Red Slacker

This work of fanfiction is purely that: a work of fanfiction. These aren't my characters, and I'd be worried if they were. All the characters are copyright Project Weiß, Tsuchiya Kyoko, and some other people I'm sure are much more rich and better than I.

Any Biblical quotes are from the New American Bible for Catholics, 1991 edition, World Bible Publishers. However, the quotes used are not nessecarily the opinion of the Catholic Church. Leviticus is an outdated text, and many Catholics realize this: as a rule, they don't take the Bible word-for-word. The Pope, after all, has made the statement that Darwinism can coexist with Catholicism. This is not meant as a religious tirade for or against Christianity in any form. Farfarello is not a sane man, as you should know, and what he says, does, and/or thinks is not endorsed in any way by the writer.

References to Dante's The Divine Comedy are from the Carlyle-Okey-Wicksteed translation, unabridged, published by Vintage Books.

Any German botched up in this work is my fault. I've never taken any classes, and the translating was done at 4 AM with a questionable online translator.

On the portrayal of Farfarello - many would say he's too coherant in this work. This is your opinion. Mine is that he's more of a Hannibal Lecter (a special thanks to Aurora Derall for thinking up the comparison) type of insane: intelligent, able to think with surprising clarity, but undeniably twisted and warped. This type of insanity is ultimately more frightening, as the ability for him to reason makes for an ability for him to build "People-to-Kill" lists, as well as being able to think of new ways to kill people.

Finally, this work has been dedicated to VK, who nagged me day and night to write this, and without whom this wouldn't ever have been completed. I hate to say it, but thanks.

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