To Cure a Headache



I really wanted to write a Aya x Schuldich pairing, because I really love those two characters, and I have never seen them paired up together. I think this came out well. ^_^ I really hope you like it.

My head hurt.

Also, I had no idea what had happened. It had been cold and rainy out; I was walking home after closing the flower shop for the night. I remembered talking with Yohji a little, telling him to STOP making dates with girls while he was still on his shift, telling Ken to pick up more potting soil in the morning, muttering something close to a goodbye to Omi, hey, for me, that's a lot of talking, and starting off through the sludgy streets...

I remembered all the way up to reaching my door, inserting the key to unlock it, and then...


Okay, that's sort of an old cliché, but I guess that's all I can expect of this guy. Seriously, you would think he'd be more original than that.

The next thing I know, I feel like I had pounded my head repeatedly against the concrete sidewalk. It was still dark, but the primary feeling was this God-awful pounding...

I slit my eyes open a little, and realized that I was wrong about thinking it was dark. In actuality, the light nearly blinded me, when I actually tried opening my eyes. The glare didn't help my poor abused head any, so I quickly clamped my eyes tightly closed again and groaned.

A damp, cool cloth slid across my forehead, easing the pain considerably. I relaxed a little, trying desperately to silence the little nagging voice in my mind asking who exactly was in my room with me. At that moment, I didn't care. All I knew was that my head hurt, my muscles ached, and whoever was in here was helping tremendously.

A soft, damned familiar laugh brought the slowly calming peace shattering down around me. "So, Abyssinian likes that, hm?"

I didn't even bother trying to look. I should have guessed one of them would have something to do with it. I closed my eyes tighter, hoping the pain in my head was causing me to imagine this. Whatever this was.

I felt his warm breath on my cheek as he leaned over to whisper in my ear. "Do you want me to prove you're not dreaming?"

No. I want you to go away. Correction; I want you to tell me what in the name of Hell you think you're doing, and then go away.

The cloth stroked over my cheeks, cool on my heated flesh. "Not very appreciative of someone who's only trying to help, are you?"

You're not trying to help, you're a sadistic, creepy, mind-reading German killer -

" - who is only trying to help rid you of your headache."

You asshole, this headache is probably your fault too.

"I'm hurt! You don't trust me, Abyssinian?"

I'd sooner leave Yohji alone in a room full of gorgeous supermodels and trust him not to flirt. I'd sooner trust Ken not to trip down the stairs while carrying something important. I'd sooner trust Omi to -

"Alright, alright, I get the picture." He laughed lightly. But he sounded... different than usual. Almost... God, I never thought I'd use this word to describe him before... normal.

Alright, who are you, and what have you done with Schuldich?

"You don't believe I'm Schuldich now? Fine, go ahead and try to get up."

I slit my eyes open to glare at him. At first it must have more resembled a cranky squint, but as my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the lights, I slid into a full "Abyssinian Death Glare." Schuldich just smirked. God, I hate this guy.

He just sat there on the edge of the bed, smirking down at me, his fiery hair unbound and swirling around his shoulders. From what I could see, which wasn't a lot, he was unarmed, with the exception of the fact that he could kill with mind alone. So I sat up.

Tried, anyway.

If I hadn't already concluded that this was Schuldich, I believed it now. Chains attached to each limb firmly held me down to the bed. After some twisting, pulling, and fluent cursing, I fell back and continued to glare at my captor.

"Believe me now?" he asked softly, even though of course he already knew I did. Now that I look back on it, conversations with mind-readers are actually a lot more useful than I gave them credit for. Saves me a lot of unwarranted talking.

I did a quick run down on my situation, seeing as there wasn't anything better to do. I was... currently chained to a bed, shirtless, I noticed... odd that he would want to remove that, though it made the captivity slightly more comfortable... with one of my greatest enemies currently wiping the sweat from my face and smirking lightly at me.

Odds for rescue were... pathetically small. The other members of Weiss thought I was at home, and wouldn't start worrying about me until the next day if I didn't show up at the shop. Yohji... well, it would be a miracle if he could stop flirting long enough to rescue ANYBODY, Ken wouldn't be any help rescuing me unless I was already with him to help him do it, Omi... Omi was just a little kid, armed with toothpicks. Thinking over the rest of the people I actually knew who might care enough to come looking for me, I quickly realized that I was screwed.

A chuckle. "Not yet, you're not." Damn if that voice wasn't suggestive...

"Suggestive of what?" he purred, running a hand down over my shoulder.

"Don't do that." It felt good to say it out loud.

"Do what?" he asked, mock innocently. "I haven't done anything yet. I'm just trying to help."

"You chained me up."

He shrugged. "Well, besides that. Can't have you shouting 'Shi-ne, Schuldich,' and trying to kill me, now can I? Besides, you're in bad shape; you'd only hurt yourself more."

I snorted. "As if you care."

He dropped the innocent façade, grinning. "I care, Abyssinian. If you fell off this bed and cracked your head open, I wouldn't get to have my fun, now would I?"

Oh, Hell. To a child, fun means romping around with friends. To Yohji, it meant romping around with girls. To Ken, it's kicking that stupid soccer ball of his around the shop and knocking something over. To Omi, it's hacking into some computer somewhere. To me, it meant being left alone in a dark room where I could sit and brood. To Schuldich... fun usually meant something painful. I'd rather take my chances cracking my head open on the floor.

He smoothed a hand down my chest, 'tsk'ing in an annoying, maternal way. "No wonder you have such a splitting headache, you never take care of yourself! Good thing I came along to play doctor for you."

Play 'doctor' huh? I wish he'd chosen to play something else, like a mime, and had gotten trapped in one of those invisible boxes and left me alone.

Maybe... maybe I could just hold my breath for a while... If I was lucky I would pass out and not have to go through whatever this creep had planned. If I wasn't lucky, he'd already incorporated that into his scheme, somehow. Knowing Schuldich as I did, I could safely vote for the latter.

I finally decided to ask some of the numerous questions that raged around in my pounding brain. Maybe when they were answered, it would clear a little of the pain out.

"What do you want?"

He continued to stroke over my chest, an action that was beginning to unnerve me. "I want the gorgeous red-head boy currently lying chained to my bed."

An answer, but it didn't help a whole lot. It didn't even bother me all that much, but the gentle, honest way he said it sent a shiver up my spine. My first conclusion was that he was lying, trying to get a reaction from me. But as he continued his careful caress, and honestly I can't call it anything but that, I decided I needed to say something else to break the silence.

"Where'd you get the chains, or do they have some sort of catalog for villains?"

"I borrowed them from Farferello," Schuldich replied. "If you like, I can take you to see some of his other toys when you feel better."

"I'd rather swallow glass."

Schuldich nodded seriously. "I think he's got some of that too."

"I was being sarcastic."

"So, you do have a sense of humor, twisted though it may be."

I chose to ignore that as I realized that we were veering off the more important points; that I was still chained to Schuldich's bed, my head still throbbed insistently, and was still at the mercy of the psychotic German.

Schuldich frowned. "You think too much."

I didn't reply to that either. I had been getting dangerously close to actually warming up toward Schuldich. I couldn't afford to do that.

"Forget I'm the enemy," Schuldich said in an exasperated tone. "I'm not planning on hurting you, Ran."

"Aya," I corrected automatically. "What do you want, Schuldich?"

"I already told you."

"I don't believe you."

"Obviously not." He chuckled. "Is it that hard to believe, that I'd want you?"

Yes. I'm an asshole. Even Omi thinks so, and he likes everybody.

"I'm an asshole too. We make a good pair."

I would have laughed if I remembered how. Instead I closed my eyes, waiting for the nightmare to end.

The bed shifted as he leaned over to bring his face very close to mine. "I'm not going to be gone when you open your eyes."

I can hope, can't I?

He laughed, the warm breath caressing my face. "Yes. You can hope. Do you want to know what I hope for?"


"I hope you'll kiss back." And he pressed his lips to mine.

In my surprise, I tried kicking out. Of course, my legs were still chained, so I didn't do much more than shake the bed with my flailing.

Schuldich, my enemy, was kissing me.

And I, hopelessly pathetic me, began to kiss back. God, could he kiss! It was almost ironic how a killer like him could be that gentle...

I was such a weakling. Damn it, get off me.

Schuldich pulled back, grinning smugly. "You taste sweet," he commented, running a finger over my bottom lip.

I bit him, chomping down on his finger as hard as possible, tasting blood. Schuldich hissed and yanked his finger back. I glared at him, expecting him to smack me.

Instead he cradled his injured hand and grinned at me. "I should have expected that."

You're the mind reader here.

"Impulsive moves aren't easy to read, and often they're too fast to pick up on," he replied easily. "I'm impressed."

I was fed up. "Look, I don't know what you've got planned - "

"Don't you?"

" - but I want out of here. Right now."

Schuldich continued to grin. "How's your headache?"

With all my anger, it had tripled from the dull throbbing back until its original scale. I glared at him.

"I can help you if you'll let me," Schuldich stated, brushing his hair back over his shoulder.

"What do you want in return?" I asked skeptically.

"I'd settle for another kiss. One where you don't bite me."

Why do you want me? You have Crawford and Nagi and Farferello. What in the world possessed you to abduct me?

"I'm not sure," he replied, tossing the damp rag across the room and watching it splat against the door. "It's been... a fascination of mine for the past month or so, ever since Farferello commented that your blood must be as cold as your attitude. That got me thinking."

He paused to run a hand through his hair, taking his yellow headband off in the swift movement. I watched as the shining orange locks fell down to frame his face.

"I began watching you, wondering. After a time, and a few peeks inside your mind, I decided Farfie was wrong. That you're as hot blooded as I. Then I began wondering how the two of us would do together, and tonight I saw my chance to find out."

My head hurt too much to try and figure that one out. "Why does my head keep pounding?"

"I'd imagine because of the way I knocked you out, sort of like an after shock thing." He shrugged. "It would be relatively easy to fix."

So fix it!

"I will," he said, folding his arms. "IF you kiss me."

"If I do," I said slowly, "then will you let me go?"

"I'll unchain you," he replied. "But you'll have to stay the night here."


"I'm not done with my experiment."


I felt a cool tingle in my mind as he mentally replied.

When I nabbed you, I had my heart set on seduction, and damn it, I mean to do it!

After all this, do you think I'm in the mood to be seduced? Especially by YOU?

"Details, details," he said breezily, pressing a quick kiss to my lips and pulling away before I could bite him again.

I decided Schuldich was nuts. Plainly, flat-out crazy. He'd been hanging out with Farferello too long.

"Wrong again, Ran," Schuldich said. "I've been hanging out with Crawford too long. Several years of sucking up to that prick brought me squat. You know, you and Crawford have one major difference between you. Crawford is a human ice sculpture, exquisitely carved on the outside, hollow inside. You are an ice sculpture with a very human heart hidden deep within you."

That's... really gross.

Schuldich laughed. "No one's ever accused me of being poetic. But you get the idea."

Yeah, I guess I do.

"So you'll stay?"

I didn't say that.

"Damn you," he laughed. "What the bloody hell do I have to do for you?"

Let me leave.

"Then you would stay?"

No. The instant these chains come off, I'm out of here.

"Right. Like I'm gonna unlock you and just let you walk out of here."

That's the general idea...

"I'd just have to go out and catch you again. I want you, Ran, and I always get what I want."

It sounds like you wanted Crawford -

"And I got Crawford. Only to realize he was just a cheap imitation of you."

"How can I believe a word you say? You're Shwartz, and a notorious liar."

He growled, shifting onto the bed to straddle me. He pressed down, and I could feel his heat emanating from his lower body, where he was fully aroused. "Do you think I'm faking this?! Do you think I'm torturing myself with desire for you just for the HELL of it? I spent years lusting for Brad, only to have him and find that the real prize is still so far off. And now you have the gall to say I'm lying?!"

I flushed. That I remember distinctively. Not only because of the proximity of our bodies and the ironclad proof... God, almost literally iron-clad... but to hear him say such things...!

Had anyone ever lusted for me before?

Schuldich calmed down a little. He snorted. "Of course they have. Yohji practically starts panting whenever you enter the room. Ken dreams of you... quite explicitly."

YOHJI?! KEN?! Seriously?!

"Of course. You're hot, and we would have to be blind not to notice."

But... Yohji is always off with girls, and Ken barely ever speaks to me...

"You've been so wrapped up in your own little world," Schuldich said, shaking his head, "you don't even notice with the people around you fall in love with you."

What the heck was I supposed to say to that?

Schuldich reluctantly climbed back off me, sitting down on the side of the bed and regarding me silently. I watched him in return, studying those features when they weren't grinning maniacally, when we weren't faced as enemies... exactly. I would have continued indefinitely if a sharp stab in my brain caused me to wince. Damned headache.

Schuldich sighed and touched his fingertips to my forehead. "Be still a moment," he ordered.

I watched as he closed his eyes, took a deep breath...

And a calming coolness flooded through my head, washing it clean of the crashing agony.

I must have made some noise when it was over, a quick intake of breath, because Schuldich jumped, startled, and blinked at me.

"My headache's gone..." I murmured softly.

He stared at me a moment more, then regained his composure to nod. "Good. That was the plan."

Does that mean I have to kiss you?

He blinked at me. "What?"

You said that you would fix the problem, if I would kiss you.

He grinned. "You offering?"

I fidgeted a bit. I told myself I didn't really want to kiss him, but it felt so damned good to have the pain gone, and seeing Schuldich watching me so expectantly... If it weren't for him, I would still have the headache... if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have had it in the first place.

I spent a minute or so struggling with internal debating, then finally turned my head away from him, blushed brightly, and nodded once.

Schuldich didn't reply for a moment, and then I felt the bed lurch upward as he slipped off. I turned my head back to look at him, and saw him retrieve a key from atop the dresser across the room.

"What are you doing?"

He grinned at me. "Deal was, I fix it, and you kiss me. How are you going to do that while chained to the bed?"

Though I was ecstatic at the prospect of being unchained, I had to object. "That was never the deal. You fixed my headache in exchange for a kiss. Not for my initiating one."

Schuldich shook his head. "Wrong. The terms said you would kiss me. Not the other way around."

"Forget it!"

He shrugged, twirling the key ring around his finger. "Too bad. And I was even going to let you loose. But if you want to sleep in chains all night, hey, your choice."

I glared at him. Having him kiss me was bad enough... but for me to actually kiss him? It wasn't like I thought it would be unpleasant. Quite the opposite, and that was the problem. I was afraid I would like it.

That's precisely why I want it, he replied in my mind, the soft tickle of his thoughts in mine making me shiver. Screw your damned self-control, and do something pleasurable for once in your life.

Okay, FINE. One kiss, that's all.

Schuldich grinned, sitting back down on the bed and beginning to unlock the chains. "And by the way, Ran, just as a side note, I wouldn't try running if I were you. The rest of Shwartz also lives in this house, and I don't think they'd take kindly to finding a member of Weiss running through it. Just thought I might want to mention it."

I rubbed my wrists as they were freed from their confines, glaring considerably at Schuldich. He grinned back, tossing the key back onto the dresser and standing up.

"Well?" he asked, holding his hands out in a gesture of impatience.

I eyed him warily as I got off the bed, enjoying the feeling of not being chained down anymore. "Where's my shirt?"

Schuldich shook his head. "You won't need it. Now come on. What are you trying to do, kill me with suspense?"

"Would that work?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He shook his head again. "Nope. And you're not getting your shirt back either until I get my kiss."

I stalled for a few moments more, then finally walked up to Schuldich. If his grin got any wider, I was afraid it would crack his face. For a moment I wondered where I was supposed to put my hands, then finally slid them over his shoulders and pressed my mouth to his.

Really, I meant it to be a short, barely there kiss. But the instant our mouths touched, he slid his arms around my waist, pulled me closer and slanted his mouth for a better fit. I tried pulling away, but he held firm, kissing me hard, and not at all unpleasantly. God, but he tasted good.

His soft tongue traced over my lips, probing for entrance. Too shocked to allow the invasion, I finally managed to shove him away, sitting down hard on the bed.

Schuldich looked well pleased, at least. And damn if I didn't feel just as pleased as he looked. A little shaken up, to be sure, but kissing him had felt damn good.

"You liked it, Ran," Schuldich said, folding his arms. "Admit it."

"Why? You can read my mind."

He shrugged. "I know. But I want to hear you say it."

"Fine. I liked it." No sense lying about it, anyway. "NOW can I have my shirt?"

Schuldich looked me over; moving slowly over my chest in a way that almost made me blush. Finally he sighed, pulled open a drawer of his dresser, and tossed me my shirt. I donned it quickly; the less time I spent exposed in front of this guy, the better.

"Too bad," he commented. "I was enjoying the view."

I ignored that, scooped my coat off the floor, and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" he demanded.


"You can't go yet!" Schuldich protested.

I turned around. "And why not?"

He sat down on the bed, glaring at me. "Just like that? After that kiss, you're going to leave?"

"And why shouldn't I?"

"First of all, it's raining out. Second of all," he nodded to my lower midsection, "it's going to be awfully uncomfortable walking home like that."

Yes, so I was aroused. Badly, to a point of almost-pain. Honestly, it just sort of... happened. I, Ran Fujimiya, was aroused by Schuldich of Shwartz, no less. I had been trying to ignore that fact, thank you very much.

"Big deal," I replied, fully prepared to walk straight through the house of Shwartz and just go home.

With three strides he was behind me, pressing the door closed as I opened it. I let go of the door handle and turned around.

"What - "

I didn't get much farther than that before he grabbed me and kissed me hard. My mouth parted in surprise, and he carefully explored with his tongue. He didn't just hold me either, his hands stroked over my arms and back with light caresses. I, in return, clung to him, and kissed back.

I was slightly dizzy when he let go of me. He watched my face attentively, still holding the door closed with one hand. I leaned against the door to keep from falling over, watching him watch me.

"Fine," he finally said resignedly. "If you want to go, go. I won't like it, but I'll let you." He stepped back, motioning for me to leave.

Damned mind reader, he knew I wasn't going to leave after that. I was just as aroused as he was, and there wasn't anything back home in my cold, empty room that would help me any. The only cure I could think of was the pouting, orange haired German standing before me.

I helped with your headache, he reminded me. I can help with this too.

I swallowed. For one thing, he was still an enemy. Last time I checked, Shwartz still had it out for us in Weiss. Would I be a traitor if I made love with him?

Of course I would. Then again, so was he. What was that old phrase again? "Sleeping with the enemy"? Damn, but that sounded like a good idea.

"No one has to know," he whispered gently. "One night, and we can go back to trying to kill one another in the morning, if that's what you want."

"One night," I agreed finally.

A slow, seductive smile spread across his face, and he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me again. Schuldich spun me around and tumbled my back onto the bed, not breaking the kiss. I allowed my hands to smooth over his back, running under the shirt and over his skin.

Schuldich broke the kiss off, murmuring appreciatively. He kicked the chains off the bed and onto the floor, tugging my shirt back off and pressing hot kisses at the juncture of my neck.

"Schuldich..." I murmured, enjoying his attentions.

"Ran," he replied, raising his head to grin wickedly at me. "Tonight you're mine."

He pulled back long enough to strip off his shirt and toss it to the floor. His shoes and mine quickly followed. Then he returned to kissing over my chest, his hair tickling over my skin. Just for tonight. Tonight, we weren't Weiss and Shwartz, just Ran and Schuldich, two lovers. In the back of my mind I was appalled at how easily I agreed to this. But I wanted it too, so badly, to step out of reality and just enjoy what he was offering.

"You're still wearing too many clothes..." he murmured, unfastening my pants and sliding them down my hips. Schuldich bent to kiss the inside of my thighs, his hot breath torturing me.

"I don't think we'll need these..." he murmured as he tossed my pants onto the floor with the rest of my clothes.

"What about yours?" I asked.

He looked up to grin at me. "You wanna take them off, or should I?"

"I will," I replied, switching places with him and tugging his own tight pants off. God, but he was gorgeous.

"You're gorgeous too," he replied. "I've wanted you for a long time, Ran Fujimiya."

"I guess you were right," I murmured, copying him by kissing down the planes of his chest. "You always get what you want."

"If I'm not mistaken," he gasped, "you want this too. Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"True," I replied.

"So tell me what you want," he groaned out. "You can have it."

"I want you." There, I said it. I felt better.

He grinned. "Your wish is my command."

Once again I went tumbling beneath him. He pressed me down, enjoying his position over me, before lowering his head to take my penis in his mouth.

I jerked at the warmth enveloping me, expelling a shaky gasp. Schuldich swirled his tongue around me, making me quiver and moan, demanding more. He was so good. And if ever there were an understatement, that would be it. I can't even describe how explosive his touch was.

"Mmm..." he murmured sensuously as he raised his head. "I could feast on this treat for a damned long time."

"Ungh," I grunted, thrusting my hips upward in silent plea for him to take me again.

"Patience," he cautioned me, reaching above me to pick something off the headboard. He fumbled with what sounded like a jar or something, then returned his attention to my lower regions. A wetly coated finger began to probe my entrance, testing delicately.

I froze when he pushed the finger farther into me, the shock dwarfing the slight pain I felt. As the discomfort eased, he moved a little, sending quivering shock all throughout my body. A second finger was added, this one bringing with it a torrent of electric pleasure. I sighed and nearly melted into the bed.

He grinned at me, twitched his fingers a few more times to make me gasp, then slowly withdrew them.

"Schuldich?" I murmured as he lifted my legs to grant him better access.

"No going back," he warned me, probing a little with his hardness. "Are you sure you want this?"

"Damn you," I growled. "If you don't finish this I swear I will kill you."

He leaned over to kiss the tip of my nose. "Exactly why I love you." And he pushed himself fully into me.

If his fingers had been pleasure, this was ecstasy. We moved as one, moaning and kissing and thrusting against one another, pushing toward dizzying heights. Each stroke shot fireworks through my body.

Finally he gasped my name and stiffened, and the liquid heat that filled me triggered my own climax. We lay spent in each other's arms, breathing heavily.

Schuldich pushed up to gaze down at me, still grinned that same old grin. Only this time, I think I was grinning too.

"You're even more beautiful when you smile," he commented, stroking over my face.

I murmured something, I don't remember what, and began drifting off. It was so comfortable here, cuddled next to him.

Before I fell asleep, I heard someone call out to Schuldich from one of the other rooms. Schuldich yawned and pulled me closer.

"Fuck off, Crawford," Schuldich sleepily called back. "Who's in here with me is none of your damned business."

I smiled as I fell asleep. Yep, same old Schuldich. Only I liked him better this way.

The next morning I awoke to the sun shining through Schuldich's curtains. He was still wrapped around me, his face in the crook of my neck, his breath warm. Carefully I untangled myself from him, picking my clothes up off the floor and pulling them on.

Schuldich yawned and opened an eye. "Going home now?" he asked, pouting a little.

"Yes," I replied quietly, gathering up my crumpled coat. As an afterthought, I added, "Thank you."

He shrugged. "The pleasure was all mine." Then he grinned. "Well, maybe not all mine. A fair share of it was yours. Are you sure you just want to leave this as a one night stand?"

"You promised. It's morning, and we're enemies again."

He sighed and slid out of bed, regardless of the fact that he was still naked. "I'll miss you."

I snorted. "Sure you will."

"I will," he repeated. Schuldich touched my face. "Well... goodbye then."

"Goodbye." And I walked out the door before I could stop myself.

Once again, I trudged home alone after work. The others hadn't commented on my lighter than usual attitude, but overall, I had felt damned good all day. All of which I credited to having woken up beside Schuldich that morning. Too bad we had had to part ways.

My door was slightly open when I got home. Warily, I pushed it open and dumped my coat on the floor. My katana was lying where I could easily reach it, so I pulled it from its sheath as I went to investigate.

And there he was, leaning against the wall of my room, grinning and waiting for me.

I lowered my weapon. "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you," Schuldich replied.

"It's been a day."

"It's been hell," he replied.

"What we shared was a one night thing. We agreed," I reminded him.

"Screw what we agreed. I still want you."

I mimicked his grin, dropped my katana, pulled him into an embrace and kissed him hard. His arms wound around me, holding me tightly.

I was still smiling as I pulled away. "This time... I get to chain you up."