Slippery When Wet


Yohji sat at his computer, trying to concentrate on the work he was doing. He was having a very hard time, though (literally) because his door was open, and he had just seen Omi walk down the hall on his way to take a shower. Now he couldn't stop picturing the sweet teenager stripping off his clothes, stepping under the hot spray, rubbing the soap all over his lithe body... Yohji groaned as his cock reacted to the image. He had been watching Omi for some time, covering his attraction for the innocent blond by flirting with as many women as possible. The rest of the group didn't realize it, but Yohji hardly ever followed through on his flirting; occasionally when his frustration was too great, he would charm some unsuspecting girl into bed. Sometimes, though, he had to claim drunkenness when he couldn't get it up; or he closed his eyes tightly and imagined he was thrusting into Omi. Such encounters always left him feeling unsatisfied and unclean; he would spend way too much time in the shower afterwards.

And that train of thought brought him right back to who he really wanted, who was currently naked in the shower next door. Yohji always knew he was attracted to boys, but he had had to be very careful and discreet in his liaisons. The one he really wanted was next door, naked and slick. But he couldn't have Omi; he was supposed to protect the younger boy. Sometimes Yohji had to remind himself that Omi was really 17; he seemed much younger. The big blue eyes, innocent face, shining blond hair... Yohji got hard every time Omi came skipping downstairs in his school uniform. Or when he wore that lace-up shirt... oh, god, did Omi have any idea what he was doing to Yohji? The blond man tried to adjust his trapped erection; the confines of his tight pants were getting painful.

Next door, Omi pouted. The detangler was all gone, and his baby-fine locks were all tangled. He wondered if Yohji had any more. He wrapped his towel around his waist and went to ask the other man.

Yohji was stroking his cock through his jeans, thinking about Omi, when the boy himself appeared at the door, glistening and clad only in a towel. Oh, god, thought Yohji, I can't even speak... Omi was incredible, his smooth skin covered with a sheen of water, lithe body revealed by the small towel, barely covering him...the juncture of the towel fascinated Yohji.

"Yohji-kun?" Omi said, wondering if he was wrong to interrupt the older man. Yohji looked... odd. Handsome as ever, but odd.

Yohji had to clear his throat before he could speak. "Yes, Omi?" He hoped his voice sounded normal. His fantasy stood before him, mostly naked and wet, and he had to force himself to not drool.

Omi put his hand behind his head, stretching slightly, and Yohji couldn't take his eyes off the towel, held precariously with one hand, slipping slightly. "I ran out of that stuff that untangles your hair, Yohji-kun. Do you have any I could borrow, please?" The sweet voice, the polite tone, the pure body... Yohji dragged his mind back to the subject.

"Uh, sure, Omi," Yohji answered, trying to think where it was. He certainly couldn't get up like this. "It's on my dresser I think."

Omi looked dubiously at the mess strewn on every horizontal surface. "Thanks, Yohji-kun," he began, and walked into the room toward the dresser.

Thankfully, this meant Omi was no longer looking at him, and Yohji could relax a bit. Unfortunately, now he had a view of Omi's backside, and the towel couldn't hide the tight ass, as it clung to his wet skin, clearly defining the cleft and slipping lower; now Yohji could just see the top of that sweet ass, and just that glimpse tantalized him beyond belief. He nearly moaned out loud when Omi bent over, peering under the debris. It was pure hell to keep from touching himself as he watched.

"Yohji-kun, you're such a slob! I can't find anything!" Omi said with adorable frustration. "Can you help me please?"

Yohji didn't know what to do; he couldn't think of a reason to give Omi, why he couldn't get up. Maybe he won't notice, Yohji thought, since he's so innocent. "Ok," Yohji answered reluctantly, hoping the younger boy wouldn't turn around.

Yohji stood behind Omi, looking through the mess. When Omi would turn, Yohji would move, trying to keep his back to Omi as much as possible, or stay out of his sight. It wasn't easy. His arousal throbbed even more as he got closer to Omi; he could smell the boy's clean scent. It was almost too much to bear.

"What's wrong, Yohji-kun? You're acting weird. Did I make you mad or something?" Omi's sweet voice entreated. The older boy seemed so distracted, his handsome face flushed. Omi thought he looked incredible; he loved it when Yohji wore those low slung pants and crop top. It made Omi think all sorts of naughty thoughts. Too bad Yohji could never know that Omi liked him.

"No, not at all, Omi, I was just, um, thinking. No problem," Yohji knew how lame that sounded, especially when he wouldn't even face the other boy. He looked desperately for the bottle that he knew must be here somewhere. If he was alone with the bishounen much longer, Yohji knew he was going to do something he would regret later. His hormones were talking louder than his common sense at the moment.

Omi didn't reply, and just at that moment Yohji finally located the elusive bottle. With a shout of triumph, Yohji spun around to face Omi, forgetting his arousal. But Omi had moved, and was now mere inches from Yohji, looking earnestly up at the taller boy.

"I know something's wrong, Yohji-kun! Please tell me what I've done to anger you," Omi pleaded, eyes wide.

Yohji couldn't breathe; Omi was too close, he couldn't think properly. His heart pounded, sending all the blood down to his aching cock. His throat constricted, and he literally couldn't speak to the beautiful boy.

Omi looked crestfallen; he dropped his eyes, thinking the worst. He had angered the older boy, probably by interrupting his work. He couldn't help it; he had a crush on Yohji, and he liked to be near him. But now he had made him angry. Then he realized what the bulge in Yohji's pants was, and his own body responded in kind. Could it be possible? Omi looked up, into Yohji's confused eyes, and decided to be naughty. He smiled sweetly, and dropped his towel.

If Yohji couldn't breathe before, his lungs felt like they were going to positively explode now. He saw the flash of white hit the floor, and he stepped back, coming up hard against the dresser.

There stood sweet innocent Omi, stark naked and still wet, smiling at him, in his room... Yohji's eyes tried desperately to look anywhere, anywhere else but at the bishounen's lower body, where he really wanted to look, to look at his hard arousal... Wait a minute, Omi was hard? Yohji looked again, and there was no doubt; little Omi was not little at all, and he was adorned by only a large erection. The sight was incongruous but incredibly sexy; the juxtaposition of Omi's innocent countenance and his insistent hardness was enough to make Yohji's knees weak.

Yohji was just standing there gaping; Omi began to think that maybe he'd made a mistake when the other boy finally made a move. Yohji moved quickly, to stand directly in front of Omi, inches away, and said searchingly, "Omi?"

Omi looked up at the man he desired so much, the man he wanted to be his first, and said, "What's wrong, Yohji? Don't you want me?"

Yohji's mouth opened and closed; how could anyone not want Omi? That hair, those eyes, that sweet mouth; "Do you know what you're asking, Omi?"

Omi looked down. "I've never, um, done anything before, Yohji, but I know that I want you to show me." He looked up, blue eyes shining. "Will you teach me, Yohji-kun?"

Yohji groaned; he was sure this was an incredible dream, and he would wake up at any second, hard and frustrated again, twisted in the sheets. Omi was asking him, asking him to take his virginity. To touch that pure body, to taste untouched paradise... he had to ask, once more. "Are you sure?"

Omi took a small step forward, boldly pressing his body against the other boy. "I've never been more sure of anything," he whispered, thrilling at the feeling of Yohji's rough clothing against his naked skin.

Yohji moaned low in his throat; his control was hanging by a thread. Sweet, innocent Omi was offering himself; how could he not accept the offer of his ultimate fantasy fulfilled?

"Oh, god, Omi, I want you so much," Yohji murmured, and gave in to his desire. Finally, oh, finally, he touched that perfect skin; tentatively at first, he ran his hands down Omi's smooth back. Down, farther, to lightly brush the tight little ass he'd dreamed of; Omi's soft moans were music to his ears as he was touched for the first time.

Omi's inexperienced body hummed with new sensations; he felt a thousand new feelings as Yohji's rough hands caressed him. He moaned, raising his arms and wrapping them around Yohji's neck. "Oh, Yohji," he breathed in the taller boy's ear.

Yohji bent down and gently pressed his lips to Omi's sweet mouth; the boy tasted like heaven, opening his mouth immediately for Yohji's tongue. He explored the young boy's mouth, still incredulous that the teen was in his arms at last. He wanted to go slowly, to savor every moment, but the enormity of what he was doing threatened to make him climax just from the kiss and the friction of Omi's sleek body against his. He wanted to do so much, he didn't know where to start; he settled for easing Omi back to the bed and easing him back onto it.

Yohji followed him down, kissing the boy all the way, straddling Omi's hips and pinning him to the bed. Yohji ran his hands over every bit of smooth skin he could reach; he couldn't get enough.

Omi let Yohji pin him down; he loved the feeling of the bigger blond on top of him. He'd been shyly attracted to Yohji for so long, but he hadn't thought Yohji felt the same, or even what to do about it. But here they were now, and Omi wanted to do everything Yohji knew how to do, anything and everything. The sweet ache from his cock made him breathless, and the weight of Yohji on him made him moan.

"Oh, Yohji... touch me please... everywhere," whispered Omi.

Yohji groaned with desire; he had to be the luckiest guy in the world. Starting with the sweet teen's neck, he licked and kissed the delicate flesh, all the way down. He ran his hands over Omi, deliberately avoiding his untouched arousal. Omi whimpered with frustration; then he arched up off the bed when Yohji began teasing his nipples with mouth and fingers.

"That feels so good!" Omi gasped, unable to hold still. "Oh, Yohji..."

"It gets better," Yohji smirked, kissing lower still. He couldn't wait to taste the sweet boy. His skin tasted of soap and arousal; Yohji licked and sucked every soft inch, enjoying the boy's soft moans.

Finally, when he knew that Omi couldn't stand any more delay, he lowered his mouth to the boy's cock.

Omi was losing his mind; Yohji's every touch set him on fire. The heat centered on his aching erection; every kiss from the older boy drove him higher. Finally, finally, he felt Yohji near the center of his need. He held his breath. Then he was enveloped by a hot wet mouth, and he nearly screamed.

Yohji slowly took Omi's untouched arousal in his mouth; he knew the boy couldn't last long after all the teasing, and he wanted to taste every drop. He could taste Omi's excitement; as he took in the whole length, Omi arched up and buried his hands in Yohji's hair.

"Yohji! I... oh god..." Omi couldn't speak, so he just thrust his hips, looking for more, pushing up into the wonderful hot wetness. He wanted this feeling to last forever, it was so good. He felt like he was climbing a ladder, though, and he knew what must lie at the top.

Yohji bobbed his head up and down, slowly increasing his speed, and keeping up a steady rhythm. All too soon, he felt Omi tense underneath him, and readied himself while increasing the suction. Omi's cock twitched in his mouth; then the boy was screaming his name.

Omi thought he was dying; he was falling, overcome with ecstasy, helplessly pumping into Yohji's mouth, screaming his name at the top of his lungs. How could anything feel this good? He clutched at Yohji's hair as he released.

Yohji lapped up every bit of Omi's sweet seed; it tasted wonderful. As he licked the boy clean, Omi whimpered, and Yohji crawled up on the bed and held him tightly. Omi snuggled up beside him like a kitten. Yohji stroked Omi's damp hair gently as the boy trembled from his first climax.

"Yohji... that was..." Omi trailed off. Yohji just held the boy, content to let him drift off to sleep in his arms, when he felt fingers pull at his clothes. "You're still dressed," Omi said accusingly.

Yohji smirked and ran a hand over the boy's pert ass. "And you're not."

"Yohji!" Omi pouted convincingly, still managing to look the picture of innocence as he lounged naked in Yohji's arms. "How are we going to do more if you're dressed?"

"More?" Yohji asked incredulously.

Omi nodded, and stretched sensuously, rubbing against Yohji's neglected erection teasingly, making the older boy gasp. "I want to do everything, Yohji-kun. I want you to fuck me."

Omi's sweet voice saying those words went straight to his aching cock, and Yohji held the boy tight against him, rocking his hips gently. "Are you sure you know what you're asking for, Omi?"

The innocent-looking blond nodded, and pressed his mouth against Yohji's firmly, kissing the older boy thoroughly, leaving them both panting. "Show me, Yohji-kun. Please?" Huge blue eyes entreated him irresistibly. Yohji was lost, and he knew it.

Then he felt small fingers unbuttoning his shirt, and he moaned. "Omi..." He arched into the boy's touch, thrilling at the soft fingers against his skin. "Oh, Omi, don't stop..."

Omi had no intention of stopping. He had had a taste of pleasure, and he wanted more. He craved the feeling of Yohji's bare skin against his own. He impatiently pushed the shirt off the older boy's shoulders so he could run his hands over the smoothly muscled chest he'd admired for so long. He played with Yohji's sensitive nipples, loving the sounds the other boy made in response.

Yohji was sure he was going to wake up any moment. Omi's small hands were unbuttoning his jeans, agonizingly close to his pulsing arousal. Oh, god, how he wanted to feel those soft hands on him... He reached down to help Omi unfasten the pants, and the small blond reached in eagerly. Yohji's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out an involuntary moan as he felt Omi's inexperienced yet eager hands squeeze his length.

"Oh, Yohji," breathed Omi, licking his lips. "You're so big!" he giggled, playing with Yohji's erection.

Yohji managed to wiggle out of his pants, so they were both unclothed. Omi was fascinated by Yohji's arousal, stroking it experimentally, making Yohji gasp. It had been a long time since Yohji had climaxed, and now his fantasy was playing with the center of his desire. It was all he could do to stop Omi when the boy wanted to lick him.

"Omi," Yohji moaned, pulling the boy up toward his face, "Stop, please."

Omi looked at him, confused. "Don't you like it, Yohji-kun?"

"Oh, I like it too much, bishounen. You'll make me come right away. I want to be inside you when I do that," Yohji explained.

"Oh," Omi answered, smiling sweetly. "That's ok then!" And he threw himself against Yohji again, kissing the older boy hard and pressing every inch of his body against him.

Yohji returned the kiss with fervor, running his hands all over the smooth body he would soon possess, fully. As much as he wanted to take his time and enjoy making love to Omi slowly, he knew that wasn't possible. His arousal ached and Omi was too eager, so he reached into the bedside drawer without looking and grabbed a tube.

When the kiss broke, Yohji said, "Omi? Are you sure about this? You want me to take you?"

Omi panted, "More than I've wanted anything, Yohji-kun. Please, please take me!"

Yohji bit his lip at Omi's wanton innocence. If he only knew how irresistible he really was... "Then I need to prepare you, so I don't hurt you."

Omi looked up at him, completely trusting, and spread his legs. "Do whatever you want, Yohji."

That comment alone was nearly enough to make him climax, but Yohji controlled himself with effort, opening the tube with shaking hands. He kneeled between Omi's sleek thighs and carefully lubed and prepped him. Omi moaned continuously, getting louder the more fingers he inserted.

Omi was thoroughly enjoying himself. Every sensation was brand new. The feeling of Yohji's fingers inside him, stretching him, caressing him, was indescribable. He greedily gazed at Yohji's dripping erection, anticipating what that would feel like inside him. He wanted it so badly, he couldn't even think. All that mattered was Yohji, and what the older boy was making him feel. Then Yohji's fingers brushed against something inside him, and the feelings got even more intense.

Yohji knew when he had found the right spot; the boy nearly jumped off the bed and gasped, "Yohji! That feels so good!" Yohji decided the boy was ready.

Removing his fingers carefully, he spread Omi's sweet thighs apart even more, and positioned himself, lubing his arousal and pressing it against Omi's entrance. He paused, and looked down at Omi. It was like his hottest fantasy; the innocent looking blond lay back, big blue eyes shining, silky hair spread around him, perfect skin flushed, legs spread, hard as a rock and ready for him, and only him.

Omi whimpered, and Yohji pressed in, taking Omi and losing his mind. In and in he pushed, slowly as he could manage, reminding himself that Omi was a virgin. As if he needed reminding; the young boy was so tight, that Yohji was sure he was hurting him, so he slowed down. Omi whined in response, looking up at Yohji entreatingly.

"More," the boy demanded.

"Are you ok?" Yohji groaned, as intelligently as he could manage.

Omi nodded, then hooked his legs around Yohji's back and pulled him forward, pushing the other boy's arousal deep inside him in one thrust. Yohji almost screamed at the incredible tightness suddenly surrounding him. Omi smiled and let his legs drop, saying, "Now I'm ok. Fuck me hard, please, Yohji-kun!"

"Whatever you want, little one," Yohji gasped, and started to thrust. Spurred on by the young boy's cries of encouragement, the older boy drove deeper and faster. It was like fucking an angel; Omi's sweet voice asking for more, his perfect body taking every thrust. Higher and higher they climbed; Yohji and Omi as one, moaning and clutching at each other.

Yohji held back, wanting paradise to last forever. But Omi's body was so tight, and the boy was so incredibly responsive, that he knew he couldn't hold back much longer. He reached down to pump Omi's trembling cock as he pounded his body.

Omi loved every second of what Yohji was doing to him; his young body was filled perfectly by Yohji's cock. Every thrust was better than the last, every brush against that magic spot took him higher. Then Yohji started stroking his length, and it was all over. Perfection got even better; impossible pleasure increased. Omi spilled his second climax all over his own stomach and Yohji's hand, screaming his lover's name at the top of his lungs.

Yohji felt Omi climax; the small body beneath him tightened even more, clenching at his length, friction increasing exponentially. One more thrust and he was undone; nothing could have held back the tide of pleasure. With a hoarse cry, Yohji released his passion deep inside Omi, nearly losing consciousness from the intensity of his climax. Never had it felt this good, with anyone. It took all his strength to not collapse on top on Omi when he withdrew, shaking.

Yohji lay carefully on the bed next to Omi. He gazed in wonder at the beautiful boy, not quite believing what had just happened. But then Omi snuggled up next to him, burying his sweet face in Yohji's neck, and the arms around him were all too real. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, and held him close.

Yohji was almost asleep when he heard Omi murmur sleepily, "Mmm. Yohji, can we do that again?"