If You Die ...




"'ere as in hangin' over a god-damned abyss, upside down on one fuckin' hand. Happ'?!"

"Thank you, Reno."

Position shift. His language slips up when under stress, you know.

"Are you in?"

"You have to ask?"


"Bleh ... that's no fun, tellin' ya my position. What if someone heard?"

"Like Elena?"

"Exactly. She's too young to hear about these kinky sorts of things."


"And what are you doing, listening it? Voyeur!"


"You are a pervert."

"Why yes I am."

"Just get the job done."

"Yes, sir, Tseng-sama, sir!"

"Move it."

"What? No nookie?"


"Fine, fine ... "

We cut this out for time, nothing much except blank relays.

"Aw, shit."

"What's happening?"

"Someone fire-trapped the system, they knew we were comin' dammit!"

"Get out, Reno."



"I almost have it."

"Moving in."

"Rude, stay where you are."

"But, sir - "

"Not now, Elena. Reno, drop the download and move it, this is not the time for last minute saves!"

"Phhs~ I have plenty of time, they don't know I'm in."

"Famous last words?"

"Call it what you will .... Got it! I'm gone~!"


"Well, damn."



"Under control, Tseng-sama, under contr - "


"Ok, not under control, not under control."

"Moving in."


"Jumping the gun there, girls and boys, I have yet again salvaged victory from defeat~"

"Reno, if you don't get your ass out of there this very minute - "

" ... you ... "

"Not again!!"


"Reno, you had better start talking!"


"Reno, stop fooling around!"



Bzzzzzzzzzzz .....


"Is that all of it?"

Rude grunted, "Yes, sir."

"And the body?"


"The information?"


"I see," Rufus paused, "Prepare the necessary funeral and leave your report with Tseng."

"The tape?"

"Leave it."

Rude simply nodded and vanished as quickly as he had been summoned. Long minutes after the Turk had left, Rufus picked up the small black tape player, fingering the buttons in quiet contemplation, "Not the way I would have chosen for you to go ... " A finger set the tape to playing once more, familiar voice bouncing cheerfully across the room, "Not that way at all ... "

Qiuetly, a whisper joined the conversation that was doomed to repeat itself into eternity in Rufus's head, "I never said you could leave me ... "


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