Priestess Minerva

"Pllleeeeeeeaaaaassssse Brad!" Nagi continued to beg.

"No," the Schwartz leader replied matter-of-factly, burying his nose once more in his newspaper.

Nagi pouted, "why not?"

Brad didn't even look up, "because..."

"Because why?"

"Because I said so."

"You're a prick ya know that!"

"Everyone knows that," smirked Schulderich as he walked into the living room. "What did our fearless leader do this time?"

"Hrmph," Was Crawford's only reply.

Schulderich looked at the American a moment before smirking again. "Nagi wants a dog and you won't let him have one."

"Damnit Schulderich, stop reading my mind without permission!"

"Gomen." He didn't really mean it.

"I just don't see why," Nagi cut in. "I'd take care of it, I'd feed it, walk it...."

"And I'd be the one cleaning up after it." Crawford scowled. "There is no way I'm letting a filthy animal anywhere near my imported oriental rugs!"

The youngest member of Schwartz rolled his eyes.

"He does have a point Nagi"

Schulderich's teammates looked at him surprised.

The German smirked (he does that a lot ne?). "We wouldn't want Bradbrad to blow a vain over housecleaning. Besides...we already have a pet."

"Nani?" Nagi blinked. When had they gotten a pet?

Crawford was equally confused. "Schulderich, what are you talking about?"

"This..." He put his fingers to his lips, letting out a high pitched whistle.

A few moments later, a very excited looking Farfello came bounding into the room, his collar on and his leash drawing behind him. "You called?"

"See!" Schulderich chuckled.

Brad let out a frustrated sigh.

Nagi did as well. "This is NOT what I had in mind Schu."

"Why not?" He patted the psycho on the head like a dog. "He's much better then a puppy! He can do tricks, he chases cats, and I'm sure he'd be more then happy to hump your leg...among other things."

"This is really Really not what I had in mind!" Nagi buried his reddening face in his hands.

Farfello whimpered disappointed.

"Aw, you made him sad Nagi-kun, he just wants to play," Schulderich's voice dripped like honey. "Don't ya Farfie?"

"Uh huh," the psycho nodded hard, making his multiple earrings jingle.

"Gooodd...then sic em!"

"Schu I really don't think.....itai!" The younger Schwartz didn't get much of a chance to protest before being pounced upon by the older Irish man. "Farf get off of me!"

"Nope," Farfello grinned down at the boy he had pinned to the couch. "Schulderich said I could play with you and that's what I'm gonna do." He playfully licked Nagi's face.

"Stop that! Itai! Not so...eeee! Don't touch me there! Help I....Farf get your hand out of there...that is NOT a chew toy! Nyahhh!!!!"

Schulderich had by now fallen over laughing so hard his sides hurt. As for Brad....

"That's it...tomorrow I'm getting the Farf neutered...." He looked over at Schulderich.... "maybe both of them...." He sighed and continued to look through his stocks, ignoring the screams (and moans) that filled the room.

Author's Notes

MJ: Uh...ya...that was pointless....

Farf: Pointless fics hurt God ^__0

MJ: Ya.... sweatdrops