Dance With Me


Dance with me.

Laughing eyes, a hand offering itself to him. Rufus looked down at it in disdain, slapping it away as he glared at the impertinent Turk. He was not going to make a fool out of himself at this social event. And he wasn't going to allow Reno to either.

Why are you afraid?

Again the hand was offered, again the eyes smiled. He was not afraid. Wary, maybe, but not afraid. Who knew what Reno was planning? It had to be something evil.

Can't you trust me?

The eyes turned soulful, turning the full spectrum of Reno's charm on him. Almost unwillingly, he allowed himself to be drawn close, glaring at the suddenly smiling face. Somehow, he always won ... and they said he abused the Turk ... more like the Turk abused him.

Why can't you dance with one of them? I'm sure they'd love to dance with you.

He grumbled, somehow not displeased as they glided through the slow, mellow steps. The longer he danced, the less he found he wanted to stop, and the less he cared that heads were turning, eyebrows were raising, and lips were whispering.

I don't want to dance with them.

He should hope not! Wait a minute ... he shifted and made to pull away, only to be drawn back as the dance demanded a twisting, intricate turn. The eyes that watched him so closely seemed so sincere ...

And why not?

So he was snappish, who cared? Reno bent his head, perfectly in time with the dance, and kissed him lightly on the temple, whispering. And then the dance was over and he melted back into the shifting crowd around the floor. The words echoed back as he blinked in mild confusion.

Because I wanted to dance with you.


Dance a little closer ...
        as if no one is watching ...
                as if no one cares ...
                        what's there to lose ...
                                except your heart ...


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