Dancing Dream



the day you will open the door

He opened his eyes, blinking at the image that stood in the window, rimmed by the lights of the ballroom behind him. A scarlet waistcoat spilled white ruffles over burgundy slacks. The slacks tucked neatly into gold-toed black boots while a gold crown speared his cravat. Tentatively, Sora patted his sides, curious at the fit -- only to grin and flash his reflection the thumbs up when he realized it was velvet ... all velvet.

Behind him, people swirled. Faceless masses of glitter and gold that revolved amongst each other in endless loops, locked in spinning grace. Arching pillars framed the domed room's central light, inky marble that drank in the brilliant golden glow and made the windowed corners dark with shadows.

is both far off and very near

The shadows crawled, tendrils coiling loosely around his arms and legs, as if to drink the ruby glow straight from his heart, draining him and the reflection dry. He smiled at the darkness in the window, "I'm not afraid," and it smiled back, resolving itself slowly into --

A spinning figure waved at him from the center of the room, cloaked in prink and white. Sora whirled, tossing the black coils aside to wave at the figure, grinning madly. "Kairi!"

the closer you get to light

Still grinning, Sora pushed into the whirling crowd, chasing the phantom that smiled at him from beneath the room's shining light. The shadows clutched at him as he disappeared in the crush, trailing behind him like a cape. He broke from the crowd, his shadow streaking out behind as he lifted his hand to reach out to the dancing phantom, but --

the greater your shadow becomes

There was no Kairi. Just her smile fading into the drifting glow. He startled, looking around blankly at the suddenly empty air. Turning, Sora stared as his shadow, a long black line that lifted from the floor, molding and shaping itself into the body of his best friend. A black suit trimmed in silver wreathed Riku in military smoke, from the polished knee-high black boots to the silver heart key pinned to his breast.


A gloved hand extended, reaching from the solid shadow with it's silver halo, beckoning to him, offering ...

but don't be afraid

He caught the hand in his own, smiling as he let Riku pull him close and catch his other hand. A single step into the waiting arms and they were swept into the dance, caught like the rest beneath the light's amber glow. There was no other touch besides their gloves, black in white, white twined in black. Revolving around one another without thought, caught in the moment that was the meeting of eyes. Two step to bring them forward, to brush velvet against silk, and one to bring them apart. Growing ever closer, spinning ever faster, until there was no other view but the single view of the burning eyes. Bodies curve as necks bend and lips slip closer, hovering at the precipice of touch. Eyelids slide shut to savor the heat and darkness of the one single moment ...

don't forget

And Sora opened his eyes to stare into the sun.

you are the one who will open the door



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