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For WK fanfic links in general, please go to Anime Fanfiction Links: Weiss Kreuz.

    He certainly has probably the largest collection of anime-related links anywhere on the English web. If you haven't already, be sure to check this site out.

Angel Black
    Lotsa wonderful fics for your perusal (Schru x Crawford spotted so far)! I recommend "that you could hate me so." ^o^

The White Cross
    A very delectable page with lotsa humor and Keya overtones ... *-*

Weiss Kruez Fan Fiction
    Team Bonet's WK page. So, well, you know it's good.

Weiss Kreuz Webring

Bunny Doll Anime Fandom Page
    The place for excellent Weiss fics.

Omi's Place
    It's the Omi shrine! Home to some nice pictures ... No longer updated.

    A shrine to the baddies. ^.~

Blood Rose and Sakura Bloom
    The origin of one of our mascots.

Intrinsic Desires
    Check it out, VERY cool place to go, if for some crazed reason, you haven't been there yet. ^_~

Schuldige als Sünde
    Schuldich shrine! Most comprehensive I've found. ^.~ Ya know, I just realized I have a thing for redheads. Reno preens

Schu's Thin Mint
    A Brad x Shculdich shrine. ^_^ Hehe, a fav pairing of mind. ^^** Of course, I like pretty much anything that's Schuldich x Someone.

Dreamwalker's Weiss Kreuz Fanfiction Page
    A page with Omi and Nagi (not necessarily together) fics.

White Cross
    A general fanfic archive.

Farf's Realm
    First german Farfello shrine.

Noctuidae.Org -- Standing At the Gates
    Ningengirai's page! *-*

Screw You We Moved Fanfiction
    Home of Crushed Violets.

Weisse Engeln
    The only Weiss Kruez doujinshi circle in the US.

Weisse Engeln Yaoi Webring
    Do I really need to explain?

Mayfly: A Nagi Shrine
    What else? A shrine to Nagi.


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