Part Seven



Whoa there cowboy! Sorry, I've always wanted to say that!

Now listen up folks, this part would be the lemon that we've all been waiting for. For all you kiddies and/or homophobes at home, do not read this. It contains very graphic gay sex. And probably not even very well written gay sex cuz I'm a hetro girl, so what do I know 'bout gay sex? Hah hah!

This is only my second lemon and my first real Wei lemon. Personally, I think it sucks. It isn't even a romantic lemon, it borders on pure smut, really. I'm so embarrassed to be posting this!! What would my dear mommy say? Oh the shame!

Ah well, it's Yohji and you know how he is. See, I'll blame it on him! How clever of me. Oh yeah, this is all unbeta-ed so please excuse any spelling mistakes.

And a big thank you to everyone who's commented/nagged on Raspberry. I appreciate it muchly and I'm very sorry to have kept everyone waiting. Having said all that, enjoy! =)

Yohji seized Ken into his arms and grabbed his ass, bringing their bodies firmly together. Ken gasped and squirmed, inadvertently sparking an erotic friction between their hips. Yohji roughly ground himself upon the other boy's pelvis, breathing heavily into his ear. He could feel Ken's heart beating rapidly and it was all good.

"You said no funny business!" Ken gasped out, pupils dilating.

Yohji shut him up with a kiss. There was nothing soft and gentle about it, all pretenses were stripped. It was openly carnal, meant solely to arouse. He scrubbed at Ken's mouth, working his way inside and eating at the silky flesh. One hand caressed Ken's ass while the other worked its way up into his T-shirt. Ken groaned into the kiss as Yohji stroked and teased his nipples.

Ken wound his arms around him. He kissed him back, his tongue writhing and twisting upon Yohji's. Long fingers touched and caressed, then came down to meet at the brunette's waist. Yohji nimbly unfastened Ken's jeans and shoved his hand inside.

Slender hips bucked as Yohji groped hardening, hot flesh through soccer ball print boxer shorts. His hand climbed into the cotton material and he grasped Ken's penis. He fondled it, working his hand up and down the smooth member, bringing Ken to an erection.

Ken struggled against him, no doubt wanting to protest about him employing the use of 'funny business' but Yohji wasn't about to let him go. His other hand tightened around the younger boy's waist and he deepened the kiss. His thumb slid upon the moist slit at the tip of Ken's member while his fingers scraped and clutched at the rest of the turgid pole.

Kissing Ken and jerking him off made Yohji so hard. He actually ached with lust, his cock hurt. By no means was Yohji a selfish lover. Women especially loved him because he was giving and had a high endurance. But at the moment, his endurance was straining, along with his fucking dick, and he didn't want to wait. He didn't want to seduce Ken slowly and thoroughly. What he wanted was to fuck Ken. Hard and fast and rough. He wanted to take him and bite his neck while he did it. He wanted Ken to suck him off and swallow his cum.

Ken managed to tear his mouth from Yohji's and a deep moan escaped from swollen lips. Brown eyes were clenched shut as shaky hands clung to the kitchen table behind him. His hips undulated frantically in Yohji's hand.

Yohji tightened his grip on Ken's cock and slowed down the pace. He breathed heavily against the other boy's feverish cheek. "Shall I stop?"

Liquidy eyes burst open. "Y-yes..." Ken stuttered, his chest heaving.

He moved his mouth to the slender curve of Ken's neck and sucked with parted lips. Yohji slid his hand up Ken's penis and began to fondle his testicles. "Are you sure Ken?" He licked his way back up to bruised lips and gnawed hungrily at the corner of Ken's mouth.

"Uhhh!" Ken cried out, his hips arching wildly. "Oh God...I think...Yohji faster! Please...!"

Yohji groaned and forced himself to let go of Ken. He managed to step back, even as his entire body ached with sensual heat.

Ken whimpered, slouching weakly against the kitchen table. His jeans were gaping open, throbbing erection damp with pre-cum poking through crumpled clothing. He looked so sexy, face flushed and eyes accusing.

"Do you want me Ken?" Yohji demanded, shoving a shaky hand through his hair. Shit, he was losing control!

Hurt and anger pooled over lust as the soccer player realized he'd lost. "Yohji - "

"Say it!" Yohji's voice was harsh with impatience and frustration but he couldn't help it. Desire was staining him and there wasn't anything else left. "I want you," he tried to amend. "This is gonna feel so good Ken. You know it, so just tell me that you want me too. I can't wait, Ken. You're too fucking hot. Say it. Say you want me." He reached out and sloshed his finger around the drooling tip of the younger boy's stiff length. Yohji licked his finger, tasting lust and sex and Ken.

It was enough as he knew it would be.

"I want you," Ken relented, his eyes falling shut again. "You win Yohji. Just do it."

Yohji shoved his mouth onto the brunette's and rubbed his pelvis roughly upon the hips straining against him. Ken's naked cock kissed his own solid bulge, friction welling in the loose air between their tense bodies.

"In my room," Yohji panted, trying unsuccessfully to stop grinding. He had wanted to go slow and seduce Ken, to linger over him and introduce him to sex gently. He hadn't expected that Ken would make him so horny. Here he was, nearly ready to blow his load after only jerking Ken off!

"I've gotta go slow," he thought to himself, pulling away from Ken. "It's his first time."

Easier said than done.

Yohji grabbed Ken and dragged him into his room. He wasted no time in stripping the younger boy and shoving him onto his bed. He nudged tanned legs apart and looked down at Ken.

"Stop it, Yohji!" Ken cried, squirming. His face was floridly flushed, jagged bangs sweeping into his eyes.

He ignored the boy's protests. Afterall, he'd wanted to see Ken naked ever since that bathroom incident, four months ago. He looked so much better in reality than he did in Yohji's fantasies. Ken's body was toned from playing soccer, though on the wiry side. Thin chest, slender hips, long legs and a pulsing cock. He looked good enough to eat and Yohji definitely wanted some.

Yohji's room was cooler than the rest of his apartment and that, along with his scrutiny of Ken's body, had made the younger boy's erection flag a bit. Yohji knelt between spread legs and fisted Ken's penis, working the smooth flesh back into hardness.

Ken cried out, tears seeping from beneath closed lids. He clutched at the dark blue coverlet with bone-white fingers.

Pre-cum began to ooze from the tight slot as Yohji pumped Ken harder and with quicker strokes. He spread the clear fluid around the fleshy head and upward, coating the solid shaft.

"Shit Yohji!" Ken panted, his hips thrusting into the wet, tight hole of Yohji's fist. "Faster! I...haahh...I'm gonna cum..."

"Not yet," Yohji muttered thickly, letting go of Ken. He slid forward until he was on top of the soccer player, their erections pressing maddeningly together. He caressed the side of Ken's face. "Not until I'm inside you."

Ken leaned into his hand, thrusting his pelvis upwards. His hand tangled onto Yohji's shirt. "Why aren't you naked too?"

Yohji groaned at Ken's artless question. He seized parted lips for a brief, bruising kiss. Indeed, why wasn't he naked? His jeans were constricting painfully. Screw waiting and prolonging and all that shit. Both of them were too far gone to wait. Ken wanted him and he absolutely wanted Ken and that was more than enough.

He forced himself off the bed and quickly yanked off his shirt. "Are you ready Ken?"

"What the hell do you think?" Ken snapped, wriggling helplessly upon the bed, his cheeks scarlet. "I feel like I'm gonna burst, you bastard!"

Yohji would have smirked if he hadn't been so friggin' aroused. The way Ken was gyrating and moaning on his bed certainly wasn't helping matters. He kicked off his jeans and snatched up the small jar of massage oil from his dresser. "Sit up," he ordered curtly.

Ken slowly sat up. "You're big," he gulped, huge eyes riveted on his erection.

Yohji didn't reply. He was desperately trying to contain his libido, which was nearly bursting at the seams. Ken was a virgin. He had to prepare him and go slow and make certain that everything was perfect. The last thing he wanted was to spoil his record and not please Ken. He'd never cum before a partner in sex and he wasn't about to start now.

He slipped onto the bed and arranged himself so that Ken was sitting in front of him, between his bent, spread legs. His cock jerking against the crack of Ken's ass.

Ken twisted his head around to look at him. "Yohji?" he asked, his voice uncertain.

His hands reached around to rub at Ken's nipples. "Look in front of you," he murmured, lapping at the brunette's neck.

Ken faced forward. About a couple of feet in front of Yohji's bed was his dresser. The dresser had a mirror and it was large, reflecting the bed perfectly. The image of him sitting naked and aroused between Yohji's long legs was all too clear. Ken blushed furiously and squeezed his eyes shut. "Yohji!"

"I want you to watch us, Ken," he purred throatily, twisting tight buds between his fingertips. "I want you to see everything that I'm going to do to you."

Ken was breathing harshly, his chest surging. His penis twitched and ached, balls heavy with unfulfilled lust.

"Open your eyes," Yohji demanded, fighting the urge to grind against the soft curve of Ken's ass. "And bend your knees."

Ken did so and his blush deepened as Yohji grasped his knees and spread his legs wide apart. Everything was imitated in the mirror. It was wrong to look and yet so compelling. Ken found himself watching as Yohji's long hands lingered on his thighs, touching his waist.

Yohji tore his hands away from searing skin and managed to uncork the glass jar of oil. With fingers well coated, he recorked the jar and tossed it aside. He dipped his hand down between quivering legs and prodded beneath Ken's balls until he found his entrance. Yohji rubbed at the tight ring of muscle and slowly worked one oily finger inside.

Ken grunted, tears stinging his eyes. "It hurts," he bit out, his pelvis arching off the bed.

With his other hand, Yohji caught Ken's chin and kissed him hard, keeping his mind off the pain. He fucked Ken with his mouth, his tongue scribbling all throughout the smoldering pocket of wet flesh. Ken groaned and he kissed Yohji back, their tongues squirming against each other.

Yohji held his finger firm, letting Ken get used to the invasion and then he gently slid it out. He repeated the movement once more and added a second finger. Ken tensed against him, his body slick. Yohji stilled his fingers and caressed heavy balls with his thumb. Then he pushed his finger inside a tiny bit further, stretching and lubing the tight hole. Adding a third, he struggled to go as slow as possibly. Ken felt like liquid sex, hot and tight and quivering around his fingers. He couldn't wait to fuck him, to shove his cock deep into Ken.

"Oh God!" Ken cried, jerking his mouth away from Yohji. His head fell back onto Yohji's shoulder as he shuddered violently.

"Does it still hurt?" Yohji panted, parting his fingers slightly. His marked a wet kiss onto Ken's ear. "It'll feel good soon, I promise."

Ken moaned, his hips jerking. "Just do it, Yohji. I can't wait any longer."

Yohji extracted his fingers and fumbled for the jar of oil once again. He oiled his erection quickly and sloppily, fighting the urge to linger over his own stiff flesh. Shit, had he ever been this horny, this frantic to fuck before? And with Ken, a fellow assassin, of all people. The boy was driving him crazy!

He pulled Ken onto his lap, positioning him over his throbbing erection. Yohji clenched his eyes shut at the feel of Ken's puckered opening touching the drooling tip of his cock. His fingers gripped wells into Ken's hips as he guided the brunette ever so gradually onto his engorged length. It was painful for both of them; Ken because he'd never been ass-fucked before and Yohji was big, and Yohji because they were going so damn slow.

The room was filled with harsh cries and heavy breathing. Dark eyes met jade ones in the mirror as both assassins watched themselves and each other.

"Am I...hurting you?" Yohji managed to grit out, easing Ken further onto his slick pole.

"It's not that bad," Ken whispered rigidly. "It'll get...better, right?"

"Hell yeah," Yohji groaned as Ken swallowed another inch of his cock.

They were so close, just a little bit further...

Yohji cried out in pleasure as his hips reflexively bucked, impaling the younger boy completely. His balls smacked the bottom of Ken's ass. Ken was taut and silky around him. He sheathed him like watery satin, so smooth and deep.

Ken winced at the sudden, sharp thrust and fumbled to clutch at the bed sheets in order to keep his balance. The slight movement caused his pelvis to arch off Yohji's lap as he grasped blindly behind him. The hard shaft buried inside him shifted also and Ken nearly screamed when it rubbed against something deep in him. Yohji chose that moment to wrap his hand around his weeping erection.

Ken did scream then. "Holy fuck!" He thrust down upon Yohji, hitting that same spot again. His vision exploding into a myriad of bright colors. Wave after wave of blistering pleasure engulfed him, dripping into his veins like molten ecstasy. This was like nothing he'd ever felt before, so intense and shattering.

"Ken!" Yohji growled out, jerking Ken's cock roughly. Ken was practically fucking him! "Slow down!" His other hand snaked around the younger boy's waist, stilling him. "You'll hurt yourself!"

"I don't care," Ken whined, withering helplessly. "It feels so good!"

Wasn't that the truth. Ken taking the lead was unexpected, lusciously so. Not to mention that his every move was reflected in the mirror. The way he was thrashing about, red-faced and sweaty...

Yohji plunged upwards, his penis jerking against Ken's prostate. They both groaned.

"Again," Ken panted, turning his head to bury it against the curve of Yohji's jaw. "Harder."

Yohji repeated the motion, squeezing his fist around Ken's cock. He stared at the mirror, watching Ken bounce on his lap. It was above sensual, watching Ken on his lap, being banged into. The brunette was so open and innocent, his every emotion plastered across his face.

Ken let out a hoarse cry as a particularly rough thrust rocked him forward. Yohji was doing him hard now, plunging in and out. He could hear the oil-slicked length slip in and out of his stretched anus. Ken didn't care if he got hurt or not; nothing remained but this velvet-searing, screaming passion. He met Yohji's thrusts, pushing himself roughly upon the blond. Long fingers worked Ken's erection, pumping him so fast he thought he would surely break. He looked at himself in the mirror and could feel something churning and splintering inside of him. Fracturing like a light bulb.

Yohji was practically screaming with pleasure. Ken was riding him, his constricting anal passage ingesting his turgid length. It was too much, this lust that was so intensely poignant. It crawled into him, shuddering and expanding, folding into itself. Somewhere, in a small pocket of rationality, he knew that he was being too rough. He was supposed to go slow, to be gentle. He knew it and couldn't stop it, this hysterical passion that was eating him.

He rolled his hips, jabbing into Ken in tight, little circles. Ken slammed down onto him, his ass slapping Yohji's scrotum. Smooth cheeks were tear stained as Ken bit into Yohji's neck, the sensitive skin just beneath his ear. Ken's cock was so wet in his hand as he yanked him almost violently.

Once again their gazes met in the mirror, eyes passion glazed. One last series of stabbing shoves, feverish skin grinding, and it was too much. Ken came first, his body strung taut, creamy semen splattering over Yohji's hand and the coverlet. He sobbed harshly, biting his lips so hard that he drew blood.

Watching Ken orgasm was more than enough for Yohji to blow his load. He shot copious amounts of cum deep into Ken, gasping as sheer pleasure surged into him. It last an eternity and not long enough. Ken collapsed flaccidly against him, his body soft and sweaty.

Gentle pants and cries filled the room, mingling with the heady scent of sweat and sex. Occasionally, some sated limb would twitch as they attempted to steady their heavy breathing.

Yohji sighed quietly as his heart rate decelerated. He lifted Ken off his lap and lightly shoved him off the bed. He slid off the bed and tossed the stained bedspread onto the floor.

"Are you okay?" he whispered, lifting Ken's chin so that dark coffee eyes would meet his own. "Did I hurt you?"

Even now, after all they'd done, a light crimson stained Ken's cheeks. "I'm okay, Yohji."

He kissed Ken softly, a delicate gesture that was so unlike what they'd just shared. "Was I okay?"

Ken nodded, and to his delight, wrapped his arms around his neck. "Yeah, I guess."

Yohji snorted as he tugged Ken into bed with him. "Is that all you can say?"

Shadowy eyes stared up at him. "I didn't know sex could be like that."

"Only with me," Yohji boasted, smoothing down crumpled brown locks.

Ken rolled his eyes as he snuggled into Yohji's arm. "You're still a jerk."

"And you're still cute." He kissed Ken one last time. "Good night Ken."

"Good night Yohji."

Yohji had never been much of a heavy sleeper. He was awake the minute Ken sat up and slipped out of his bed. He watched with heavy-lidded eyes as the brunette padded stiffly across his room and out onto his balcony. The cool, night wind ruffled brown locks as Ken shut the balcony door shut behind him.

Yohji glanced at his alarm clock. It read 3:08.

He smiled slightly. There was still plenty of time to teach Ken some new things. The last thing Yohji wanted was Ken regretting having sex with him. Chances were, Ken was probably blaming himself and cursing Yohji.

He slid out of his bed and followed his lover. It felt good to finally be able to call Ken his lover. So much time had passed and now fantasy was reality, desire tangible. It was even better than he'd hoped. Ken had been utterly delicious, so sweet and hot. Yohji certainly wasn't about to give Ken up just because he was having a few doubts.

The night was cool and the younger boy was shivering, clad only in his crumpled soccer ball boxers.

Silently, Yohji approached the younger boy and pulled him into his arms. "Cold?" he murmured, his lips falling upon Ken's ear.

Ken stiffened as a shudder wracked through his body. "Let go of me," he commanded, his voice icy.

"Now why would I do that?" he asked, tracing the soft curve of Ken's jaw with his tongue. Silently, he cursed. Back to square one.

"You had your fun with me," Ken replied, his voice a bit breathless. "Leave me alone!"

Yohji pulled back slightly and looked at the soccer player. "Are you saying that you didn't have any fun? You practically fucked me, Ken."

Obviously Ken wasn't expecting that. He grew flustered. "I didn't...I'm not..."

Yohji kissed him hard, stopping the flow of broken thoughts effortlessly. Yohji loved it when Ken was nervous . He found Ken's uneasiness towards relationships and his embarrassment to sex, endearing. It made him want to kiss Ken. And then have hot sex with him. Like the sex of a few hours ago.

Ken's mouth was pliant and he kissed Yohji back, though whether it was from anger or lust, Yohji didn't know. Nor did he care. French kissing Ken was too luscious to worry about nonsensical details.

He deepened their kiss, entwining his tongue around hot flesh. Deftly, he slipped his hand into Ken's boxers.

Ken jerked his mouth away, a tiny shriek escaping raw lips.

Yohji smirked as he continued to stroke rapidly-hardening flesh. Ken was hot and throbbing already.

"Why are...again...uhhh..." Ken trailed off, moaning.

Yohji didn't reply. Instead, he sank down to his knees and shoved wrinkled boxers aside. His scant ministrations had paid off; Ken was damn hard. He curved his fingers around the base of Ken's cock and bent his head. With drenched licks, he coated the turgid flesh. Up one side and down the other, over the fleshy tip and dark veins. Yohji stroked at Ken's balls while gnawing gently at the head of his erection.

Above him, Ken was panting heavily, his fingers tangling in Yohji's hair. Ken let out a muffled shriek when Yohji opened his mouth and swallowed him slowly. Inch after inch disappeared, until Ken's entire penis was jammed in Yohji's mouth. He began to suck, the insides of his cheeks squeezing the rigid cock tightly.

The act of sucking Ken off made Yohji hard and very horny. He wanted to fuck Ken again; to shove himself into Ken's tight ass and feel him clench around him. He wanted to jerk Ken off while he came deep inside him. He wanted more sex with Ken; he wanted to tie him up and have him at his mercy. Enough couldn't be enough because there were so many things and it was too much.

It surprised him actually, this seemingly endless lust he had for the soccer player. He had expected to do Ken and then be rid of it. But his desire was still raging, as though he hadn't just fucked Ken, and it demanded that he take the younger boy in all positions and all styles and keep him. Even being with Asuka hadn't been this intense and God only knew how many kinky things he had done with her.

Asuka had been as innocent as Ken. Yohji liked inexperienced girls. He liked the dating and romancing, the gentle sex that came after. It was sweet and pleasurable, just like a woman. Never once, though, had he ever worked to fuck a man. For him, gay sex was free of emotion and commitment. All of his homosexual encounters had been one-night stands. Purely carnal, he engaged in male sex when he needed to be submissive; to feel a hard cock enter his body and fuck him roughly. No questions and no commitments. Just an overflow of testosterone and brutal, primal sex.

Without even knowing it, Ken had changed all that. And without even knowing it himself, Yohji had set out to seduce the soccer player. What did it mean, that he was willing to wait for four months and that, now, he couldn't get enough? In the beginning, when he had assumed that what he felt for Ken was merely passing, he'd tangled with a bunch of male lovers. None had been able to help him forget about Ken.

But he was submissive during male sex, always the bottom, always taking it. Now his role had been reversed and certainly none of his previous lovers had been a nervous, clumsy, inexperienced, cutie like Ken. In fact, Ken was more like Asuka than anybody else.

Asuka had been his partners for over a year before they'd finally making love. She hadn't wanted to breach the line between friends and lovers but he'd wanted her so badly and had been persistent. Eventually she'd been seduced and he had never been able to get enough of her. Hed fallen in love with her before he knew it and her death still hurt. Losing her twice had been excruciatingly painful and after the final battle with Schwartz, he'd been broken. Sex had died, like she had. Bitter memories had remained, choking him as he lost her twice.

And it hadn't been until the smell of raspberry and lime shampoo and a half-naked Ken, that something had awaken. Ken, who lived with him and fussed over him. Ken, who he'd known for so long and had never once looked at in any type of sexual manner. Ken, who he'd nearly coerced into having sex with him. What could it mean, this hold that the soccer play held on him so tightly?

Without warning, Ken came. The milky fluid filled Yohji's mouth and he swallowed it all. He sucked at Ken even after he stopped cumming. Ken moaned, his hands falling limply from blond locks.

Yohji stood and fixed Ken's boxers for him. Then he gathered the boneless, sated boy into his arms. "You taste good," he murmured, his mouth pressed against rumpled brown hair.

"Why did you do that?" Ken mumbled, resting his head against Yohji's shoulder. "I thought before was enough."

Yohji tightened his hold on the younger boy. "I don't think I can get enough of you, Ken."

Ken blinked when he felt Yohji's erection pressing upon his thigh. He looked up into jade-colored eyes. "You're still hard," he whispered, cheeks red.

"I came here for you not myself," Yohji replied, honestly. "I don't want you to regret having sex with me, Ken. But," he smiled lasciviously. "if you wanna do me than Im not about to complain."

Chocolate eyes widened as Ken bit his lower lip. Yohji had come to him only to give him pleasure. Surely, he could do the same...couldn't he? "I don't think I can swallow like you did," he muttered, finally.

Yohji carefully resisted the urge to hoot. Ken was willing to get him off! "You don't have to give me a blowjob."


"Jerk me off."


"Only if you want to," he lied neatly.


Yohji pulled away from him and leaned against the balcony railing. He gave the younger boy a smoky look. "Do it Ken," he ordered, his voice husky.

"But..." Ken fidgeted. "Should I stand? Or kneel?"

"I don't care. Just do it!"

A picture that he'd once seen came into his mind. Ken nodded. "Turn around."

That surprised Yohji. "What?"

"Turn around," he repeated, feeling his face flush.

Yohji obeyed, a smirk etching elegant features.

Ken pressed himself fully against Yohji's back, clutching naked shoulders. He stood on his tiptoes and, on impulse, kissed Yohji's neck.

"Shit," Yohji groaned, his hands clenched on the balcony's railing. "What are you doing?"

"I saw this picture once," Ken whispered, rubbing his cheek against Yohji's smooth shoulder. "There was a man and a lady and they were standing on a balcony like this one. The lady was wearing a long dress and the man was naked. The lady was hugging the man from behind and you could see her hand reaching...down touch him. It was the first picture like that I'd ever seen before and it made me wish that I was that man."

Yohji licked at his suddenly dry lips. His heart was pounding desperately, nearly in sync with his aching penis. Ken's innocent little story was, by far, the most erotic thing he'd heard in a long while.

"But," Ken continued, before he could say anything. "I never thought that I'd be in the lady's position. I...I guess it isn't that bad."

"It'd be better if you touched me," Yohji muttered dryly. He would reflect on Ken's warming back up to him later; right now he needed to cum. Urgently.

Ken slid one of his hands down Yohji's chest, over his naval and to the waistband of black, silk pajama bottoms. He shoved the soft pants down and moved his hand back to Yohji's large erection. He lightly skimmed his fingertips over the pulsing, thick flesh. He automatically jerked his hand away when Yohji moaned throatily.

"Again Ken," Yohji rasped thickly. "Don't stop."

Ken brought his fingers to Yohji's cock once more. He stroked the gushy tip, feeling the wet slit with his thumb. Encouraged by Yohji's soft cries of pleasure, he wrapped his hand around the stiff shaft. He began to slide his fist up and down, at a slow, tentative pace. His other hand swept down to cup Yohji's heavy testicles.

"Faster," Yohji urged breathlessly. "And harder."

Ken upped the pace, pumping Yohji with quick, jerky motions. He buried his face against Yohji's shoulder and sighed. Surprisingly enough, touching Yohji so intimately was pretty sexy. Yohji felt so alive and bursting and smooth in his palm. Ken sincerely wanted to bring him to an orgasm. After everything they'd done, he knew how good it would feel.

Yohji was shoving into his hand, grunting. Ken squeezed his fingers around Yohji's scrotum and yanked his penis harder. He breathed hotly onto Yohji's shoulder and then, abruptly, Yohji ejaculated. Creamy fluid oozed onto his hand and coated the railing of the balcony.

"God Ken," Yohji panted weakly, clutching at limply at the railing.

"Was that alright?" Ken wondered, still sliding his sticky hand down wet flesh.

"How the fuck can you ask that?" Yohji demanded, his chest heaving.

"I never did that before," Ken muttered, letting go of Yohji and stepping back. He wiped gooey fingers on his boxer shorts. He didn't think he was quite ready for licking and swallowing.

"No shit." Yohji straightened his pants and faced Ken. "I can't believe you did that."

"Me either."

The wind swirled around them as they stared silently at each other. Something shifted at that moment and there was an awareness that nothing between them would ever be the same again. Yohji reached out and curved his palm around Ken's cheek. The younger boy sighed softly and leaned into the caress.

"You're really sexy, you know that?"

Ken met green eyes. There wasn't a hint of mocking or amusement in those depths. He frowned slightly. "You cheated you know. You used funny business."

Yohji smirked as he caught Ken's hand and led him back into the warmth of his bedroom. "And you're glad that I did. Admit it."

Ken snapped the balcony door shut behind him. "Get bent."

Yohji pulled the younger boy back into bed with him. "I knew you'd be worth the wait," he murmured, wrapping his arms around Ken.

"Cheater," he mumbled, resting his head upon Yohji's chest. "Vile seducer of innocents."

"Shut up Ken."

Ken closed his eyes sleepily. "Just wait until the morning. I'm gonna hit you."

Yohji smiled into the darkness. Ken felt wonderful in his arms. He wasn't going to let him go now.

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