The End of Innocence

Seishuku Skuld


All right guys, this is my first yaoi fic, also my first lemon fic, so be gentle. ^^;; I'm pretty inexperienced, and the only thing I have to work with is the lemons that I've already read, so if there's anything I got wrong, then stretch your imagination for now, and flame me about it later. ^^:;

This is lemon, pretty much Yohji X Omi PWP, but does through a bit of Yohji's feelings for Omi. ^_^;; So if you get bored, just skip to the good (if you can call my writing that) part. ^_^ Yeah, I have weird writing style, so live with it. I'm not good at writing stories, I think essays are more my thing, so gomen gomen gomen.

And on another note, don't ask what happened to the mission. It just got tossed in the garbage after the sex. ^^;; Everything works out fine, and that's that.

The Weiss boys aren't mine, though I wish they were...>.< I'm just using them for my own perverse pleasures.

The Beginning of the End

Everything important always happens on a rainy day, or a dark and stormy night. Something like that anyway. Nothing important can go without an omen; be it rain, snow, clouds, wind...

But I found nothing last night, nothing that indicated that my world would be turned upside down...And it makes me wonder whether what I experienced is truly what I wanted, truly something I can hold onto...

The Beginning of the Beginning

"Ne, Yohji-kun, gimme a hand with these!"

Yohji glanced up from the couch, where he was watching television. All he saw was a large box, and a pair of Omi-legs from behind.

"Hey, it's a walking, talking box-on-legs!" Ken teased from the kitchen.

"Ken-kun, mou!!" Omi shouted from behind the large box he was struggling to carry. "It's a new computer, and it's really heavy!! Help me already!!"

"Just like a kid," Ken chuckled, giving Omi a hand with his burden.

"KEN-KUN!! I'm not a child!"

"Yeah, sure, kid," Ken replied, giving Yohji a wink.

Yohji grinned, and went back to watching television. Omi was so cute, sometimes he still had a hard time imagining the young boy as an assassin, a cold blooded killer...who could still be so cheerful.

"I'M NOT A KID!!!" <

Ken was driving Omi crazy, and it made Yohji laugh. They both enjoyed teasing Omi mercilessly, not to cause him pain, but to remind them that yes, Omi was still an innocent child. It didn't matter how many people he'd killed, Omi would always be innocent. Yohji desperately wanted to believe that, that Omi would never lose that genki smile that often graced his face...but he knew that one day, any day, they could all lose their life in a mission. Yohji was not afraid of his own death, nor Ken, Aya, or Young Omi. But he was afraid of the death of his teammates. Yohji would never live with himself again if one of his teammates died. He cared about them too much, especially Omi...Omi was too young, had too much to live for. He wondered whether his other teammates were as desolate as he was...Ken killed his best friend, Omi killed both his brothers, and he had killed his own true love. He envied Aya. Aya had never killed anyone close to him, he never knew the feeling of murdering family or friends. He envied all of his teammates, Ken for his doggedness, Aya for his inexperience, Omi for his cheerful innocence. Why would it always have to be him, the one that felt, experienced the most?

"Yohji! Yohji!! YOHJI-KUN!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!"

"Mm?? Nani?" Omi's voice brought Yohji out of his reverie. Yohji looked up from his musings at Omi standing by the couch.

"Aya says he needs help in the shop now, it's starting to get busy."

"Aaaa...Hai!" Yohji rose slowly, stretched, grabbed his apron and ascended the stairs.

"Weiß, I have a mission for you," the computer generated Persia growled darkly from the video.

All the Weiß members were assembled downstairs, eyes watching the video intently while Manx waited for the end of their briefing.

"There is this new computer hacker group named DIRECT. Kritiker tells us that they plan to hack and erase the government's information database; this will allow the group access to the profiles of all the citizens, essential government secrets, and shut down all essential government functions. Kritker believes that they will use this to blackmail politicians and government officials, thus crowning themselves the puppetmasters of the government. Your mission is to assassinate the two heads of the group, Shinohara Sora and Kanai Rei. You must also destroy the computer network of DIRECT. White Hunters, hunt the tomorrow of these dark beasts."

"How did they manage to set up base here?" hissed Ken, as they neared the ruins of an old factory. "There isn't anything in the vicinity that's younger than 20 years old!"

"Except Omi," replied Yohji with a wink and a smile. Omi shot Yohji a withering look that would have wilted the flowers at Koneko.

"Yohji baka," Omi muttered.

Yohji smiled, masking the sudden twinge he felt in his heart. They could all die tonight, DIRECT was a very high-tech criminal group, and who knows what traps they had in store at their headquarters.

"Anyway," Omi spoke, pretending he didn't hear Yohji's remark, "we found their signal being carried by several communications satellites, apparently they know how to disguise their messages in the carrier signals. What this means is that Abyssinian and Siberian will have to find the targets while I install the virus into their network. Got that?"

"Yes," Aya replied as curtly as possible. "Let's go."

Omi's heart fluttered when he neared the computer, Shinohara Sora's computer. He tried to ignore her dying corpse hanging from the ceiling, compliments of Yohji's wire. The operating system was completely new to him, he didn't know how to use it.

"Shit," he thought to himself, "this isn't good." He looked around furtively, but Yohji was standing guard at the only door in the room. This was going to take some time. He began by looking over the appearance of the system, hoping it would yield some clues as to how it could be used.

"This is too quiet for my pleasure," Ken growled looking suspiciously around the dark, damp room, supposedly home to the unit which Kanai Rei used.

"We are not here for pleasure," Aya murmured, eyes darting back and forth trying to see in the darkness.

"But, we could..." Ken's mouth breaking into a sly grin.

"Not here, not now."

Ken and Aya whirled around...too late.

Kanai Rei. With two guns in her hands...pointed at them.

"Don't move boys," she hissed, keeping her sharp eyes rooted to the two of them. "I don't know who you are or what you're doing here, but you're not going to live to tell about it."

"What's taking so long," Yohji hissed from his vigilance at the door. He didn't think anybody else was around, but he wouldn't take the chances. Not on Omi's life.

"I'm almost done, I've finally figured out how this piece of shit works."

"I wouldn't exactly call that a piece of shit." Yohji knew he didn't know much about computers, but he knew good ones when he saw them...and he was sure this was top of the line, the most up to date machine you could get.

"Yeah, but the operating system is," Omi waited patiently for his virus to execute, it would give him a small signal before all the DIRECT computers would be disabled.

"It's getting hot and stuffy in here," Yohji murmured, wiping the sweat from his forehead. It wasn't just the heat, it was Omi too. Yohji sneaked a look at Omi's child-like face, staring intently at the computer screen, the dim light from the monitor casting a ghostly pallor across his sweet features. Yohji shook his head and returned to watching the dark hallway in front of him: definitely less interesting than Omi.

"Umm...Yohji..." Omi turned around to stare wide-eyed at Yohji. Blue eyes, full of fear.

"Run," Omi was already out of Shinohara's chair and running towards Yohji. "Out, Yohji...GO GO GO!!"

Intent on his work, Omi had not noticed Shinohara's computer overheating. She must have programmed some kind of time bomb into her computer, set to gradually heat the computer, and then explode, taking the intruder unawares. She must have pressed some special command into the system before Yohji was able to lift her body away from the keyboard.

Omi looked behind him, seeing the monitor turn red before running full speed into Yohji, bowling both them over into the hall. "The computer's going to..."

A colossal tremor rocked the old building. The floors shook, and chunks of ceiling, floor, wall, and computer came flying as the explosive detonated.

This was his chance, in one fluid motion Aya's kitana was unsheathed and had severed Kanai Rei's wrist. Gasping with the pain, she dropped the gun she was pointing at Ken. Ken closed his fist, and rushed forward, pointing the claws of his bugnuks directly at Kanai Rei's heart.

The End of the Beginning

"Omi? Omi?" Yohji had shielded Omi successful with his body from most of the blast, but he didn't know how hard Omi's head had been hit by the large piece of flying debris. Yohji's back was sore, bruised, maybe bleeding, but he didn't care. Omi was not conscious, not responding... God, don't let him die. "OMI!! OMI!!"

"Ooohh," Omi groaned, lured in consciousness by Yohji's voice. He looked around, blinking his baby blues. He winced, "my head..."

"You got hit by a flying piece of factory," Yohji said, a wry but relieved smile on his face. He prayed that Omi didn't notice his arousal at being pressed so close to the boy.

Omi's closed his eyes, squeezed them shut, hiding tears. His head hurt, he couldn't think straight, he couldn't see straight... "My head hurts...a lot..."

Can't to do this, can't do this, Yohji kept saying to himself. God, he wanted Omi, he'd wanted Omi for a long time. He wanted to protect his innocence, to take it himself, to let this boy live before his death... You can be killed anyday, Omi...but I want to give this to you before that happens. He was glad Omi had his eyes closed, so he couldn't duck away from what was coming his way.

"How does this feel?" Yohji asked, brushing his lips lightly against Omi's own. He felt Omi's small body tense at the sudden contact.

"Yohji..." Omi murmured, his blue eyes snapping open, radiating a mixture of fear, excitement, aroused lust. "What are you...?"

"Shh," Yohji whispered as quietly as he could. Oh please, please, please, let Omi want this too. I want to take your innocence... "Just answer the question." He licked Omi's lower lip, begging to be let in.

Omi paused for a moment, but the impatience in Yohji's tongue ruled his mind. Yes, he had wanted this...he had dreamed of this...Yohji always teased him, made fun of him, called him a kid. But he loved Yohji, wanted Yohji now, more than anything and anybody. Yes, he wanted this, he wanted to Yohji to take him, because he could lose Yohji, he was sure he almost did when the computer exploded...

Omi opened his mouth a little, content to let Yohji's tongue explore, pleased to feel Yohji's body pressing against his own, pleading for a loving touch. Without thinking, Omi's hands moved to Yohji's trench, caressing his body, then reaching to undo the zipper. He didn't care about his headache anymore, because this was so much better.

Slowly, bits and pieces of assassin clothing were tossed willy-nilly around the damp floor of the factory. It seemed that despite the initial tremors, there would be no further structural collapses...not that Yohji or Omi cared about that.

The boys entwined, tongues sparring, hands caressing, legs wrapped around each other's bodies.

"Omi...Omi..." Yohji whispered, enjoying the fresh virgin taste of the boy's mouth, "how far do you want this to go?"

"All the way," Omi breathed, his tongue desperately reaching for Yohji's own. "I don't care..."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Reluctantly disengaging himself from Yohji's lips, Omi began his trek downwards, nipping at Yohji's neck, exploring his contours, his muscles, closing over his nipples and drawing lusty moans from Yohji.

" turn," Yohji whispered with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Lifting Omi's chin from his chest, he once again kissed the boy, then dragged his tongue along the boy's cheek, his neck, his chest. Yohji took Omi's wrist, pressed a wet kiss to it, caressing it gently with his tongue. Then he proceeded to move down, drawing a protesting whine from the boy when he passed over Omi's stiffened sex and instead licked the inside of his thighs. Yohji allowed himself a small smile, Omi was such a child, so eager to get it as soon as possible, but he wasn't to make it so easy on him. Finally done with exploring Omi's legs, Yohji closed his mouth around Omi's erection, drawing a gasp of ecstasy. Omi closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure, hips unconsciously thrusting up, begging for Yohji to take him in further. Yohji sucked rhythmically, enjoying Omi's upward thrusts. He didn't know how long Omi would last, probably not too long, as this was Omi's first.

Omi whined again in protest when Yohji's mouth left his erection to return to nipping at his neck, his arms wrapped around Omi's waist and hands spreading his legs wide.

"Do you really want this?" he whispered gently, afraid to break their euphoric bubble of delight.

"Yohji please..." Omi managed to say between his whimpering moans.

Yohji smiled covered the boy's neck in wet kisses and gently pressing a finger into Omi's virgin opening. Omi's body stiffened in response, but gradually relaxed as Yohji pushed his finger in further, distracting Omi with kisses anywhere he could place them. When he saw Omi moving rhythmically to his fingers, he pulled the younger man down to his tip, and entered with slow strokes. Omi pressed close to Yohji, gripping the older man tightly, his gasping turning more urgent as Yohji rocked his hips up, taking himself further into the young boy. One of Yohji's hands returned to stroke Omi's member, caressing it, rubbing its head as he moved rhythmically, slowing pushing until he was fully inside Omi. Omi sucked in a breath, a look of pure pleasure and happiness on his face. Both boys lost track of the time, caught in the pleasures of love-making, both hoping that the moment would last forever. Yohji's eventually began feeling the pressure build up, and his thrust became faster, and more urgent. Close to the edge, Yohji gave another careful upward thrust, his whole body tensing as he came hard. The feel of Yohji's warmness exploding inside his body sent Omi coming seconds later, his eyes squeezed shut, clasping Yohji to him as tightly as he could.

Yohji sighed and sank to the floor, taking a very happy Omi with him. Wrapped in Yohji's loving arms, Omi snuggled into the chest of his lover and sank quickly into a deep sleep.

The End

Everything important always happens on a rainy day, or a dark and stormy night. Something like that anyway. Nothing important can go without an omen; be it rain, snow, clouds, wind...But I found nothing last night, nothing that indicated that my world would be turned upside down...And it makes me wonder whether what I experienced is truly what I wanted, truly something that I can hold onto. Yet despite all this turmoil, I am happy, I am loved, I am protected, and I'm not a kid anymore.

But I love Omi. I can't help it. I want to protect him, I want to give him life, because I know that I could lose him so easily...I don't know when, maybe we will live a full life together, but I just want him to know how I feel, I want him to feel the protective arms, the caress of a lover, the ecstasy of making love. I wanted to take his innocence not because I wanted his body, but because I knew that his soul wanted to be taken to a sanctuary. He is no longer innocent, and nobody teases him any longer about being a kid. He's my Omi, he gave his innocence to me, and now it's my job to keep safeguard him until the end.