Part 3

Sailor Star Love

Aya lifted his eyes from the paper he was reading as the kettle whistled. He reluctantly put the papers down and got up to fill the coffee pot.

Why should I be shaken?, he thought, we all had our cross to carry. He felt a little bit arrogant about his reactions, but what else could he do?

Arrogance and coldness was a facade he liked, no feelings shown so no one could exploit his weaknesses. But he knew he couldn't hide his thoughts to a mind reader and that made him worry.

"So there you are..." Ken's voice said behind him. Aya felt the young man's arms around him. "Naughty Aya... You were supposed to come jog with me... Not up to it?..."

"Manx came in just as I was about to run after you... She gave me this..." Aya nodded to the pile of papers. "It's a dossier on Schuldich and Nagi..."

"Man..." whistled Ken. "That was fast work..."

"Yes..." agreed Aya as he poured himself some coffee. "Convenient... Isn't it?"

"Are you suggesting something Aya?..." asked Ken.

Aya shook his head. "I don't know... It's just.... A gut feeling that not all is as it should be..."

"You're too suspicious... Manx has always been on our side..."

"Maybe... but if they had that info on Schuldich and Nagi... How come we never had it before?..."

Ken frowned, he hadn't thought about that.

"Disturbing isn't it?..." Aya said pouring himself some coffee.

Ken hugged him. "Maybe you're seeing bad things where you shouldn't..."

"Maybe you are too trusting..." Aya replied.

"Guilty as charged..." smirked Ken. Then with a playful smile, he started to kiss Aya's neck. "You're so tense... You should try and relax..."

Aya closed his eyes. "Ken... No... the others..."

"Are fast asleep... I checked. It's just you and me, Aya..." He kissed down Aya's throat, noting how the redhead's pulse had quickened. Ken knew Aya would never admit it but he loved this.

"Still... I... Stop..." panted Aya. He could feel Ken's thumbs rubbing against his nipples, already getting erect from the attention. "We shouldn't..."

"Mmmm..." purred Ken. "I love this... The mighty Aya, who is always so in control... losing it with a touch..."

Aya tilted his head back. "Ken... aaah..." One of Ken's hand was running down his stomach towards his thigh, rubbing gently, just a few inches from where Aya now wanted it. He squirmed trying to get Ken's hand over his length, although still clad in his clothes, had already started to harden by Ken's teasing. The redhead panted harder, Ken's teasing was getting to him.

"Mmmm?..." purred Ken. "I drew us a bath... Maybe we should go there. I'd make love to you right here and now... But... You'd be redder than your hair if the others ever walked in on us."

"Ken... Don't tease..." started Aya, but Ken's silenced him with a torrid kiss.

"Shh... Come..." Ken lead Aya to the bathroom and then he locked the door.

Nagi opened an eye, he thought he had heard something, didn't the door just closed? He shook his head, thinking he might have been dreaming it had. He was about to stretch when he felt movement on his chest.

Omi was there, snuggled to him, still asleep and using him as a pillow. The slightly older boy sighed in his sleep, seemingly content with the sleeping arrangement.

Nagi couldn't help a small smile. This was much more than he ever hoped to have Omi like this against him. When they both collapsed around three the night before. He had been too tired to go to Aya's room. Omi just told him to sleep next to him. Nagi didn't want to refuse.

Omi mewed a little in his sleep and hugged him closer. Nagi loved the way the blond boy held him and had started to hold the other also. After a few seconds he got bolder and started to caress Omi's hair.

It's so soft, he thought, much softer than I first thought it would be.

"Mmmmm..." Omi purred, he was enjoying this a lot.

Nagi then bit his lip, what if he wakes up?... He'll probably mad at me for

"Ouka... Ouka..."

Nagi's heart sank when he heard Omi say his half sister's name. He closed his eyes biting back the tears. This will be always between us, Nagi almost cried. Of course he had known about Ouka and Omi's ties, via Schuldich and Crawford.

Poor Omi, he fell in love with his own half sister. But when he learned Nagi could have betted he would have loved her as his sister, no matter what.

Until that lost bullet.

Damn you Schuldich! How could you? fumed Nagi. He sighed. He also knew it was an accident. Schuldich almost got killed by their employer, Takatori. If Crawford hadn't... said that! Weiss weren't to blame for Ouka's death. Omi would have never endangered her.

Nagi, without realizing it, was nuzzling Omi's hair. That's the price you pay for the life we lead, thought Nagi, one day it will be my turn to die at some stranger's hand. It scares me, but I know it will happen. He held Omi tighter, I just hope it's not too soon.

Omi started to stir as Nagi held him closer and tears fell down his eyes. Omi could feel the other boy shivering. He was a bit surprised feel the other boy holding him. Then he realized that he was holding on to Nagi. It felt warm and nice.

Omi smiled a little still a little sleepy, he had slept like a baby. Maybe Nagi's arms did help him sleep, he didn't have a nightmare this night. He even saw Ouka and she was smiling at him. What had she told him?... everything would be all right soon...

What did that mean?

He frowned, that was just a dream Omi... Don't see things where there aren't any.

Then he felt some moisture on his cheek. He looked up sleepily.


Nagi wiped his eyes hurriedly and took his arms away from Omi. "Err... Ohayo..."

Omi smiled up to him. "Ohayo... Did you sleep well?..." ACK what a stupid thing to say, Omi reprimanded himself.

"Yeah... I did..." Nagi also reprimanded himself, he could have said something a little more witty.


Both of them felt embarrassed, Omi of course for holding Nagi in his sleep. He felt a little ashamed, he woke up during the course of the night and looked at Nagi while he was asleep.

He looked so sweet as he slept. Omi blushed as he remembered, in the moonlight, Nagi had looked so beautiful, so inviting, his lips slightly parted waiting for a kiss.

Omi blushed harder, if he had listened to himself last night, he would have started to kiss Nagi. But he couldn't, not while Nagi wasn't awake or had consent.

Omi always had thought Nagi to be beautiful, he had had some thoughts about other guys, he always had. And living with other bishonen guys didn't help the matter. But Omi couldn't let the others know, after all they were family to him. It would have been weird to have gone and have a relationship with one of them. The one he had considered was Ken, he had had a crush on Aya and Yohji, well Yohji was just a little too old for him.

But Nagi was perfect.

But if Nagi is to be part of the team?

So what a voice said in his head, you think that slowed Aya down when he showed his emotions to Ken?

Omi was thinking about that a part of the night, then Nagi had moved, his arms outstretched like inviting him in. Omi couldn't resist and as soon as he felt the other's body heat, he had fell asleep.

"I'm... I'm sorry..." mumbled Omi.

"About what?..." blinked Nagi.

Omi blushed. "Holding you like that..."

Nagi smiled shyly. "I didn't mind... Still sleepy?..." He slowly put his arms up and settled Omi back in the position he was in when he slept.

"A little..." sighed Omi. "You're so warm..."

"So are you, Omi-kun. I... It felt good to sleep like that."

Omi smiled and snuggled to him. "Yeah... It did." He closed his eyes. He felt his heart hammering a little in his chest. What is this? Why am I feeling like this? Does that mean I... He shook his head slightly, he didn't want to go too fast and jump to conclusions. But Nagi holding him, felt so good, he sighed happily.

"Comfy?" asked Nagi.

"Mmm-hummm..." replied Omi, loving the way Nagi held him. "Can we stay like this a little while?... Until the others are up?"

"Sure Omi-kun... You can stay in my arms as long as you want..."

Aya had just heard the declick of the lock in the bathroom when Ken's strong arms wound around him, possessively. Almost as instantly he felt Ken's mouth nipping at his neck.

"Mmm... You're feeling amorous this morning..."

"You bet... You had me hanging all night... It's about time I make you pay." Ken kissed him passionately.

"Ken... We have... guests... unwanted guests..."

"So?... Who cares?... It's just you and me now Aya... And you're wearing all too much clothes..." purred Ken. He started to peel Aya's T-shirt up. "Wouldn't you say?" he asked with a smile and shinning eyes.

Aya smiled in spite of himself. "I love you, you make me laugh..."

Ken pouted a few seconds. "Only for that?... You don't like the way I make hot passionate love to you..."

"Ken... Not so loud..." blushed Aya. But Aya had turned around and was kissing Ken's. "Here... Have a taste of your own medicine..."

"Mmm oooh... Aya..." purred Ken.

"You're such a tease..." growled Aya as he started to kiss down his lover's neck.

"Mmmm... You know you like it... Although you'll never admit it..." purred Ken as he passed his fingers through Aya's scarlet locks.

Aya took off Ken's shirt. "In that case, maybe I should let you hanging just a bit more..."

"That would be cruel... Especially if I do this..." Ken kissed him passionately and let his hand wander on the redhead's length, stroking him through the cloth. He delighted in hearing his love groan in appreciation.

"Again... Ken... You drive me crazy..." Aya retaliated in kind to the ex-soccer player's assault. Using his free hand to caress his buttocks through the lycra short he woke. He was soon tugging them down and was discovered the surprise. "You didn't go out like that?"

"Well..." smirked Ken. "Maybe if you had gone jogging with me... We could have found a secluded place... Just you and me..."

Aya smirked as he kissed his love. "Have I neglected you this much?..."

"I won't hold it against you... If you don't neglect me now..." Ken shivered as Aya slowly sank to his knees. He gulped when the redhead looked back up at him, the look of a predator in his eyes. Ken let out a throaty moan when Aya's mouth drew him in. The brown haired man let his hand fall on his lover's head, ruffling scarlet hair, guiding the hungry mouth and dictating a tempo.

Aya took his time, feeling Ken getting harder in his mouth, excited him, made him want more. His hands went to knead Ken's muscled buttocks. He was rewarded by more moans from his assassin lover. Casting all self-retenue to the winds, wanting only to hear more of Ken's beautiful moans, Aya started to tease his lover's entrance.

"Ohhh... Yesss... Aya... Oh God, you're incredible!... Don't stop!" panted Ken. "More... More... Ah yessss...." Ken parted his legs to grant Aya a better access, his legs started to shake, the position was precarious, but he didn't care if his legs would hurt come evening, this was bliss.

Aya fumbled to get to the secret hiding spot that ken once told him about. After loosening the board on the corner of the wall, Aya was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ken had not lied. His fingers found the tube of lubricant easily. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy to open it. Especially when Ken didn't want him to stop his attentions. With a deft hand he was able to open and squeeze some of the slick gel on his fingers.

"AAAH YES!" loudly moaned Ken as he felt his entrance gently pried open by Aya's long fingers. He felt his blood run both red hot and icy cold in his veins. "God... Aya... You made me wait too much... I can't control..."

He felt ecstasy making his body shake, not this fast, damn, he thought. He didn't want this to end ever. To have Aya do this to him was like a dream and he didn't care if he ever woke up.

Aya sensed Ken's closeness to rapture and slowed down a little, concentrating on preparing him before he would take him. But Aya also wanted to take Ken like this. To make him loose it all in his mouth, he blushed at those thoughts, he never thought he could do this to any man before. But at each encounter he had had with Ken, he found out that his self-imposed barriers melted away with a glorious smile from Ken. Now his entire being was focused into seeing his love's face in the throws of bliss as they made love. There was nothing in the world more beautiful than to have Ken arch against him crying out his name as his body shook with pleasure.

"Aya... Aya... Please now..." panted Ken. The redhead released him and Ken wasted no time to turn around to receive him. They usually took turn but the brown haired man wanted this so much he didn't want to wait. He wanted Aya to take him, he voiced his desire to him with an urgency in his voice.

Aya grabbed Ken's muscular hips and slowly started to fill him with his length hardened by passion. He let out a small moan as he felt himself slowly enter this velvet warmth, this tightness that was Ken.

"Ah God... Aya I want you!.... I want you deeply in me... Make me yours!" a fevered Ken moaned panting with ecstasy as he felt Aya slid deeply in him. "Oh yes... More... MORE!"

Aya started to thrust into him, at each thrust, Ken would tell him how much he loved it, he loved him. Soon the tempo would come to a frenzy, Aya leaned forward and gave Ken love bites as his fingers bit deep in his skin.

Ken started to shake, he no longer had any control on his body as he met Aya's thrust into him. He was hungry always hungry for more. And he cried out Aya's name when the redhead's strokes touched his magic spot, the place that felt like pure bliss.

Ken arched against Aya and screamed his ecstasy. This was one of the most intense sex, he had had with Aya since they had started to make love. He melted in place as Aya continued to thrust frantically into him, his heavy breathing telling the brown haired man that his love was near to the bliss he felt.

Ken moaned when he felt Aya's hand take his length and stroke it vigorously, he let out another moan as his seed spilled, joined this time by Aya who had achieved completion deep within him.

They both slowly collapsed to the floor panting, feeling the afterglow slowly go away. Ken half turned and kissed a still panting Aya.

"Ai shiteru... Aya... Ran..."

"Ken... Ai.... Ai... shiteru... You and no one else..." said Aya as he slumped against him.

"Mmmm... I don't know about you... but I don't ever want to leave this bathroom... Not with you in it with me..." teased Ken.

"Good... I don't want to either... well not for the next 30 minutes or so..."

"Why's that?" asked Ken.

"That's when Manx comes here..." smirked Aya.

"Oh SHOOT!..." Ken felt his heart sank. "Why can't we have a day for ourselves?"

Aya smirked. "I just gave you twenty minutes... I don't think I can last all day..."

It was Ken's turn to smirk. "Oh I think I can make it so you can last all day long..."

"Is that a threat?..." asked Aya, nipping Ken's neck.

"No... A promise..." whispered hotly Ken.

Omi and Nagi were snuggling gently in the bed, enjoying each other's presence when they heard a noise.


Omi blushed deep red, they were at it AGAIN?

What were they?... Rabbits?

Omi then felt uncomfortable, oh no not now not when Nagi was so close to him. Damn! Those two, He was going to have a talk with them. That was getting out of hand.

Darn he kept thinking, closing his eyes tight, I must not react to this, I must not.

He opened his eyes briefly to see Nagi's eye shut tight too.

"Nagi-kun?" asked Omi.

Nagi opened his eyes. "Yes Omi..." He was blushing deeply. Omi blinked and understood why. He started to blush too.

"I... I think we should move away from each other a little..." gulped Nagi. Omi nodded and they both disengaged from their embrace.

They both were looking at the ceiling, blushing like crazy and getting a little hot under the collar. They kept silent until the cries of passion subsided.

Nagi cleared his throat. "I guess they finished..."

"Hai." replied Omi.

"Omi-kun... Have you ever?..."

"No... H... Have you?"

Nagi shook his head. "No... I was waiting to meet the person I would fall in love with..."

"Ah..." Omi was a little sad, thinking that Nagi might not like him at all.

"But... I think I found him..." blushed Nagi.

Omi breath got caught in his throat. He looked at Nagi, was he saying what he thought he was saying?

Nagi smiled shyly. "It's you Omi-kun..." Nagi gave him a sweet kiss to which Omi, surprising himself, responded to. "Mmm..." purred Nagi "I just wish, I had told you at a better time..."

"I'm happy you did..." Omi snuggled to him. "Now I don't feel half as mad at Aya and Ken..."

"I just wish they could get out of the bathroom soon..." Nagi sighed.

"Why?..." blinked Omi.

"Err..." Nagi blushed deep crimson. "It's because I have a... slight problem..."

"Me too..." admitted Omi, blushing as red as Nagi.

They both looked at each other embarrassed, both wondering what to do and hoping he didn't gross out the other. The problem was, it wasn't going away.


"Yes Nagi-kun?..."

"Nothing..." Nagi blushed red again.

Omi scooted closer to him. "Nagi... Maybe we could... you know... Just touch a little..."

Nagi gulped. "Maybe we could... I... I... just never did that before..."

"Me neither... But... You're so beautiful... and lovely..." Omi snuggled closer to him, his hand rubbing against Nagi's chest.

"I should tell you that... you're so angelic..." Nagi replied with a little husk in his voice. His own hand slowly going to Omi's lower stomach. "Omi-kun..."


"MANX!!!!" yipped Omi. The two boys looked at each other and scrambled to get dressed.

"BE RIGHT THERE!" cried out Omi.

"YEAH!" added Nagi. "Damnit..." he then added under his breath.

"I guess we'll have to settle this later..." Omi kissed him, passionately, then left to open up to Manx. Nagi was breathless for a couple of seconds before reacting.

"Hey... Wait for me!"

Yohji snuggled closer to the warm body next to him. Who just yelled? Ah who cares?... It felt so nice, warm and toasty in bed right now. Let Omi, Ken or even Aya take care of it... He wasn't moving a lazy muscle from the velvety warmth he felt.

Yohji frowned suddenly. He had something in his hand, something warm and velvety. He moved his finger to figure out what the heck he was holding.

"Mmmmm..." Yohji heard a husky purr, from someone with a deep voice.

Yohji risked an eye to look at his bed partner.

Dark orange hair...

It couldn't be Omi... Hair was too long... Ick Omi... that would make him a pedophile... Thank god it wasn't Omi.

Then, the memory of the past few days came jogging back in his mind. Schuldich, the explosion, the kiss... the...

They didn't... it was a dream right?

Why am I dreaming stuff like that anyway... Shouldn't I be dreaming of Manx or any other bodacious member of the opposite sex.

That's because you had 'unhealthy dreams' for a long time, Yohji...

He shook his head. He thought he could find out what the hell was in his hand.

"mmmm... oh yesss..." This time Schuldich was moaning.

Oh great... Is he having a wet dream?... Then it hit Yohji, what he was holding was...

"AAAAAAHRGH!" yipped Yohji as he fell down the bed.

"YEAOWWWW!" cried out Schuldich as he sat up wide awake, for Yohji hadn't let go of a part of him he was rather found out. He then doubled over, his face a rictus of pain.

"Keep it down, will you?" frowned Yohji.

Schuldich was gasping for air. Yohji then bit his lips when he realized what happened.

"Shist..." The German sputtered. "What did I do to deserve that?..."

Yohji put himself to the defensive. "You placed my hand on your... on your..."

Schuldich growled between his teeth. "It's called a penis... Gott! So you woke up holding my penis... Why the HELL did you want to yank it out of its place for?..."

"It was an accident!" snapped Yohji. "Why the hell was my hand wrapped around it?..."

"How should I know?... I was sleeping!"

"Likely story..." puffed Yohji. "As if I'd do that!"

Schuldich lifted his head and peered at Yohji sitting bare romped on the floor. He also spied something else. "Oh yeah?... Then explain the swell... You fell on it?..."

Yohji facevaulted and looked down.

"oi..." He let out.

Schuldich smiled and scouted over the edge of the bed. He would have liked to go on the floor with Yohji, but his member was still hurting him like hell.

"Soooo... Who's the Hentai now, Yo-tan..."

Yohji sputtered. "I am NOT!"

"You're so cute when you're indignant... You know that?..." purred the German. He extended his hand and touched Yohji's lower stomach.

"What are you doing?"

"Mmmmm..." whispered Schuldich. "I'm helping you take care of it. Hard like you are... it's going to hurt in a while... I know. Come on, hop on the bed so I can do a better job..."

Yohji panted a little, the sensations that were filling him at Schuldich fleeting touch, made him shiver. Damn, he wondered, why am I reacting so fast when he touches me. I want more, but should I? I mean, this is Schuldich...

He opened his eyes and saw the look in Schuldich eyes.

Oh the hell with it!

Yohji was going back on the bed and his lips almost touched Schuldich when...




Manx was ready to tell them the things she found out. But as she turned around, she blinked.

"Geee... Did EVERYONE got up from the wrong side of the bed or what?" They all looked up to her grumbling, she decided not to push the matter and found it odd Yohji wasn't trying something.

"Just get on with it..." grumbled Aya.

"Right... As you all know... Members of Schwarz were attacked last night. Only ones who survived were Schuldich and Naoe Nagi, both present. Now... The police investigation was handled by special police forces..."

Omi was surprised. "Ano... Why?..."

"All I know... Is that the chief of police... Was ordered by the Justice minister to let those operative handle the investigation."

The four members of Weiss looked at each other.

"And of course, Takatori-san, just couldn't say no right?" They all turned to look at Schuldich. "What?"

"How much do you know?" growled Ken.

"What?... What's wrong with you... EVERYONE KNOWS who is the chief of police... It's not a big secret."

Everyone blinked and Aya nudged Ken. Manx coughed. "Can we go back to business then?... Good." She hit the play button on the VCR and let the boys watch the tape. Nagi and Schuldich saw a man, his back turned to a window, his features obscured by the light that came from the same window.

"White hunters..." The man started, his voice low and gruff. "As Manx explained, we have reasons to believe that someone is trying to cover up the deaths of two of the former members of Schwarz. The bodies have been taken to a government laboratory and the autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Your mission, White Hunters, is to infiltrate the lab and get as much information as you can.... White Hunters, hunt tonight the beasts of tomorrow..." The tape cut off.

"Man... That's a corny speach..." said Schuldich.

Manx stood in front of him and Nagi. "So... Are you in this case?"

Schuldich blinked, she was asking them? "Of course, we will take it!"

"We want to know what happened to our old teammates and who did this!" Nagi added.

Manx looked at them. "I don't think you understand me... There is no turning back... If you take this mission... Then you are now members of Weiss... Oh and saying no is not an alternative..."

"I guess we have no choice..." started Schuldich. He was startled when Aya gripped him and pulled his katana under his throat. Yohji rose to his feet, worry briefly etched on his face.

"You join us and be loyal or... You die... And believe me, I won't hesitate!" Aya growled under his breath.

"No... I don't think you would..." replied the German. "Would you kill Nagi also?..."

Aya didn't answer but looked his straight in the eyes. His silence weighing more than any word he might have said. Schuldich looked Aya straight in the eyes without any fear.

"I am now a member of Weiss... My past organization is defunct... I will be loyal to you and the others..."

"You better be... or else your head is mine!" growled Aya, he let him go and turned to Nagi. The young boy didn't want to show any emotions but his eyes... they betrayed just how afraid he was of the redhead. Omi frowned and moved to shield Nagi. Aya frowned at him but the younger boy wasn't fazed.

"Nagi-kun will be loyal... I can vouch for him!"

Aya looked at both of them for a while. "Very well... But he better not make me doubt... or else!" Nagi gulped.

"Saaaaaa!... I'm so tired!" sighed Nagi. Schuldich and him had been successfully included in Weiss, so they had to do the same as the other boys: Work at the Koneko. There had been so many customers, mostly young girls who came to see the new addition to the shop. Many fawned over Schuldich and his lovely long orange hair. Nagi and Omi had been assailed all day with girls who either wanted them to serve them personally or asked them on dates. Both he and Omi declined, saying they already had someone, much to the chagrine of the girls.

Nagi let himself flop on the bed while Omi was in the shower. He opened his shirt and closed his eyes. Boy, was he tired! He hoped that the next few days wouldn't be as bad. He relaxed and waited for Omi to come back. They had given him his own room, but he wanted to stay with Omi again tonight.

While Nagi's eyes were closed, Omi tiptoed back to his room. When he opened his door, he saw Nagi lying there, eyes closed, shirt open, looking like a very sexy angel. Omi blushed brightly as his thoughts started to run amuck. With a sexy smirk, he sat down next to Nagi on the bed.

Omi touched his chest, slowly sliding his fingers up and down Nagi's chest. Nagi kept his eyes closed and purred, he was afraid that if he opened his eyes, Omi would stop.

Soon butterfly kisses flew all over his face before they landed on his lips. Nagi kissed Omi back hungrily, both boys feeling a powerful feeling enter them. Giddy and drunk from these new sensations, Nagi pulled the blond boy to him.

Hungry kisses continued, hands roamed on chests. Omi's towel was tugged off at one point and Nagi started to caress his bottom, loving the silky feel of Omi's skin. He squeezed the cheeks and the blond responded with a purring moan.

"N... Nagi-kun... Motto... motto..." Sighed Omi, he took hold of Nagi's pants and pulled down the zipper. Nagi helped him by wiggling out of his pants. Both boys shuddered in pleasure when their hardness rubbed together.

Then, they both lost track of time, their fevered body dictating their moves, their yearning. Soon their roaming hands found a place where their energies should be focussed as wanted to please the other. They both took each other's hardness in their hands and a fevered tempo was achieved.

Both were panting and moaning, kissing each other roughly, with need. Their hands going up and down faster in time with their panting. But after a while it proved too much to Omi and he started to shiver and moan Nagi's name. Nagi feeling that Omi was about to come, doubled his effort. The blond who didn't want to be undone, sped his hand motion on Nagi.

"Nagi... Dai... suki..."

"Mou... da... Dai suki... OMI!"

They both felt something enter them and rush through their bodies and got out as if they were hit by a shower of fireworks. They huddled close, breathing heavily, snuggling.

"Nagi... That was..."

"I know... Omi-kun... I only want to do this with you..."

Omi smiled sleepily. "Me too..." He mewed a yawn and snuggled in Nagi's arm after the brown haired boy wiped their excess passion with Omi's discarded towel. He then settled back in bed with Omi, pulling the covers over them both.

"We better get some sleep... Before we go to that mission..."

Omi nodded, snuggling closer. They both fell fast asleep.

Yohji was tossing and turning, sleep eluding him. Schuldich was given his own room, so he was free to sleep alone. After all this was the norm, not what they did last night. They ONLY slept! he kept repeating himself. The German was in his own room now and all was well. Everything had returned to normal.

Then why, thought Yohji, can't I sleep? And why do I keep thinking about him?


No... I couldn't be...

I must be...

I'm in love with him. I really am in love with him.

DAMN IT! His fists slammed into the mattress. It was love... Love and lust, he wanted the orange haired German. Yohji always was a creature of passions who never really denied his sexual needs.

Except right now.

It still felt, alien to him, this lust for another man. To be held in strong arms, to be swept off his feet, to be taken... he actually shivered with the thought, wondering what it would feel like. Would it hurt?... He suspected it did, it most probably did, yet the thought seduced him.

What should he do? Stay in his room and give himself pleasure while fantasizing about the German or go to his room and seduce him?

Not that he thought there would be any seducing would hold out for long. Yohji thought the German was as passionate as he was. Maybe one of the reasons he was so drawn to him, a kinship of sorts.

Yohji waited until Aya and Ken had retired for the night. He knew Omi and Nagi were sleeping together. Omi... Who would have thought? It's always those you least suspect. As soon as the coast was clear, Yohji threw a robe on and stealthily went to Schuldich's room.

He didn't bother to knock, he figured the German would love to be surprised by him. So he slipped in and by the light of late day, he saw that Schuldich had fallen asleep.

Undaunted, Yohji closed the door behind him and dropped his robe. He then slipped into bed, careful not to disturb the bed too much. Then he waited, he wanted his body to warm before touching the German. When he thought his body had achieved the right temperature, he pressed himself next to Schuldich.

Yohji almost moaned right away, Schuldich's body was warm and soft. He just wanted to rub himself all over him and his hips started to ground sensually against the sexy body.

Schuldich 'woke' instantly, he was playing possum all along. He wanted to see just what Yohji wanted and if he was ready for something more. He was quite pleased to discover Yohji's eagerness. He roamed his hands all over Yohji's body and was mimicked by the White Hunter.

Kisses were exchanged, hot and fevered. Yohji moaned when Schuldich started to kiss down his throat. The dark blond haired man surrendered to the German, letting him take initiative. He felt it was the only thing he could do.

Schuldich had prayed that this would happen soon and when it did, it was a complete shock. He almost didn't believe this was happening, but it was. Yohji, hot and willing under his mouth, Yohji telling him without a word to love him, Yohji who's mind sang in pleasure within his. He held yohji's mind and body in a heated yet gentle embrace, he was determined to love him, until they both lay exhausted in each others arms.

The German took his time, surprising himself with this calm that washed over him. He thought their first time would be quick. But it was spiraling to something really special. Schuldich was kissing down Yohji's chest, kissing every inch and sucking the skin, making the White Hunter's blood turn into molten lava.

As he kept going down Yohji's chest, he could hear the ragged breaths, the demanding moans as he neared the center. Finally reaching it, he kissed the entire length before licking it up and down. Yohji's breath came out in pleasure filled moans, he sucked back his breath when Schuldich mouth took him in.

Yohji felt his entire world was this hot mouth, sucking the pleasure into him. Oh Kami-sama... Why did he ever wait?... Why had he been afraid to experienced this? His fingers tangled into the fiery mane, he was helping the German establish the tempo unto which he was pleasured. He let out a moan of frustration when Schuldich stopped sucking his member.

The German let go of Yohji long enough to get a hold of a few items. First a condom, they both had had a few lovers and Schuldich had to admit, he hadn't been always sure of his impromptu dates hygiene. Then there was the lubricant... They would need it, especially Yohji. But Schuldich hesitated.

"Yohji... Are you sure you want to try?..." asked the German.

Yohji didn't reply right away but pulled Schuldich in for an embrace. The white Hunter was prone and had invited the German between his legs. "I wouldn't be here... If I didn't..." purred Yohji before giving Schuldich a kiss that blew his mind away. "I want it, you want it... Don't make me wait..."

"Gott... you're so hot..." replied the German, kissing him deep. He squirted some lubricant and applied it to Yohji's entrance. He heard the moan that came free his lips and shivers from the cool contact of the gel. "Let me make you even hotter..."

Schuldich was giving Yohji love bites at the junction of his neck and shoulder, then licking the small wound. All the while, his finger had started to explore his lover's entrance teasing it before finally slipping in.

Yohji let out a small hiss when the finger entered him. There was pain and he had expected it, but there was an underlying pleasure there also. He was hoping that the pain would go away and that the pleasure would increase.

It will Yohji... Count on it...

"Schu... Kai..."

"Mmmm.... Let me give you more..." Schuldich quickly lowered himself to Yohji's member as he entered him with a second finger. He could feel his lover appreciated the treatment when his mouth bobbed on his member again.

Yohji could feel something building up in him. It was so intense, more so than all those late night stands he had had. Schuldich was in his mind, knowing exactly what to do to him with that contact. And he, Yohji, was in Schuldich's mind, learning with tears in his eyes, about the German's feeling for him.

Yohji was ready, Schuldich more than ready so with an unsteady hand he smoothed the condom over his engorged member. He panted in anticipation afraid, yet not wanting to back down.

don't you dare... Yohji's voice rang in his head.

I won't, Liebchen...

"Gooooood..." moaned Yohji as Schuldich finally entered him. They both didn't know what to expect and none were able to describe it.

This fullness, this tightness.. You are, I am... OH GOD, GOTT! ICH LIEBE DICH... AI SHITERU!

None of them knew how long it lasted but it felt like a tsunami, all powerful and consuming. Yohji held on to his German born lover and felt like he was falling backward in the softness of the bed. United they both reclined, drunk on the sensations, hoping they would never be sober again.

No words needed, only comfort, acceptance and love.

Exhaustion, sleep, fulfillment, embrace.

They fell asleep as they unconnected but remained locked in a loving embrace.

They would need this moment... For the days to come.

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