Er... so yeah, my princess brainwashed me ;_; also this is the shortest ficlet dooda I've ever writen so yeah, i know its short >.<


Such a pretty little word. So simple and small, deceptive in its quaint familiarity. Simplicity containing such vastness of meaning that it could astound the mind if one would but let it. For such a sweet, innocent little word to hold so much significance to so many...

But that was beside the point.

Red was life and death and everything in between. It was the blood that flowed in his veins, and that which must also flow in the veins of the one God, whose image they had all been created in. It was purity and pain and screams of agony all at once familiar and alien to him. Pain was a thing of beauty, of suffering, a thing to be mastered and a masterpiece to be created, written in human flesh.

His dreams were washed in red. Brilliant crimson skies arched above a scarlet sea where the bloody souls he had savaged swam, silently screaming beneath the waves of bitterness.


He craved it, that burning shade, the colour of his -- hair, spun like silken fire, sanguine locks soft between his blood stained fingers. Forbidden, beautiful and terrible. The want of this one, for this one, roared through his blood, pounding behind his eyes, as nothing else.

For this one, anything. For crimson more precious than ruby, framing eyes of deceptive lilacs, anything. For him -- , the one whose pallid skin was streaked with that beautiful red death, as his was, anything.

A kiss, marvel that those pale lips tasted so pure. Not the coppery tang of life spilled over skin, nor the acrid bitterness of death's taint, just sweetness and salt.

For this alone, anything.


N as my princess was unsatisfied with the ending --

Maki: So does he kiss back?

Tro: Yeah, and then there was buttsex, the end.

^^ so I told her I'd put it in there somewhere when I posted >P