White June

Created after A-kon 10 by Ruaki, White June was an attempt to create a archive for yaoi Weiss Kreuz fics on the net. At that time, the WK fandom was actually very small, much like the Slayers fandom at the time of Darkness Rising's creation. ^_^ So, Ruaki, like the many other "non-existant" fandoms she's joined, stirred the collective net pot and fans started coming out of the woodwork. Thus, White June was formed.

And for the origin of the name ... June is the name of a very influential yaoi magazine ... and White has obvious origins. ^^*

So why am I running this site? Because Ruaki is no longer a big WK fan and I snapped it up so it wouldn't die and leave us without a WK archive. ^_^ I was a fan.


Darkness Rising

For all intents and purposes, this is White June's parent site (sister site may be more accurate, but all my archiving styles were perfected in DR, and this site is now a product of that style) and my first webpage.



Just so the world knows: When I say "yaoi" I'm using it as a general term for the entire range of male x male interaction. This includes shonen-ai, pre-shonen-ai, yaoi, and all types of slash.


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