The Game Part 2

Jane Fa Ker

He didn't know how it started, couldn't even remember what he'd said to Aya the previous night.

Youji sighed softly to himself as he turned his attention from the fluid movements of Aya's ass as the younger man marched briskly out of his room and into the showers to the strong black eye- opener coffee in his hand. Youji's watch read 10:30. It was the first morning that Aya Fujimiya had gotten up late. Youji wondered what had gotten into him... He wondered if i had anything to do with what he'd said the past night. Whatever that was.

"Oi, Youji."

He didn't bother looking up as Ken ran up the stairs that led from the flower shop to the apartment. Ken was in a hurry to get to the showers to wash out the sweat from his early morning soccer practice with the neighborhood kids.

"Who's in the wash room?"

The coffee tasted like ashes on Youji's tongue. "Aya."

Ken gave him a baffled disbelieving look. "Didn't he get up early to see his sister? I thought today was supposed to be hospital day."

Youji shrugged and grimaced as he gulped the black liquid without ceremony. The heat of the steaming coffee burned down his throat. He wondered if he'd somehow influenced Aya not to go to the hospital... "Apparently not."

Ken shrugged. "Oh well." He leaned over the backrest of the couch where Youji was sitting, a smirk written plainly on his tan face. "So what happened to your hot date last night? That girl called uhh - " He blinked, brows furrowing as he tried to recall the girl's name. "Satsuki?"

"I don't know." Youji tapped his pack for a morning smoke. It was ten thirty, he was still in his boxers and he'd just gotten up without any recollection of how the previous night had gone except that his date had left far too early and Aya came out to talk to him far too late. He was getting tense.

Ken smirked knowingly. "Riiight."

"I think I lost interest," he found himself muttering in response and immediately regretted it. Why the hell should he tell Ken the details of his private life?

"Too bad then." The younger man glanced back at the bathroom door, still securely shut with Aya doing his morning rituals behind it.

Youji followed his line of sight. Aya... Why did the boy's name keep cropping up for no apparent reason? Aya didn't give a rat's ass what happened to him. Why should he care about the other?

"Wonder what's taking Aya so long," Ken muttered softly, almost to himself. Youji shot him a curious stare and the boy almost laughed at himself. "Ah, what the hell. I better go down and open shop anyway. I'll bathe later when you guys are decent."

He was gone. Youji stared at the direction Ken had disappeared to, wondering what brought on the final comment.

"What the hell are you doing there?"

He started at the sound of the all-too-familiar annoyed voice that crept up at him from behind. Aya was standing at the doorway of the bathroom in freshly ironed clothing, his damp crimson hair combed neatly away from his face. A perpetual frown marred what would have been beautifully arched eyebrows. No weird questioning looks. No gawking teenage face. No sign of the weird Aya that had come up to him last night to talk.

Youji lit his smoke and took a deep calming drag. "What do you think I'm doing?"

The frown deepened. "Get your ass off the couch and into your pants. I haven't opened shop."

"Oh?" The sarcasm dripped from his voice. Almost like honey, only this was sharp and biting and would never be sweet. "And how is that my fault?"

Silence. Youji inclined his head towards Aya, as if waiting for an answer. Piss-off jerk. He should have known by now that Aya would never admit to his own fault. Always the one to shove his misery on other people. Youji wished he could punch the other man's lights out just now.

A loud exhalation escaped the redhead's lips. "Forget it." Aya threw his towel into his room and stormed down to the shop where Ken was grateful for the company.

Youji shook his head wonderingly as he hauled himself off the couch, grabbed his towel and disappeared into the bathroom. "I thought that was my line."

He shrugged and shut the door, trapping the fresh musky scent of Aya in the burst of steam that had yet to dissipate into the bathroom. Guess showers right after Aya's bath time would take longer than usual. Youji sat on the tiled floor, all the while wishing the other mn would quit being such an asshole. Damn. Aya would have made a perfect woman. Too bad he had to be such a tight-ass jerk.

He closed his eyes and let his head drop into his folded arms, wallowing in the scent that was purely Aya. He wondered if he hadn't said "Aya" instead of "Asuka" when he was with that girl the night before... He wondered if Aya had been out of his mind to try to have a real conversation with him at 2:00 in the morning.

He wondered if he should get his head checked, because he was sure he was straight and he loved women, but Aya held too big a fascination for him to ignore. He wondered many things and all of them involved Aya and none of them had been decent.

"I must be going crazy."

None of the other Weiss could use the bath room for the rest of the day.