Going, Going, Gone



"Yeah!! Taste my blade, bastards!"

Anji settled back on his heels, tapping a fan against his lips in a thoughtful manner as the butterfly settled quietly on the lone flower. It's wings spread slowly -- revealing bright slashes of blue, yellow, and black -- before gently folding along the narrow body.


"Is that the best you can do?! I spit in yer ugly eye! hockspat!"

He adjusted his glasses and leaned closer, feeling the phantom desire to have Baiken's pipe clenched between his teeth as he examined the small insect. As the long proboscis unfurled he pictured himself drawing a contented puff on the pipe and letting it out in a 'hmmm' gesture. It would indicate deep, insightful thought. The smoke would illuminate and soften his features. Mystery would be added. Yes, a pipe would be just the thing.

And perhaps if he were high as a kite from smoking it he wouldn't have to listen to the human Dalmatian puppy jabber on and on.


"Kiss my ass!!"

A splash of blood and the butterfly startled, taking flight and gliding away on jeweled wings like a mechanical wind-up toy. Simply lovely.

The blood now staining his clothes was less so.

Sighing, he pushed his glasses up and stood, glancing over his rather enthused companion.


"Who's the man?! I ask ya! Who's the man?! That's right! Chipp's the man!"

The butterfly had the right idea. "Bye, Chipp."


"Huh?? Where did he go? SHISHOOOOOOOOOOUU!!"


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