Your Own Worst Enemy


"Hmmm ... Ky Kiske, leader of the brave and chivalrous Seikishidan, wielder of Furaiken, devoted follower of our great and glorious God ... somehow, I expected more."

Ky whirled, vainly searching the darkness for the lazy, mocking voice, "Wh-who ... who are you?"

"Me? No one special."

"Everyone is special," Ky said with blind sincerity.

"Even gears?"

"Gears are not humans, but monsters."

"Then what are you, Ky?"

"What do you mean?" suddenly wary, "I am a human of course. Is it not obvious?"

"Is it? Are you sure?"

"Enough! Show yourself, phantom!"

"Temper, temper. Touched a sore spot, did I?," lazy and assured, drifting from one corner of the darkness to another, "Why? You already see me. You just choose not to."

"That does not make sense. How can I see you and not see you? Who are you?!" Ky turned in a slow circle, trying to watch every direction at once and only managing to make the darkness seem more oppressive than it was.

"You. Me. Do names matter?"

In a struggle for normalcy, Ky spoke softer, sweeter, in an attempt to soothe, "You know mine -- "

The voice had other plans, words becoming cold and snide, "Everyone knows your name, Ky. Even gears know your name."

" -- It is only right that I should know yours," Ky finished, ignoring the fact that the voice had spoken at all.

Sweet now, seductive and cruel, "But you already know it, Ky, my love. Mine own heart and you knoweth me not?"

"I do not know you," again, an attempt at quiet politeness.

"And so Christ was denied thrice by his most loyal of disciples. Are you another Peter, Ky?"

"Silence, blasphemer!" Ky snapped, angry, before it faded into prim coldness, "I do not know you because I have never met you."

"NO! You don't want to remember me!"

He swallowed over the sudden lump in his throat. True, his memory was not as whole as it appeared, but the thought that this ... person ... could be hidden somewhere inside the blank spots of his past ...

"You can't stop thinking about it, can you? Even in your "forgetfulness" it haunts your nights and chases your days -- "

"Please ... stop ... I ... I ... I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!"

Smug now, relishing the fear and shame that rolled off the boy in waves, washing the darkness in swirling red, " -- All you can think about is how good it was. How shameful it is to feel that way about gears."

"How dare you -- "

"Shut up," Easy, in control now and knowing it, "You can't stop thinking about how they captured you, tortured you, abused you, defiled you ... " smug, smirking in the dark, " ... changed you ... "


"How their touch made you scream and beg for more, because it was heaven compared to what they did when they tore you open to make that, to make me."

Horrified, Ky's mind balked at the thought, excuses and reassurances flaring in an attempt to protect itself from the things it didn't want to see, didn't want to believe, didn't want to remember ... denied because the voice had to be lying, those things weren't true, couldn't be true, "NO MORE OF YOUR LIES!!" but he was afraid, deathly afraid that the voice spoke the truth.

"It's your fault I exist. You let yourself get captured, you're the one who wanted this. Don't deny it! Accept it!"

"I ... I ... I do not know what you are talking about. Wh-who are you?"

A hand on his shoulder, spinning him roughly around to face his taunter, "Don't you remember? You asked for it, begged for it. So here I am. Your shadow. Your gear," spun to face himself, lips twisted into a mocking, treacherous grin, "Yourself. But please, for your pathetic peace of mind ... call me Kuro. Kuro Ky."

"No ... "

"Oh yes, lover mine."

"I AM NOT A GEAR!" Ky screamed, trying to yank himself away from the dark reflection, only to be pulled back, black clad arms hauling him close enough to share breath with himself.

"Don't deny it. Don't forget it. Revel in it. Revel in me."

"Never! I am not a gear! I am not one of those evil creations of the devil! I will never give in to such things! Neither will I give in to you!" he snarled, spitting at his reflection's face.

Anger passed over Kuro's face as he wiped the spit away, slamming Ky into something in the nothingness, "In that case, lover, I'll just have to revel in you."

"Wh-what?" shock now, afraid of the tone that crept into the dark-haired demon's voice.

A hand rested on Ky's hip, holding him firmly in place as he smirked, grinning into fearful blue eyes, "This. I know you remember this."

"N-no, I do not remember it at all."

"But you still like it," kisses searing Ky's mouth and burning a hot trail down his throat, "Like this?" he murmured, licking a path up the side of Ky's cheek. "This?" Hands releasing him to slide down and then up his shirt to stroke his nipples with rough, brutal thumbs. "Or this?" Kuro's body sliding down, rubbing against every inch of Ky's skin on it's path to it's knees, nuzzling against the erection that was now burning beneath Ky's pants. "And most certainly ... this ... " Sudden, violent invasion as Ky was spun and bent over, clothes ripped, fingers gripping his hips roughly as he was entered, something dry and hard and rough thrusting deeply inside him, more painful than he could possibly imagine.

"Oh yes, it's definitely this," Kuro purred as he continued to move, ignoring the strangled, tearful pleas that fell from Ky's lips. He smirked, "Admit it, Ky, you want it, don't you?"

"No! Stop ... oh god, no ... no, stop! Stop! No ... oh, please ... *gasp*"

A whisper, teasing at the edge of his ears, "You want this, just as you wanted them, and him, and me, not realizing ... never realizing ... that they are one and the same ... and that everything ... is in your mind."

"HEY! Wake up, boy!" hands shook him roughly, rattling his teeth as they dragged him away from the bed and the dark reflection of himself. For Ky, the waking was painful as the dream, a violent climax that shook him more than Sol was.

Dual colored eyes gave him an exasperated look as hands dropped him, "Finally! Roll call. Haul yer ass."

"Do not touch me again, demon. Not ever again." Cold. Blue eyes hard as a hand lifted and slapped Sol hard across the cheek.

Shock, "What the hell are ya doin'?!?!"

"I said: Do not touch me. Remember that next time you enter my rooms without invitation, barbarian," the fact that he, Ky, would never strike another, no matter how provoked, never seemed to occur to the blonde as he stood and calmly strolled to the baths.


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