Haven't You?


Yeah, I've been raped. What, you haven't? With all those older, "smarter" assassins in the house with you? Well aren't you the lucky one. No, I won't be the first. Truth is, I have no desire for your tight little ass. I just want....this is stupid.

I just want....I just want my family back. No, I'm not like that psycho and I didn't kill them. At least, not directly. I suppose they might still be alive...but it's hard to know. Mr. I-have-a-rod-up-my-ass-and-like-it doesn't approve of social gatherings. He says that we're family. Bullshit. He told me that the first time.

Crawford likes it hard and fast. Listen, you'll need to know this. He likes to hear you scream. The more you scream, the quicker it'll be over. If you're quiet, it can last for a long time. So I suggest you yell your little lungs out and pray that he's feeling generous.

Schuldich likes to go way up the ass...and anywhere. On the floor, against the wall, sitting in a chair....he doesn't care. And he's not all that picky, either. Hell, he would even accept the bottom...if you could last long enough. He'll make you come. And he likes bondage. A lot.

Farfarello? He likes knives. And hates God. That's all you need to know. If the other two even let him near you...fuck, I don't know what state you'd come out in at the end. But I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt that they'd let him touch you. You're too valuable to just mutilate, and besides, Crawford has a keen liking to pretty boys. He won't want that face cut up.

Me? I already told you, I have no interest in your tight ass. I was sent here to be the first, but, hell, I don't particularly want to.

No, I won't save you. Let's face it. It's your ass or mine.