Wai! Ruaki (with help from Jon-kun) made this! Isn't it cool!?!?! glomps the both of them *-*

Wai! glomps Ruaki-chan again Isn't she so sweet!?

It's so pretty .... *-* permanently attached to Ruaki-chan

Yah! An opening pic for Shinra Inc. from Mangacat!!!



I won an award!!

Won from Blue Dragon Anime's Bombchu Awards.

Won from The Dragon Caves of the Emperor's Sister.

Won from Anime World ... AKA Zel's Page.

Medium: lead

Description: eye-pan of a recent sketch of Zelgadis, created by bluesaved@aol.com, copyright 2000 (image copyrighted to bluesaved, not the character, of course...)

Awarded to: the ifni no miko

Purpose of award: to applaud the superior art design exhibited in darkness rising, and the amazing artwork or Ruaki-chan (whom i'm beginning to envy), Mangacat, other fan-artists that contribute to d.r., (not to mention the more recognized efforts of the animators of Slayers itself and the original artist of Slayers, who inspires the greater portion of its fans, Rui Araizumi).

From Crimson Flames and Sapphire Ice: A Lina and Zelgadis Writer's Guild

From Slayers: Labyrinth of Illusions and Devoid of Thought