Dragon's Tear


Watch carefully, Serge.

Shimmering. A lattice work of blue and white sparks, waving on icicle tendrils of honeycombed light.

Visions behind the eyes, my eyes, the fat glow of memory as breath steals from the place inside my lungs, drawn into the past and future.

Stab her. Slide the blade in deep and watch her fall to the ground, shocked with the violence I rendered her blood splattered form.

It's not me. It never was. But it smiles like me, lips curling into a twisted parody of pleasure as it steals my voice away.

Can you feel me breathing down your spine? Stalking you, Accident of FATE?

Sparkling. Wave after wave of glimmering lines, an ocean of crystallized time. A breath of air to shatter them like the fragile things they are.

A cat's eyes in the darkness, paws bathed red with blood, my blood. Laughing inside my mind as the storm carries me away to nothing.

Embracing ice as soul brushes against soul. The soft caress of another's mind and body, phantom images and refractions of sound. Warmth and heat and lust.

Then the shove of rejection, the flight across time and space. The cold of slamming into another body, thrust from the soft shell of my own, purged by the sweet touch of the demon.

Now, I am you. And you, you're just the enemy. Prepare to die my own death, Assassin of Time.


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