Interview with Weiss

Ryoji Shiozawa

My name is Ken Hidaka I'm 19 and I'm bisexual. Lately I realize I prefer men though. I work in a flower shop (yeah go ahead make the jokes about being a florist). My co-workers are three hot guys.

We have a night job too, but I don't really want to talk about that now. Lately, all I think about is Youji or Aya or Omi.

Where to start?

Youji I guess. I think he is twenty one or so. He acts like he's been around forever. He smokes, drinks, and nails anything that will spread for him.

He is casual about work, coming in whenever he feels like it. The thing is he's so charming while he's getting his way that he'll shove his shift on you and you'll thank him for it.

He's tall. He has almost shoulder length dark blond hair. He's built for some one who acts too lazy to work out. He has these amazing green eyes. They are always asking questions, even when he doesn't realize it. I look at Youji sometimes and wonder what he sees with those eyes.

Youji is a flirt. He strolled in late today, smoking casually, and he stopped behind me. I ignored him and kept working on the arrangement in front of me.

I was mad. He stuck me here alone for two hours this morning. It hadn't been busy, but it still isn't fair to leave me alone, it could have been busy.

He 'accidentally' brushed my ass.

"That's good Kenken, real good."

His tone of voice wasn't talking about my arrangement. Then he strolled on by with no apology.

Everything Youji does is calculated to be sexy. It's his way. I don't think he does anything unintentionally. Omi on the other hand never means to be sexy.

Omi. I love watching him. He's seventeen. He's my youngest co-worker. He's cute. He'd kill me if I ever said it, but he's adorable. Kawaii.

The innocent way he licks on a sucker kills me. When he wraps his lips around the candy you wonder what that mouth would be like on you.

Sometimes when he is excited or happy or for no good reason he'll put his arms around me and hug me. I think it's just a friendly thing, but when I feel his hot little body press into me I want to lift him onto the counter. I want to know how tight he is instead of wondering.

Aya is a mystery. He's beautiful. I can't think of another word.

I know he's Japanese, but he looks like a gaijin. His hair is the color of blood. His eyes are this odd color, not blue or purple. His skin is so pale he reminds me of a vampire.

Aya leads us. I trust him. He earned my trust by saving my life on more than one occasion.

I would trust him to tie me up.

I would surrender to him completely. I want to know if his skin feels warm or is he as cold as his eyes?

I know he would be brutal. No gentle touching. He'd fuck me hard, take what he wanted, and leave me wanting more.

Concentrating is hard some days at the Koneko. I am surrounded by possibilities. They wonder why I am such a klutz. You would be too with all the distractions around you.

Call me Youji sweetheart. I'm 21 and single. I work in a flower shop. No, I am not gay.

Well, not officially anyway.

Okay, I've tried it out. I'll try anything once. If I like it I'll do it again.

I liked it.

I don't like to be alone okay? I'd rather sleep with anyone than go home to an empty bed. So I'm a sex addict. I smoke and drink too. A lot. Sex is just a natural compliment to my other hobbies.

  1. Sex
  2. Smokes
  3. Booze

That is pretty much the personal priority list.

I live over a flower shop. I work there when I feel like it. It's a cover for my real employment.

I don't really want to talk about that now.

My co-workers? Hmm. Well, what do you want to know?

You want to know what I think of them?

Okay. Omi is sweet. He is the kind of person who will do anything to make you happy. He needs to lighten up. The kid is so serious. He works hard. School. The shop. Our night job.

I could make him forget for a while. I know the chibi is a virgin, but the other day he made a pass at me.


I came in on time. I do when I share a shift with Omi. Sometimes. Anyway, the shop was empty. He went into the back to work on arrangements then he called me with that sweet innocent 'Youji-kun' crap.

I went to see what he wanted.

"Could you help me?"

Innocent? I wonder. Omi was on the step stool trying to reach something on the top shelf. He was wearing shorts that were way too short. I noticed.

I told him to be careful, but it was too late. He over-reached and started to fall. I didn't want him to get hurt, I didn't think, I just acted.

Hey, I can move fast if I want to.

His tight little body fell back against me. My hands just kind of slipped.


Okay, so I copped a feel. How could I miss the chance? My left arm was conveniently around his waist so my right hand was free to roam. I let it cup one of those perfect little cheeks.

He sighed and leaned into my hand. He turned his head to one side. I could see him blushing. I let him slide down my body to the floor, but I didn't let him go. He didn't move either.

"Youji-kun." I've never heard him sound like that...

He shifted and rubbed that little ass against my zipper.

Then, the shop doorbell rang.

He ran to get it. Moment over.

K'so, that kid's a menace.

Moving on.

Kenken my hotheaded little jock. He worships me. I love messing with him. He gets so flustered. When I share a shift with him anything goes. I know Ken wants a piece of Youji. I might even let him have some.

Hey you can't fuck as much as I do and not be good at it. It isn't arrogance it's experience. People try to get date number two with me all the time, but that's not my scene. I don't do relationships.

I would do Ken though. He blushes like Omi but he watches me. He would know how to act in a dark room with a man. I bet he likes it rough. Maybe I'll find out soon.

Aya? I don't know what to say about him.

He's quiet. He's angry. He's probably the best friend I'll ever have.

He has his own ways but his loyalty is there. He's always got my back. I trust him with my life.

Why? I don't want to talk about that right now.

Aya is...important to me. Could we talk about something else?

Is this necessary?

Ran Fujimiya.


I'm 20.

Why should I describe my teammates to you?

They are adequate.

As people?

My relationship with them?


What are you implying?

Omi is a good worker. Ken is too.

Youji is...Youji.



My relationship to Youji?

I can be out of control with him.

Omi Tsukiyono and I'm 17.

I try to get Youji's attention, but I think he loves Aya. I think Aya loves him too. They are so obvious.

I want Youji first but Ken wants to do me in a big way. I'm not blind.

This cute routine has them all wrapped around my fingers. I think even Aya would like to have a taste.

It's a game.

See who can get the "virgin" first. Too bad Nagi already had the pleasure.

Or should I say has the pleasure? I know he'll leave Schwarz for me eventually.

When I have a free minute to think all I can think about is fucking them one by one. Maybe two at a time. I could take it.

Youji inside me and Aya in my mouth.

Maybe Ken will visit me tonight? I'm always friendly towards him. I know he likes guys. I think I'll invite him over.

The rest of my life is duty, school, and work.

Sometimes I wonder if Kritiker are really the good guys.

They forced these kids into this.

I remember when I joined.

Youji is fragile. He's running from his pain by drowning in anything that will distract him.

I'm glad he has Aya.

They really care for each other. If they didn't have that, I'm sure they wouldn't be standing.

Aya is wound so tight he's dangerous, more to himself than anyone else. If he didn't have Youji he'd snap.

Ken's going to walk away from Weiß with scars, but he'll walk away.

Omi? He's more Takatori than even he knows. He'll end up running the whole thing. He is strong and perceptive like his father was.

Call me Momoe and my age is none of your business.