coldly. "Ever since you two came back from the supply store, you've been acting strange. What happened?"

"Nothing happened," Yohji replied coolly. "Right Kenken?"

Ken sighed, looking thoroughly defeated. "Right."

"Right what?"

A pause. Then, "Right Yohji sama."

Aya caste an icy glare at the both of them. "Manx is waiting. You can play your stupid games later."

"Oh we will," Yohji assured, patting Ken on the head. "Won't we Kenken?"

Ken jerked away, glaring.

Everyone was surprised to see Birman rushing down the stairs. "I'm not late am I?" she asked, hurrying into the room.

"No," Manx replied, grinning broadly. "We're just getting started."

"Birman san!" Omi exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Birman looked at Manx. Manx looked back at Birman. They both looked at Ken and Yohji. They promptly burst into giggles. Everyone, even Aya, was shocked. Seeing the both of them together was one thing but to see both of them together and giggling? What in the heck had happened? Had they gone mad? Was it the pressures of the job? Had Persia used some kind of mind altering device on them?

"It's doesn't matter why you're here as long as you are here," Yohji announced languidly, leaning back against the sofa. He winked at Birman. "There's nothing like having two beautiful ladies in the room with us."

Omi groaned. "Give it up Yohji kun!"

Birman rolled her eyes, though still grinning broadly. "You don't need to keep up the fašade Balinese. We're quite aware of everything."

He pushed up his shades. "Henh?"

Aya glowered at the tittering secretaries. "Quit laughing and play the damn video!" he snapped. "We're wasting time."

Manx slid the tape into the VCR while Omi offed the lights. Persia appeared on the screen and began to talk about the latest targets. Standing in the back, Manx and Birman were not listening.

"They're even sitting together on the sofa," Birman gushed, her eyes riveted on Ken and Yohji. "They are just so cute together!"

"Do you think they'll hold hands?"

"Now that would be really cute!"

"Judging by Balinese's actions, I don't think they told the others," Manx speculated.

"Yeah me either." Birman paused and than wondered, "Do you think Bombay is too young for this sort of thing?"

She shrugged. "I dunno. He is seventeen. Aren't kids today supposed to know more about stuff like this or something?"

"I guess." She sniggered. "But they'll find out soon enough, right?"

"Oh God I can't wait!"

Yohji glanced back at the giggling ladies. "Is it just me or are they acting really strangely today?" he whispered to Ken. "I've never seen them laugh before."

Ken stubbornly refused to look at him. "I'm not talking to you, you ass."

"Oh don't start blaming me again," he hissed at the soccer player. "This whole mess was your fault!"

"Like I had any choice!" Ken shot back furiously. "Do you think I wanted to do that with you??!!!!!"

"Yeah you probably did!" He sneered. "Afterall, you were the one who made it French."

"I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!!!" Ken exploded, his face a healthy red color.

"What the hell is going on with you two?" Aya demanded in freezing accents while Omi hurriedly paused the video.

"Nothing," Ken sulked, looking glum.

"They're having a lover's tiff," Manx whispered to Birman. "Isn't that so cute?"

"Yeah, that's so cute!"

And they both gushed and giggled some more.

Aya had no idea what was going on between Yohji and Ken but he'd had damn well enough. He marched over to the couch and sat between the two them. "Say another word and I'll kill you both."

They both glared at each other over Aya's head but neither said a word. Aya was not one to make jokes and well, frankly they both wanted to live.

"Play the tape Omi," Aya demanded, his voice still well below the freezing point.


The tape played with relative ease as tempers were forced into placidity, with only the occasion laughs from the two beautiful secretaries in the back. That is, until the shadow that they knew to be Persia uttered the words which would forever change the destiny of Wei▀ Kreuz and provided endless bouts of mortification and embarrassment to our two heroes.

"White hunters of the night! Seek out and destroy Nobutshiro and his wife!" A pause and than the distinct flash of white teeth against the shadows. "And my sincerest congratulations to Balinese and Siberian for finding that special, nameless something called love with each other."

Oh the shame...oh the shame.
Oh the horror...oh the horror.
Oh the injustice...oh the injustice.
Oh the... gets whacked Ow! You get the picture.

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