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Creator: Zrana
Homepage: Zrana's Realm
Creator Comments: All my comments are in the nifty Read me file ^_^ I got that idea from my friend Yuuki, who's CCS skin I used as a template. ^_^
[From the Read Me file: Wai wai wai, I made another winamp skin! It's only been, oh... nearly 2 years! x.x And this is a complete one, unlike my first! Woohoo! dies
I took the picture from Raya's Violinist of Hamlen page, "Under the Kotatsu" of which I'm too lazy to pull up the link, and no I didn't ask, I have a feeling she won't mind what with all the edited I had to do. x.x Winamp skins take FOREVER.
sigh All that lavendar and purple, and no Vocal.. there there, maybe next time. ^_^ .. waitasec... Next time??? x.x This one alone took all day and killed me! haunts you for making her say such a thing as 'next time'
Don't go around posting this online or I'll let kestra out of his box so he can do cruel and unspeakable things to you! Like subjecting you to his hair curlers collection. >D
Oh yeah, no equalizer thingies. Why? Becuase then Sizer-sama would have her face blocked! We don't want that!
Ooh, ooh! Click on the volume control, watch Kestra-in-a-box trick to avoid getting poked! XD
I'll go leave you be now ... ]
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