Rage of Angels


God is love.

He is the beginning, the end, and all that is between.

And I am his servant, his holy knight, I am bound to his code, to the will he laid out in his holy writ.

Yet, the order which I serve defies his will, blaspheming all I hold dear to the blood sacrifice of the blood-thirsty, all to serve that which we fought for so long ago. Why? What corruption has entered the halls of the order, what sickness has spread since I left to serve those I swore to serve?

He. He is the one from whom this spreads. The dark one with the scythe. He knows the darkness, the evil he will unleash, and he does not care, welcomes it in fact, all in the name of the soul that died when I drove my sword into his corrupted flesh. That one you seek is dead, nothing remains save his evil. Everything you kill for him will be for naught. Do not do this ...

Do not sacrifice us, mere innocents, to your devil. Do not betray our Lord again ...

I am mistaken. We are not all innocents.

That one, the thief, my sworn rival, is anything but innocent. I would save him from the path he walks, but his heart is hard, his ears waxed and gross to the healing words. As he stole Fireseal, he will steal souls, misleading them, taking them down his own path as the Tempter does, flitting amid the sinful pleasures of man.

Pleasures ...

No. There is no temptation. There is no desire. Nothing of the sort. I eradicated it long ago and I will continue to eradicate it's presence. Nothing will lead me astray, nothing and no one. Not even a sinner who would become pure.

I am his servant.

I am worthy.

I am clean.

He is only my rival, only the man I must kill to regain both Fireseal and the honor of God which was stolen from the holy order. There is nothing beyond proving both my worth to his service and the worth of his will. I am not tempted or taunted by the evil one.

Hear me god, lead me through the traps and snares, guide my steps, bless my efforts in your name and your will. Amen ...

Yet ... he ...

I am a sinner.

Not worthy.

Never worthy ...


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