1. L is Agent L, Lina, the resident rookie
  2. Ay is Agent A, Amelia, and doctor agent
  3. There personalities are very similar to their Slayers characters
  4. Z is Agent Z, Zelgadsi, cold, efficient, business-like, psionic
  5. Xel is Zed, Xellos, head of SIB, also cold (though not like Z), composed, efficient, and good at what he does, also a psionic, and like his Slayers counterpart, a prankster at heart who delights in sending Z on all sorts of difficult missions
  6. The Worms, aka, Generals of Shabby, comedy relief.


"I can't believe we're doing this," L huffed, scrambling up onto the ledge that rimmed the upper level of SIB HQ.

"Please stop complaining, L," Ay retorted as she dragged the alien radio equipment and spy gear up onto the ledge and situated herself, "You're the one who wanted to pry into their lives."

"Only because I want to see what they do when they don't have a stick up their asses."

"Details, details," the smaller agent muttered as she tuned the equipment, handing the rookie a little black ear-piece, "And how do you know they don't always have a stick up their -- "

"Hey! I can see them!"

"Really? Where?" Ay peered over the balcony like ledge, following L's pointing finger. The only lights on at this time of the Centuarian day were the emergency lights and the faint glow of the surveillance system. Tonight, there were lights on in Xel's office as well. Fiddling with her eye piece, Ay brought the scene into sharp focus.

Quietly, they watched as Xel, seated at his desk, worked silently and quickly through a pile of paperwork. Seated in the chair across from the head of SIB was Z, writing on a glow-pad, pen shimmering as he scrawled something, whether a report or something frivolous was unknown at the angle the two spied from.

"Geez, they're boring."

"Told you," Ay smirked at the new agent, "What did you expect? A party?"

"Well ... no."

"Then why -- "

Something tapped their shoulders and both of them fought off the urge to scream, whirling and drawing a pair of icers. Five sets of beady eyes blinked at them curiously.

L hissed, "What are you guys doing here?"

"We could ask the same of you."

"Yeah. Taking our seats."

"Have you no respect for seniority?" Zelas demanded, sucking on a thermos of coffee. All the worms had thermoses and more thermoses. Phibrizio and Garv were even lugging the coffee maker around in a shiny red wagon. L and Ay sweatdropped.

"What are you guys doing out of the break room?" Ay asked, curious.

Zelas shrugged, "The show."


"Yeah. Every quiet night, we come up here -- "

"With our Java" chimed Dolphin. Zelas glared and waved an eyestalk before continuing, "Right, with our Java, and watch 'da show'."

L sweatdropped, only the worms could be so vague. Well, maybe Xel and Z ... "And that would be?"

All five hopped onto the ledge without explaining, dragging their coffee with them. Some minor scuffling ensued as they got situated and peered avidly over the ledge, intent on the lighted office.

"What -- ?"


"Yeah, quiet."

"Don't interrupt."

"But -- "



L and Ay looked at each other, then at the worms, and shrugged. Why not?


Xellos put down his pen, finally finished. Or more accurately, finished with everything he deemed important. At almost the same moment, his associate finished with his own report, laying the glimmering pen down with the pad and relaxing into a easy sprawl, hands clasped curiously under his chin.

"About time."

"As if you were faster," the SIB head returned, leaning on his elbows, "Tell me. Do you strive to be so cold or does it come naturally?"

"Do you attempt to be so annoying or are you born with it?"

"Ah, questions and more questions."

"Then stop asking them."

"What if I like questions?"

"What if I don't like answering your questions?"

"I could order you to."

"You won't."

Xellos sighed and languorously stretched out a hand, "True."

"Then why do you bother to mention it?" the other agent leaned forward slightly, his own hands resting on the desk now, watching his commander intently.



A finger trailed down the pale, delicate hands as two pairs of eyes locked, "Do you ever regret, Zelgadis?"

The psi held the gaze for a long moment, ice shard eyes unreadable, "Now and again."

"So do I," purple gemstones slid closed.

Zelgadis made an abortive motion to move his hands from the light touch, "Nothing secret, then."

"No, not a secret at all," hands caught the agent's and drew them close, lips pressing to the pale skin of his wrists, eyes opening to glimmering slits.

"Was it ever?" Icy eyes tracked his every move, a mix of want and cold swirling in the blue gaze.

Xellos's lips stilled their caress as he clasped the other's hands tightly in his own, as if he'd never let go, "Perhaps not."

"Why do we continue this farce?"

"Now who's asking the questions?" Xel chuckled.

"The secrets."

Silence flitted between them as their gazes locked again, quiet and stillness a cloak as they regarded and measured as they had done a thousand times before, finding no more and no less than before.

A sigh ripped itself from Xel's lips, "True."

"I never questioned."

"I never answered."

"What are you waiting for?"

"Who do you think?"


"You. I. Does it matter?"


Lips met then, for a fraction of a second, as Z leaned forward to meet Xel, infinitely tender, conveying a wealth of unspoken and unfelt feeling in that single touch. Then both men broke and continued in their work, as if the lapse had never occurred.


"Well, show's over."

"Yeah, let's go."

"Now wait just a minute!" L hissed, snapping out of her shock as the worms began packing up, "What just happened there?!?"

"Who knows?" a mutual chorus and shrug and the worms were gone, trotting down the hall in search of coffee to replenish their supplies.

"Hey, don't just walk away like that! Me and Ay want some answers! Right Ay?" L glanced at the stunned and shell-shocked doctor, "Ay? Ay? AY?!"


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