Part 2

Taylor Takahashi


Taylor: sorry this took so long, I went on vacation to New York.

Yohji: Yeah, and you didn't take me!!!

Taylor: but that didn't stop you from sneaking into my suitcase and tagging along.

Yohji: Hey! You caught me and threw me out!

Taylor: One more word out that mouth of yours and I'll put you in a lemon crossover with GW with relena and all the doctors.

Yohji: NOOOOOOOOO!!!! anything but that!

Taylor: what did I say!

Yohji: do I still get my lemon with Schu schu and brad?

Taylor: fine! only if you be quiet. Where are all the other?

Yohji: Aya's screwing Ken, while ken's sucking Schu. the little brats are screwing with your GW clones And Brad's screwing me right now.

Taylor: O_o How can you still talk?

Yohji: What can I say I'm talented! *moans* harder!!! Yessssssss!

Taylor: okay on with the fic!

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I can't take it anymore! Every time that he walks by I just want to jump him. He's so beautiful! Manx has been coming over everyday to give him lessons, and everyday I'm totally enthralled by his gracefulness and beauty. He never ceased to surprise me.

Who knew that Ran could do a perfect falsetto. Only one more week until school starts, and sakura pedals have already covered mother earth in a soft blanket. So beautiful, just like him! Yohji is forcing all of us to go to a club with him tonight by threatening to tell us every one of his horror sex stories. I shutter at the mere thought of it. Is it really possible for a woman to have 4 nipples?

I don't understand why Yohji's making Omi go. He's underaged for god sakes. Manx is also tagging along. In a way, tonight would sort of be a field test for Aya and me. For Aya it would be a test to see if he could pass for the role in a public place, and for it would be to see if I can keep myself form jumping him and not come in my pants. I've better get back to work.

Seated at the food court of a popular shopping mall was a beautiful young women with long fiery read hair that extended mid back.

Muttering a creative curse, the young women shifted uncomfortably in the skimpy skin tight leather dress that barely covered her firm round ass. This is so humiliating! What's taking her so long? How long does it take to buy a lipstick? Why did Manx want to take me shopping again? She already bought me enough clothe to last me a lifetime. Damn Yohji for making me go to that stupid place tonight! I can't stand clubs. They are all so loud and irritating. Dammit!

"Hey sexy! Wanna come and have fun with me?" A slightly nasal, but velvety voice asked.

"Fuck off!" Not bothering to look up or use his falsetto, Aya replied in an extremely dangerous voice.

Feisty! I think I just found out what Weiss likes to do in their spare time.

"Schwartz!" Aya whipped around and glared at the intruder of his peace.

Dammit! Shit shit shit shit shit! I can't beat him without my katana!

"Watch your language young lady," Schulich said with an amused yet seductive smirk.

"Damn telepath," Aya muttered.

"I heard that. So what's a beautiful lady like yourself doing alone? Need some company tonight?"

"As I have said before, Fuck off!" Came the simple reply.

Flashing Aya another one of Schulidch's infamous sultry smile, he leaned down into Aya and whispered into "her" ear, "Nein, I'd rather fuck you. Bye beautiful. I'll call you." Schuldich then placed a feather light kiss on Aya's red tinted lips. Shocked by the

delicate kiss, Aya sat dumbfounded in the wooden chair as he watched Schuldich sauntering off. Eventually the meaning of the words and the actions of the sultry German settled in, and the fiery redhead wondered how the hell he got himself into this mess.

Later that day.

"Come on already! Aya you're taking way too long. It can't be that bad, can it?" Manx whined. The effect was rather frightening.

"Yohji doesn't have his camera. I promise. Just come on already."

A few seconds later, the bathroom door clicked open. Aya came out in a silver tube top, (Just pretend somehow Aya has cleavage) a black vinyl mini skirt, and a black jacket that came just several inches above the knee. His wig was the color of his fiery locks but with silver streaks. It extended past his mid back. Two diamond earrings adorned his perfect earlobes. On his delicate wrists were a dozen thin silver bracelets. An elegant diamond platinum chain lay on Aya's perfect neck, drawing attention to his cleavage (again pretend he has one) Aya's impossibly long and perfect legs seemed longer because of the 3 inch Gucci high heels. He looked to kill! quite literally.

"So how do I look?" Aya asked as he twilled around, already in character. Everyone's jaw dropped.


"Wow! was all Ken could get out.

"Damn sexy!" Yohji commented.

Omi was speechless. While Manx had a glint of jealousy in her eyes.

"So I look good right?" Aya smiled uncharacteristically. "Come on. Let's go already." SHE walked towards the door, but couldn't help to stop and slap Ken and Yohji's firm asses. SHE was going to be just fine, being a girl was going to be so much fun.

1 hour later

"Kenken please? Please? Pretty please?" Aya pleaded fully enjoying the role.

"But I can't dance! I don't know how."

"Neither do I! We can copy whatever the others are doing."

"Okay fine, just one dance." Ken sighed, there was no way he could say no to Aya when he's like this. Grabbing hold of Ken's wrist, Aya dragged him to the middle of the crowded dance floor. The Japanese redhead the studied the movements of the dancing couple next to them, and mimicked the motions perfectly. Aya grinded his hip into Ken's. Ken responded with a similar motion as they began a very sexual dance.

"Hey look Yohji! Aya and Ken are dirty dancing! I thought you said they didn't know how to dance."

"They sure look like they know what they're doing. All the alcohol sure loosened them up. After this song it's my turn with Aya. Where's Omi?"

"I don't know he just sort of disappeared." Manx replied and drank another sip of her margarita. Another jealous glint flashed across her eyes, as the Yohji ignored her and stared at the dancing couple.

Both boys developed an erection on the heated dance floor, but apparently you can hide a hard on under a mini skirt.

"Do I make you horny baby?" Aya whispered into Ken's ear. (I couldn't help myself! Guess where that's from. If you said Austin Powers you're right.)

"Hell yes!" Ken replied breathlessly. He then grabbed the red head by the hip and pulled him in for a bruising kiss. Ken's tongue traced Aya's lower lip as seeking for entrance. The redhead parted his lips and welcomed the intrusion. Their tongues intertwining in a sensual dance as their body moved slowly to the beat. If not the demand of oxygen, the kiss would have lasted forever.

"Ken, bathroom now!" Aya ordered as they broke apart. As they were making their way through the crowd, familiar voice greeted Aya in his head.

Hey sexy! Going somewhere? Dropping his falsetto and the girlish act, Aya turned around and fixed Schuldich with a nasty glare.

"What do you want Schuldich?" Acknowledging the name of their enemy Ken also turned around.

"I just want a dance with this beautiful young lady."

"Fine." Aya sighed in resignation.

"No! You can't Aya. He's a Schwartz."

"Ken, I have no choice. We can't start a fight here. There's too many innocents, besides we don't even have our weapons." Aya placed a gentle kiss on Ken's lips and gave him a look that promised pleasure later. With yet another kiss Aya followed Schuldich back to the dance floor.


Sorry I ran into another writer's block, and I promise lemon in hte next part. By the way I couldn't help but putting that Austin Power quote in there.

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