Another Saturday Night

(or Pimping Omi)

Kuwabara no Miko


Probably in terribly bad taste, but not my idea!! Not mine!! This fic is for Talya, Kristi, and Priya; to be shared out between them wherever the blame lies thickest! ^_^ It's their fault for putting the image in my head!! ^.^;;

Oh, and I suppose I owe poor Ken-kun an apology. sweatdrops But the impotency issue was from tay!! I just... um... integrated everything. *.* Makes me the most evil one of all, don't it?! leers

Another Saturday night in the small apartment above the Koneko no Sumu. Night hanging like a star-swept curtain of shadows over the city. A lone light shining in the spare bathroom, the rest of the dwelling listing in darkness.

"Stop squirming - you're getting eyeliner everywhere!!"

The usual refrain. Reprisal.

"But, Ken-kuuu~n!! I don't wanna - "

"Urusai!" An annoyed glare. "I stopped making you wear mascara, didn't I? Now sit still!"

A sullen - but adorable - pout, fattening pink-painted lips. "Ken-kun, hidoi!"

"Shush!" One last stroke. A step back. Cocked head. "What are you wearing? Red. Not the lavender, then.... Pink!"

"With glitter?"

"Quiet! It brings out the blues in your eyes!"

"My eyes are blue! And I don't like the glitter - it looks cheap!"

"Trust me; you're not cheap." A frown of concentration. "Just be quiet."


"Baka! You'll ruin your lipstick!"

"I don't care! Don't wanna go out anyway!" Sulking.

"Well, you're going to. Undo that button."

Silence. Then....

"It's not my fault my darts have more reach than your claws!"

".........." Red-faced fury. "That's not it! That has nothing to do with it!"

A knowing look. "Sure, Ken-kun. Sure."

"I told you - " Gritted teeth. "Let's just get going. The night's wasting."

Disgruntled. "You make sure I never waste the night."

Smug. "True."

Golden head titled at one angle, slim hips slanted the other, delicate hand playing over bared belly. A sullen expression tugging at full lips, hooding dark eyes under glittering pink shadow.


"You have to look more available."

Thin brows drawing down in a scowl. "Ken-kun, trust me - if I looked any more available, I'd be naked!"

"Now there's a thought...." Pursed mouth, faraway look.

"Ken-KUN!" Exasperated. "How do you expect anyone to bite if you're hanging over me like this, anyway?!" Pink-tipped finger extending. "Go wait around the corner!"

Sidelong look. "Can I trust you?"

Growing anger. "Since when have I ever cheated you?!?"

"Maa, maa!" Placating. "All right. I'll go see if I can hunt you up a customer."

"Just go!" Sulky, arms folded.

"Don't forget the price if you get someone - no discounts!"



Thudding footsteps on worn pavement.

A lanky shadow unfolding itself from the side of a building. "You finally got rid of him."


Dark head inclining. "Iku zo, then."

Golden head bobbing. Happy grin. "Un!"

Lean body cleaving the sheets. Burning tobacco flaring like a red eye in the darkness, lazy curls of smoke drifting between heavy drags. Exhalations writhing like wraiths in the night.

"Does Ken know?" A quiet question, low voice.

Covers rustling. "That you're my best customer?" A lazy stretch of slender golden limbs. Shivering yawn. "I~ie." A quick frown. "At least, I don't think so."

"Mm." Thin fizzle as the cigarette flips end-first into a half-filled coffee mug.

A quick squirm. Long arms twining. "Yoji-kuuuu~un," crooned. Golden cheek nuzzling. "You're not going to make me go back out to those cold streets again, are you?"

Hidden smirk. "Ken's probably waiting."

A snort. "Let him wait! He's not in a crop-top and cut-offs!"

Chuckle. "You think I can afford another go?"

Eager. "I'll lend you the money!"

Grin. "Well, in that case...."

A midnight filled room next door. Angry violet eyes narrowed in irritation.

Muttered. "I wish they'd find somewhere else to do that! A body needs his sleep!"

Pillow pulled over a fiery crimson head.

"Mou~! Every Saturday night...."


(Ain't I awful?!?! snickers)