Who the heck is Ifni? Ifni is the Godess of Luck and Chance, Anarchy and Order, Chaos and Balance, Light and Dark, Good and Evil. (And that's a whole lot of capitals.) She's also known as Infinity, Lady Luck, Lady Infinity, and, of course Ifni. I got the name and general (very general) concept from the Uplift novels by David Brin (he's good, you should read his works).


Darkness Rising

The name of this page came from my own imagination and is the name of an organization created by one of my original characters: Legacy Arkham. grins I just like the way it sounds. You'll notice alot of weird, darkish names around here. My weird and erratic dramatic streak showing it's head.


Temple of Ifni

It started out as just my room ... then it evolved ...

Floatin' in a bubble, singin' that endless round
Spinning in space, waitin' for a sound
Lotsa trouble we're creatin'
Lotsa mayham we're makin'
It's a joy ~
    It's a pain ~
Shut up Zel ~
    No way ~
        We're escapin'
Like heck you are ~
        How ya gonna stop us?
        You can't run that far ~
Jerks ~
        Oh yeah ~
    Oh yeah ~
Oh ~ Yeah ~

    That was pointless
        Yer tellin' us ~
    Enough already!
No way ~
        No way ~
Ba~by ~
        Ba~by ~

    Why me?
'Cause yer free
        That's cold, man, cold
Chorus: Icey!
        Popsicle man!
        Gimme a snowcone!
Down boys ...



The Why

A vow.

I said I'd post archive every Slayers fic written and released and that is my continuing goal.

And so ... this page was born.

And grew ... and grew ... and grew ... 'till it's the monster it is today. ^_^




Just so the world knows: When I say "yaoi" I'm using it as a general term for the entire range of male x male interaction. This includes shonen-ai, pre-shonen-ai, yaoi, and all types of slash.

Other Stuff?

More to be added here once I finish some of my new plans for the page. But for now, this should do. ^_^


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