A little piece on Forte (Bass). Written for Ruaki-chan. ^_^

    The series that gives my single moment fics a place to shine. Direct link to the Momentos page.

    A waffy shonen-ai story about Blues and Rock.

Blues' Song
    A poem taken from the Space RPG. Blues is a former battle cruiser that was court-marshalled for some crime never mentioned and is now condemned to be a mere cargo vessel.

Blues to Rock
    YAOI Just a quickie poem.

Vile to X
    YAOI Yet another quickie poem.

    YAOI A little something different. Signas/X


Prince of Tennis


100 Word Drabbles

        YAOI [Sengoku/Ohtori] TenniPuri crossed with Battle Royale.

        YAOI [Ohtori/Shishido] TenniPuri crossed with Battle Royale.

    Phantom Fantasies
        YAOI [Sengoku/Atobe] All the things you want ...

        YAOI [Sengoku/Ohtori] When all good little boys are in bed.

        The glitter and sparkle of magic in the air.

Summer Afternoon
    YAOI All these snippets take place on summer days and star Sengoku.



    YAOI Sengoku/Akutsu

    YAOI [Saeki/Yuuta] Another version of Better, written for Ruaki.

Wedding Bells
    YAOI [Sanada/Sengoku] This takes place at Jr. Senbatsu while the boys play a game of tennis.

In My Dreamworld ...
    YAOI [Sengoku/Kirihara] Kirihara has some interesting dreams.

The Morning After
    YAOI [Yanagi/Sengoku] This takes place at Jr. Senbatsu. Sanada suffers an attack of too much knowledge one fine morning.


Kingdom Hearts


Obsession   NEW!
    YAOI [Riku/Sora] A day at Destiny Island.

Dancing Dream   NEW!
    YAOI [Riku/Sora] Sora has a dream.


Guilty Gear/X


Future Soul
    A poem starring Sol.

The Four Vignettes
    Four little pieces on Sol, Ky, Baiken, and Testament.

Your Own Worst Enemy
    YAOI and NC-17 for rape. Ky discovers some things he didn't know about himself ...

Going, Going, Gone
    Anji and Chipp ... a 'lil vignette.


Final Fantasy VII


    Same beginning, same ending, but the middle is a bit different.

    YAOI Rufus has some interesting ponderings after he and Reno's ahem intimacies.

Gem Soul
    YAOI A stone for a guardian long-dead and a gift to a king.

    YAOI The FF7 counterpart for my Slayers fic, starring Reno. >.< I dunna like it all that much, but hey, it's done.

Dance With Me
    YAOI Gee, can you guess which couple?

If You Die ...
    YAOI Everyone makes mistakes ... some can be fatal ... and accidents happen. Remember that.

Too Much of Heaven
    YAOI Just who's dead?

Perfect Blue
    YAOI ^^* It could be many things, but it's definitely R/R. And it's definitely not according to FF7 canon.

Mirror, Mirror
    YAOI I guess it's Reno x Reno ... ^^* If you thought Reno was crazy before ...

    The series that gives my single moment fics a place to shine. Direct link to the Momentos page.


The Slayers


Cadence of Death
    The origin of Valgarv's cherry toy! Someone please stop the clicking ...

Darkness Within
    The never completed, yet extensive story of Xellos from his birth to meeting the Slayers to beyond. Featuring prominently in this story was the Xellos x Zelgadis coupling. ^^; The whole thing is very dark.

    Mazoku Within
        Very Dark YAOI. Xellos is intent on stalking and seducing Zelgadis. Why? Sore wa himitsu desu.
        The story that inspired the rest of Darkness Within.

    Would He?
        A little off-shoot story I scribbled up one day when my sister mentioned that she thought Xellos and Amelia made a good couple. You could call it one of the fics that began the Xellos/Amelia craze once upon a time. Basically, I took Mazoku Within and revamped it from Amelia's POV. Not in cannon to the Darkness Within storyline, but it fits with them anyway.

    Mine Forever
        @.o More darkness. How Xellos became the Priest and General of Zelas.

        The YAOI, a semi-continuation of the Mazoku Within story line, but it supposedly takes place at least a hundred years in the future, after Xellos threatens Zelgadis's friends's lives unless Zelgadis does him a little favor ...

    Very Dark YAOI, a counterpoint fic to Ruaki's Tenshi to Akuma. From Xellos's point of view.

    Dark YAOI. Xellos created a son (clone) from he and Zelgadis's blood. Now the son, Xaren, wants out ... but things aren't always what they seem to be.
Based on Ruaki's and I's RPG.

Take Your Chances
    A song inspired by Lina, but not necessarily about her.

    What is the color of trust?

Fire and Ice
    Opposites attract ... a poem about Zelgadis and Lina.

Whispered Plea
    YAOI That's really all there is to say, except it's between Zelgadis and Xellos.

Flowing in Blood
    A dark little snippet about out three favorite guys!

    Here for posterity, but it's the poem that goes to Dreams.

    They say that some people can touch in dreams and through dreams lovers meet on distant shores ...

Dinner Lessons
    YAOI Xellos's is being a royal pest, as per usual ... until Zelgadis gets revenge.

Have You Ever?
    Two people, one sorceress and one chimera start to think along the same lines. Is it love?

Deepest Envy, Darkest Hate
    You never knew Zelgadis was jealous of Xellos, did you? Or that he wanted a certain Mazoku out of the way for good, but not for the reason you would think.

The Game
    YAOI implications. Xellos strikes a deal with Lina, but Zelgadis pays the price.

Torn Apart, Inside and Out
    A little poem centering on Zel's phsychi ... and on the demon's and golem's.

    A sort of embellishment fic of Torn Apart, Inside and Out. Some decisions aren't just made by one personality, nor do they bode well for anyone else.

Plans Gone Astray
    YAOI Zelgadis and Xellos strike a deal. Each will help the other get Lina's love, but what happens when they start to fall in love with each other?

Secrets Best Unknown
    A dark, dark story. Zelgadis finds his cure in a city that was destroyed by it. Now the cure wants Zel ... and Lina. I consider this to be one of my greatest works.

Crimson Hunt
    Who is the hunter and who the hunted?

Cure So Surprising
    .... I'll let you read this, otherwise it won't be a surprise ...

Remember Me?
    YAOI Long ago, Xellos left his lover to his fate. Now Zelgadis is back for revenge.

    A man who is machine who is man.

Let it Burn
    Amelia finds the truth in the death of her love: Everything burns.

Light and Dark
    YAOI A drabble between Shabby and Ceifeed.

The Truth Will Set You Free
    Ever ask a question that no one answered? Well, here's one of those questions: What is truth?

Have You Come For Me?
    Death comes unexpected.

    The real origins of the Slayers world.

    In the Beginning
        YAOI The fic that started it all, so to speak.
        A creation story with a twist. ^.~ Shabby x Ceifeed

        The first spin-off of In the Beginning. One of the first mazoku lords thinks back to the beginning.

    Icy Mystery
        YAOI Dynast x Xellos. Brothers share a moment together.

    Hunter's Moon
        A meeting of the mazoku lords.

    The series that gives my single moment fics a place to shine. Direct link to the Momentos page.

If I Die Before I Wake
    Some dreams you never want to have again, along with some memories.

    Just what are the Trickster's motives?

Curiouser and Curiouser
    YAOI It's Zelgadis's birthday and Gourry gets him something special.

    Another fic with a birthday theme, only poor 'ol Gourry, he forgets all about this one ...

    Long ago, the second moon of the Slayers world was destroyed. But from that death was birthed one who would consume the world ...

Trick or Treat
    When dieties go a trick or treatin' ... and those dieties happen to be Zelgadis and Xellos.

Take Me Away
    A fic I hope answers some questions. Why does Zelgadis dislike cities? Why doesn't he mention any family besides Rezo? Why doesn't he go to Sailoon (besides Amelia)?

    A spin-off of Take Me Away. When Lina really met Zelgadis for the first time.

A Single Stone
    Xellos gives Phibrizio one last moment ... a finale if you will.

Lina's Rhapsody
    Lina summerizes the first season of Slayers in song. ^^;

It's An Uncertain Justice
    A poem on the ironies of how fate delivers justice to the deserving ones.

To Choose
    ~.~ Be careful of the choice you pick, for the deciever lies in wait.
    An all together blah fic of mine ... =P but at least it has some sort of vague poetic merit. Very vague.

    Mirrors and insanity. One of my favorite subjects.

    YAOI The Mazoku Lord of Death and Death itself meet.

The Hardest Thing
    o.O Whoa. I found this floating around in my file folders. I had forgotten I even wrote this! squints I do believe I wrote it for the Zarbi Couple Challenge way back when. Yeah. I think that's it. Anyway, it's a Kopii Rezo x Lina songfic. Enjoy!


Weiss Kruez


As the Arrow Falls From the Bow
    Fic dealing with Omi and insanity.

Finest Broken Webs ...
    Fic about Yohji.

One Hundred
    Schuldich reminisces over his hair. A gift fic for Sonya. ^_^


Fushigi Yuugi


One Last Time
    A fic about Suboshi. He gets one last chance to protect the woman he loves.


Chrono Cross


Dragon's Tear
    The split second as Serge and Lynx exchange bodies.


Harry Potter


Watching You
    Draco's watching, watching, watching ...




The Three ShiShi Snippets
    Three entirely different mini-stories about Shigeru and Satoshi. Written by Ruaki's request.




Locked Up Tight
    YAOI Yama x Tai. The boyz are playin' checkers ...


Shaman King


Ren to Horo
    YAOI Just a quickie little poem.


David Brin - Uplift Novels


Into Infinity
    Myths aren't always myths and the gods you call upon just might be real ...




Slayers MAPS
    A crossover between MAPS and Slayers! Zel's a spaceship on a quest for the flowing light, supposedly the most powerful force in the universe. Lina is the only one who can lead him to it. So across the galaxy they go (with Gourry in tow) in search of something that might not exist, facing off against Zel's former masters and his sibling ships.

    A spin-off from my never to be completed idea of a Slayers and MIB crossover. ^^; This is YAOI

The Lucky Sprite
    [Sengoku/Snitch] A Harry Potter and Prince of Tennis Fusion. Sengoku gets along really well with small feathered balls. A comedy.