Part Four


Ken yelped as yet another hand grabbed his ass. He jerked away, pausing only to give the lewd offender a stern glare. The tall, scantily clad women leered at him and ran the tip of her tongue over blood red lips suggestively. Horrified, Ken quickly hurried after Yohji.

They'd only arrived at the club about ten minutes ago and already about a dozen or so people had grabbed and/or fondle parts of his anatomy that he could only blush thinking about. Granted, Yohji had made up half those people...the guy just didn't know when to quit. The entire car ride to the club had consisted of Yohji ogling him and touching him and telling him in great, explicit detail what he was going to do to him when the mission was over.

Ken glowered hotly at Yohji's head wanting to kill him, even as he tried vainly to keep up with the striding man. Yohji moved through the thick crowds of people effortlessly and gracefully. It was as though the crowds parted for him, certainly no one fondled him. It was so unfair. Ken could hardly see anything in the stupid club, it was so dark and smoky. He kept bumping into people and they kept touching him.

He hated this stupid club. Mission or no mission, he wanted to go straight home. Now. First of all, he felt utterly ridiculous in the stupid outfit Manx's friend had forced on him. It was too tight and just too weird. People, Yohji especially kept ogling him. He felt like some kind of cheap, two bit skanky-ass ho. And second of all, clubs weren't his scene. He hated dancing, well to be truthful he didn't know how to dance but he was sure that once he tried it, he would hate it. He didn't drink, he didn't smoke any crazy stuff, he didn't go cavorting about with weird people, so what was the point in clubbing?

"Damn friggin' mission," he mumbled, brushing dark blue and silver locks impatiently from his hair. He stumbled onto the dance floor, trying to keep up with Yohji. Rowdily gyrating bodies surrounded him. "I hate this place."

"You lost pretty boy?" A deep voice husked into his ear. Sweaty fingers grabbed his arm, turning him around. The tall, green haired man eyeballed him lasciviously.

Ken yanked his arm away from the man. "No I'm not lost," he snapped, annoyed. He turned away, fuming and cursed Yohji to hell. He'd long ago decided that this entire mission was all Yohji's fault. That damn, conceited bastard, he should have just done this shitty mission with Aya. No one would dare touch Aya. He'd just glare himself into isolation. But no, Yohji, that vile corrupter of soccer-playing, flower-arranging children-loving assassins everywhere just had to drag him along. And oh what the heck, since God obviously hated him, toss in Manx with her idiot friend who made him dress in uncomfortable, whorish clothing and then make all kinds of stoned, dancing freaks grope him. He cursed some more, especially when he felt that same rough hand grab his wrist again.

"You're not going anywhere," the green haired man drawled out. He roughly pulled Ken into his arms.

"What the hell are you doing?" he demanded, struggling. The man was built like a damn wrestler! "Let go of me!"

"I don't think so," the man replied thickly, his breath hot and heavy with alcohol. His hands were moving down towards his ass. He leaned in for a kiss.

"Stop it!" Ken cried, turning his head away in disgust. He valiantly attempted to pull away but the man had an exceptionally firm grip around his waist. Wet lips fell upon his cheek, a slimy-feeling tongue slipping out to touch him...

"Ewww, gross!!!"

"Let him go."

Yohji's voice, even through the loud music and pumping bass, was steely and hard. Ken stumbled into him as the older boy jerked him away from the grasp of the green haired, pervy man. Yohji pushed Ken behind him and peered down the length of his nose at the man, his shades slipping down to reveal cold jade eyes. "He's mine."

The man stared back at Yohji. Ken peeked up over Yohji's shoulder, desperately trying to see what was going on. It looked like they were both locked in a staring match. What the heck did that mean? Were they going to fight? If Yohji got kicked out of this club then their mission would be shot.

"Let it go," he whispered into Yohji's ear. "We can't risk jeopardizing the mission."

Yohji nodded curtly. He directed one final icy scowl, one that certainly would have done Aya proud, at the fuming man. "You come near my boy again and I'll pound your sorry ass into the ground."

With those decidedly 'fightin' words' Yohji grabbed hold of Ken and stalked off into the crowd.

"Stop going so fast!" Ken cried over the heavy music, practically running in order to keep up with his blond teammate. He tried vainly not to smash into any of the wildly gyrating people. "And I'm not your boy either dammit!"

Yohji dragged him off the crowded dance floor and into a relatively quiet corner. Quiet in that people weren't talking and dancing here, they were busy making out. Ken flushed, wishing the mist that wafted through the club was higher.

"Why are we here?" he demanded, pulling away from Yohji.

Yohji smirked, pulling him straight back, this time into his arms. "Aren't you going to thank me Kenken?" he demanded throatily. "For saving you from the clutches of that big, bad evil man?"

Ken glared. "I had everything under control," he bit out. "I didn't need your help at all!"

"Was this before or after he almost kissed you?"

"Look, don't you think we should be concentrating on the mission?" Ken snapped, vainly trying to keep his irritation in check.

"Oh we will," Yohji replied, seductively trailing a finger across Ken's lips. His mouth went arid. "After you kiss me."

Ken gasped, his mouth parting unconsciously. "K-kiss..."

"You're mine Ken," Yohji growled, unable to wait. His mouth meshed against Ken's, his tongue instantly sweeping inside with now familiar domination.

Ken couldn't pull away even though he knew he should. He knew this was wrong, he knew that there were a thousand reasons why he shouldn't submit to Yohji. Yohji for fucking God's sake! Yohji the biggest womanizer in Tokyo. Yohji, whose address of girl's phone number were practically the damn yellow pages! But reason was melting, leaving him behind with Yohji fucking his mouth with his tongue. And God help him, he liked it. A lot.

Unwillingly, he clutched at Yohji's shirt, as the older boy ground his mouth upon his own, his tongue thrusting everywhere inside Ken's mouth.

How was he supposed to resist this? Desire was easy to ignore when one wasn't confronted straight in the face with it. He could have withstood Yohji's advances if Yohji wasn't always around. They lived together and worked together and killed together. Yohji was always present. How in the bloody hell was he supposed to survive this? Yohji didn't know the meaning of the word no and he was rapidly crumbling Ken's defenses. Which, in actuality was nothing being as Yohji was so skilled in sexual matters while he on the other hand had only ever exchanged a few chaste kisses with Yuriko. He knew nothing and then to experience such flaming desire and with a man no less...

Yohji broke the kiss unexpectedly. Ken stared up at the blond man, his swollen mouth parting in surprise.

"Oh fuck," Yohji swore and claimed Ken's mouth for a hard, quick, possessive kiss.

"Yoh~ji," he panted, his chest heaving.

"Stop it," Yohji grated out, releasing his hold on the soccer player. Smoldering jade eyes clashed with wide, uncertain dark ones.

"Stop it?" Ken repeated incredulously. "You want me to stop it? You're the one who kissed me!"

Wet lips slid into a tiny smile. "You know Kenken, when you get mad you look so cute."

"I am not cute you condescending asshole!"

"And," Yohji continued as though Ken hadn't spoken. "When you look at me with those huge, dark eyes I get so hard and it makes me wanna tear off all those sexy little clothes you're wearing and fuck you until you come." Yohji winked at him. "And of course I'll lick you clean. "

Ken was incapable of speech.

"But I suppose that will have to come later, ne? We've got a mission to complete." Yohji sighed dramatically. "Life can be such a bitch. But after..." He very deliberately slid smoldering jade eyes over Ken hot body.

Ken was trembling, feeling unbearably hot. His clothes were suddenly very tight. "I hate you," he muttered, wanting nothing more than to flee back into the safety of his own room. Yohji had no right to toy with him like this! He didn't want to feel this shameful lust, he didn't want to be attracted to Yohji. And he most certainly didn't want to feel such a piercing sense of anticipation for the moment when Yohji would take him and show him everything he'd promised. He didn't want to want Yohji! Damn him!

Yohji took a step towards him, catching his hand. "Only because I make you feel so hot. You want me don't you Ken?" Yohji's soft, wet tongue licked a seductive path down the delicate bones of Ken's wrist. "Why don't you just accept it? You should know by now that I always get what I want. And I want you."

Ken jerked his hand away. He rubbed it hard against his pants, trying to make that wet, tingling feeling go away. "This is wrong. I refuse to play games with you."

"Ah but you've already started playing Kenken. And the ending will be so pleasurable, if you'd just let it."

He scowled at Yohji, determined not to let the other man know how much his sensual words and tone were affecting him. "Oh shut up Yohji. If you weren't so busy bothering me, we could have completed our mission by now."

Yohji smiled knowingly. "And the faster we finish our work, the faster we get to play. Is that what you're saying?"

Ken seethed but refused to take the bait.

"Well then, I suppose I can't argue with your logic now can I?" He leaned close to Ken, moist lips nearly touching his ear. "Because Lord knows I can't wait to finish what we started. You haven't forgotten how hard and hot you were for me, have you Ken?"

Ken flushed floridly at the memory of Yohji straddling him, grinding roughly against him as he kissed him with those open-mouthed, mind-numbing, come-in-your-pants wet French kisses. He had been so hard that it had hurt. Pulling away from Yohji had been the hardest thing he'd ever done. Literally. But he wasn't about to let Yohji know that. He glowered at the tall blond. "Don't be so damn conceited! I forgot all about that stupid encounter."

Yohji smirked. "Then I suppose I'll have to remind you, ne?"

Ken took a step back, instantly wary.

"But not right now, much to your disappointment I'm sure," Yohji replied, chuckling condescendingly. "If you can stay out of trouble, than I'll be heading down to the basement to check the labs out. You wait here and see if you can find Akizuki."

"But I want to come with you," Ken protested, looking around nervously. Who knew what weird freaks would come on to him without Yohji around.

"You can come with me later Ken," Yohji murmured, his green eyes smoldering. "In bed."

Ken blushed as he caught the innuendo. He was infinitely glad that it was dark but then again Yohji always seemed to know what he was feeling. Another reason why he hated the self-righteous, lanky blond. "Why do I have to stay here?" he whined.

"I already told you, you need to find our target. Now stay here and don't get into trouble. I'll be back." He patted Ken's cheek and then was stalking through the crowds of people towards the 'No Entry' doors way far on the other side of the room.

Ken fumed as he watched the older boy leave. "Damn stupid jerk, bossing me around like that. Who does he think he is?" He fumed some more.

"So your little boy friend left you eh?"

Ken was unable to suppress a groan. All these damn stupid come-on lines. Why couldn't people just leave him alone? He'd have to get scowling lessons from Aya and attain that unapproachable don't-fuck-with-me air. He turned to face his newest admirer. It was girl this time, a scary looking one who appeared to be in her early twenties. Her hair was dyed black, her lips were painted black and she was wearing a black leather dominatrix-type outfit, complete with five-inch stiletto-heeled thigh boots.

He tried not to shudder as he took in all her various body piercings. Why anyone would want to pierce their eyebrow as well as their tongue was beyond him. "Uh, I gotta go," he announced quickly and beat a hasty retreat. If he got caught this time, he'd b outta luck. Without his weapon, as well as without Yohji, though he'd never admit that, he was a goner. The last thing he needed was a repeat incident like what had happened with the green-haired man.

Surreptitiously avoiding the jam-packed dance floor, he made his way to the bar where there were a few empty seats. Not to mention that it was a little bit quieter there. He slid onto one impossibly high stool and glanced around, taking in the scenery, if it could be called that.

The club was quite large and filled with to the max with crazy people, most of them half-dressed...or less. The dance floor was packed, the larger bar at the back was crowded and the small tables to the right of the dance floor were crammed. The whole place was dark and misty and a bubble machine blurted bubbles into the thick crowds. Wildly swirling colored lights flashed brightly onto the people. And way up, near the ceiling were platforms where attractive girls danced around poles.

Ken quickly looked away. He wasn't about to gawk at pretty girls like some moron. If anything, pretty girls were the least of his problems. No, it was a very hetro male who'd suddenly developed homosexual tendencies that was giving him ample food for thought. For the hundredth time that night, he cursed Yohji to the very lowest hell.

"You look like you could use a stiff drink."

Not another one! What the fuck was it with these people! Ken scowled his nastiest scowl and glared his nastiest glare. He was not going to run away this time. He was going to show the world that Hidaka Ken was made of sterner stuff! "Now look here - "

"I'm not going to hit on you," the girl interrupted. "I'm waiting for my boyfriend."

Ken studied the girl though narrowed eyes. True, she looked harmless enough, clad in a sparkly pink dress with butterflies adorning her hair. How much trouble could a girl in pink with butterflies in her hair possibly be?

Frosted pink lips curved into smile. "This is your first time in a place like this, isn't it?"

He frowned at her. "What makes you think that?"

"The way you walk. You aren't used to wearing a clubbing outfit like that are you? Those pants look pretty uncomfortable."

Ken blinked, taken off guard. He nodded slowly. "You have no idea. They're so tight and they creak when I move. Damn stupid Yohji," he could resist adding.

She giggled as she tucked a stray lock of dark hair behind her ear. "Is that your tall blond friend? I saw you and him kissing."

"He kissed me!" Ken blurted out, mortified. He could feel his cheeks heat with a blush.

"Don't be embarrassed," she soothed, patting his hand comfortingly. "I think you two make a very sweet couple. I saw the way he saved you from that green haired guy. That was so romantic!"

"Yeah well I still don't like him," Ken muttered grudgingly. "And I didn't think it was that romantic at all."

"It didn't look that way when you were kissing him."

He glared at her. "Don't you have anything better to do than watch me all night?"

She winked at him, her eye make-up sparkling in the dim light. "You caught my eye the minute you walked in. You're cute."

"Cute?" Ken was instantly outraged. Yohji had called him cute and now this girl was calling him cute? Hell no, he was not cute! "I am not cute dammit!"

A slender brow arched in query. "Oh? Then why do you think so many people keep trying to come on to you?"

"Well obviously they've been drinking and smoking weird shit," he fumed.

She laughed delightedly and held out a slender hand. "I like you! I'm Mika by the way."

He shook her hand. "Hidaka Ken."

"How about a drink Ken san? My treat."

"What kind of drink?" he asked suspiciously, studying the wide variety of alcohol behind the counter.

"You don't drink?" Mika wondered.

"I'm a soccer player. Of course I don't drink," he shot back.

She blinked at him. "You know I thought you looked kinda familiar. Do you coach little kids in the field near the Westside elementary school?"


She nodded to herself. "Thought so." Blue eyes turned back to him. "You know, something light just might be the thing to loosen your nerves and help you relax."

Ken pondered that for a few seconds. With the high stress levels this mission was giving him, as well as Yohji trying to get into his pants, he really did need something to help him loosen up. Maybe he could make an exception just this once. "Anything you recommend Mika san?"

Yohji had little problems getting into the basement, being as stealthy slinking about in forbidden territories was a specialty of his. It didn't take him long to find the explosives Manx had so kindly left behind within a ventilation grate. Those would definitely come in handy later.

A quick study of the four large laboratories showed that all nine scientists were present. Fortunately there were no innocents being held captive for Akizuki and his scientists to perform experiments on. No, nothing much was happening other than the big trade later on tonight where Akizuki would attempt to sell his groundbreaking drug, or some shit like that, to foreign investors.

He smirked to himself as he gazed into the slim glass tube that contained the amber-colored drug. For such a supposedly smart man, Akizuki was rather stupid. It had taken him all of ten seconds to filch the drug from its place in the small fridge in the chemical closet.

"No guards, no nothing," he thought as he crept back down the empty, steel corridor. A quick stop to the bathroom would relieve him of the drug, leaving the amber-hued liquid to meld into the sewers as it would.

When the drug had been properly disposed of and all the information he required to know was ingested into his mind, Yohji headed back upstairs to the club as surreptitiously as he had come. Afterall, who knew what trouble Ken was getting into.

The thought of the younger boy made his loins tighten with lust. He couldn't wait for this mission to finish because then he would make Ken his. The anticipation was killing him almost as much as the desire was. He hoped that Ken had found their target. Then it would be only a matter of killing him and the scientists and after that...

He grinned as he slipped back into the thick swarms of people, the music pounding violently into his eardrums. He was going to fuck the high holy hell outta Ken's tight ass.

The crowds were thicker than he remembered as he swept through the masses looking for the soccer player. Pangs of worry gnawed gently inside his stomach. It wasn't that Ken couldn't take care of himself because obviously he could but he was just so uncertain and shy and a club was something he was altogether unused to. Yohji felt a considerably biting sense of protectiveness towards Ken. He hadn't realized just how naive the younger boy was, especially when it came to relationships and intimacy. Ken had absolutely no concept of his own attractiveness and charm. He got angry when he was called cute but it was the truth. Ken was so cute and striking and his abashed nature was just adorable. Yohji decided that he couldn't get enough, didn't want to get enough.

After a few minutes of thorough searching, Yohji was finally able to locate Ken. His eyes widened and then narrowed. Ken was dancing with a girl!

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